Obesity a national issue

The problem of obesity is important enough to be raised as a national issue in Parliament. We don’t want NS men to walk around looking like barrels do we? If that is the case, we can parade a contingent of these barrels at the National Day Parade. No, they need not have to march. They just need to roll along. And the marching orders, got to be changed to rolling orders, ‘Parade, ke kiri…roll’ instead of ‘Ke kiri… pusing.’ And a more serious problem is that all the buses and MRT trains got to have their seats changed to barrel size. Not only it will cost money to the transport companies, it will bring down their profits as they can now take lesser passengers per trip. Lagi susah is that fuel cost will go up as the passenger loads will be heavier. Now where is the root of the problem? The mummies and grannies of course. They have been feeding their children with the best food and best herbal soups to ‘por’ them while they are growing up. And probably 6 meals a day instead of 3. Looking fat and chubby is a sign of wealth and prosperity. They would not want their children to have that skinny and hungry look of the have nots. It is so malu if relatives say ‘Oh dear, chai chai is so thin!’ It is another way of saying ‘eat not enough’. The MOH shall start to conduct courses for the grannies and mummies on how not to fatten their children and also looking thin is not necessary shameful. This will give a boost to the ego of the have nots as their children are thin simply because they don’t have enough to eat. Now they can pretend that thin is good or not so bad, and walk with a little confidence.


Wally Buffet said...

With so many chubby and fat babies around, I just do not understand the constant gripe about the hard life in Sinkapoore.

While I grew up on condensed milk even as a newborn, my grandchildren are now sucking on the state of the art formula feed laced with all kinds of vitamins and brain boosters. No wonder they are running rings around me!

Since there is nothing much to do here in Sinkapoore except work and eating and lately gambling at the casinos, it is a small wonder that the population is getting overweight as even small household chores are done by maids.

The only exercise that most do is copulating but surprisingly, not much babies are produced. Wait, I hear that couples nowadays don't even have much desire or energy to engage in sex because of the stress so even this form of exercise is being curtailed.

Why the national obsession with being fat? Recent medical evidence even suggest that being a little overweight and fat is good for your heart, it seems.

One can be fat and still be happy. The killer is stress!

Anonymous said...

My view is that making babies is a more serious issue. They should spend more time talking about this and sex than fats. And don't restrict the time as the topic shall be quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Come on ! There are enough sex news in our schools oredi. Female teachers sought male students, male head of school eyed male teacher and scholar indulging in child porn.
Schools aside, grandpapas have meimeis in Sin, some have lovers in Batam and Bintan with some having concubines in Middle Kingdom.
In Sin, Balestier, Kovan and most hardlands, many can have quikies and duck or cowherd services are available for our thrill and pleasure seeking women too.
Wally's right, lots of copulating but not productive. Lucky, who's going to bring up the babies born out of wedlocks?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes I read about the fatso children at ITE.

Too much junk food, too much idle time and far too much pocket money.

In Singapore, there is food everywhere, 24-7-...355, and a healthy (or unhealthy) food culture to boot.

It was all well and good when most people were poorer and had to do alot more walking, and the caloric intake was "used up".

Nowadays, kids are on their handphones, iPhones, iPads, indoors playing X box.

Even myself -- I find my self roped into the "unhealthy" lifestyle everytime I visit The Hotel.

I come back to Aust at least 2kg heavier -- reason I am less physically active in S'pore -- I don't walk as much nor do I bicycle.

The irony is I live in the fattest country on earth. You want to see fat, man o man, Aust & USA are it!

However wrt friends and their kids: we kick the kids out of the house and make sure they get exercise outside. None of them are fat.

Singapore's emphasis on "book smarts" keeps kids indoors. and they eat hi-caloric foods. What do you expect will happen?

Wally is right too: unless a doctor detects a "deficiency", all those boosters and vitamins are a complete waste of money -- i.e. they don't work.

However selling stuff in singapore is easy -- all you have to do is play on people's cultural "kiasuism", and they'll be queing up to hand you the cash!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Is this a hint that some new campaign or law is going to be passed?

Anonymous said...

The buses and MRT trains may have to change or enlarge their seats to accommodate the barrel-sized commuters, thus bringing down their profits.

On the other hand, with the country populated by barrel-sized citizens, the hospitals, GPs, health insurers, health clubs, health food manufacturers, slimming centres, beauty shops, fast food restaurants, cheers, 7-eleven etc, etc, etc, will all have more business and thus more profits, catering to those barrel-sized customers.

When bus companies and MRT operators have lower profits, the solution is simple. Just increase fares.

When all other businesses and service providers catering to barrel-sized customers loose money, because customers practice healthy living habits and avoid them, many people will loose their jobs.

Now what do we want?

agongkia said...

Many people like to talk about obesity simply becos they are jealous.They feel inferior when they see others having a belly and they do not have.
I prefer to mix around with those Ah Pui.They are mostly cute chubby,harmless,cheerful and smiling all the time .Looking at the pouch is enough to make me forgot any sorrows.I am now trying hard to have one.You all dun be jealous,pls

Matilah_Singapura said...

I must admit, I do love the women with a little meat on them -- I think curves bring with them a certain personality type.

No skinny gals for me. I'm always afraid I'd break or at least damage them ;-)

When I see a little "jiggle" when things are slamming, and the sexy foul language is freely expressed -- it's hot if the woman has a fuller frame.


Many type of Ah Pui. I cite 2 main types: Ah Pui who study too hard, eat 7-11 and McD, don't go outside, sometimes a little bit ah kwa, sometime par chu cheng to Media-Corpse actress; and type 2 Ah Pui -- like to have a good time.

Type 2 Ah Pui, I can dig it -- very fun people. Like to drink and drink. And go karaoke sing all night and rabah girls.

Type 2 Ah Pui like to makan. Knows all the great makan places -- 24hrs a day -- always talks to China girls and Pinoys he meets at the makan places.

Like to go massage. Don't fuck care anything... heart attack, stroke, dibetes...mo tuck teng The Social Ah Pui.

I hope you become 2nd type of Ah Pui

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just had kopi a couple of weeks back with one Ah Piu like that. Enjoying life to the fullest: )

And giving $50 tips!

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it. Reading the comments here. skinny is not the preferred choice of most men when it comes to choosing women.

Hard to disagree.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yeah, brudder.

I have many friends who like to go to places like People's Park Complex for some "imported action".

Never done it myself, but have been a tag-along-friend and observer. I must say some of those yummy mummy's (lau sui) are qualified MILFs -- curves in all the right places, and a friendly manner to boot.

Really tempting to offer to: "Let's go and bang our tummies together!"


Anonymous said...

I would have put it as: 'Obesity, a national obsession'.

Go to any hawker centres or food outlets and you really can see people ordering and gorging on massive amounts of food. And wasting much as well.

The programs on TV, advertising delicious food all over the world, has certainly been helping to promote obesity.

We are fighting a loosing battle and I think we should resign ourselves to becoming a nation of chubby tubies.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey man, national fatness is a sign of national wealth.

This is the picture of mass poverty in a country.

This picture says, "Your country is doing fine."

Better to have too much food than necessary. at least you can stop eating or go on a diet, or exercise.

In a poor country, you don't have a choice. You better hope that there's enough nourishment in the garbage bin or that some rich country gives you Food Aid.

agongkia said...

50 dollars tip over 2 cups of coffee?Thats a typical Ah Pui.,becos Charp Pui Kow Tai.Hopefully after I become an Ah Pui,I can change that impression.

Matilah,I am more to the 2nd type social Ah Pui .But not perfect yet.hehe

Wally Buffet said...

Hehe Mr. Bean,

Thanks for the kind observation.

I must admit to all the guys here that I am THE Ah Bui type 2 mentioned by him.

Live life to the fullest man. You come in a baby's suit, go also in same manner. Everyone should be happy. The wife, the girlfriends and most importantly, yourself.

Now, I'm off for happy hours and some more rabah after a nice long afternoon nap.


Anonymous said...

This picture says, "Your country is doing fine."

This linked picture looks like it was shot in North Korea.


the First Linked Picture looked liked one that appeared in the America Idol Charity shot in some slum in the US.