No apologies for Choenan

President Lee Myung Bak of South Korea is not demanding an apology from the North for the resumption of nuclear disarmament talks. Is this an appeasement, a back tracking, a concession or what? The South has accused the North for killing its sailors. The North must not take this accusation lightly. It must take the case to the UN to demand a thorough investigation for the murdering of South Korean soldiers. It must clear its name or the world and silly South Koreans will think that the North is guilty. Push for an investigation now, and if found innocent, demand an apology from the South, especially from Lee Myung Bak. This is the least that the North Koreans should do, after being falsely accused of murder. If they are not careful, this will be used as an excuse like WMD to invade the North. See that justice is done, to the dead soldiers of the South Korean Navy. The families of the dead soldiers must equally demand for an impartial investigation to the killling. An independent investigation board approved by the families and the North Koreans should be set up under a neutral body under the UN supervision. The South Koreans and Americans involved in the last investigation should be excluded from this independent board of investigators. The South Koreans need to know the truth for the killing of their own people. The North Koreans need to clear its name from being accused as murderers. Do not let this matter rests as it is now. The killers must be dugged out from wherever they are hiding.


Matilah_Singapura said...

There's one thing all governments do at sometime or another: the great cover-up.

I doubt if there'll be any "justice" for the sailors. anyway my position is if you sign up in the military, and are involved in active duty, you are essentially dead. The fact that you return form your patrol or mission is sheer "luck" (i.e. probability which works in your favour). One day, you will not return alive from the mission they send you on. It's a matter of time.

That's why when I see an old soldier, I "hormat" the guy for being able to stay alive.

Anyway, no one can prove beyond doubt (as yet) that N Korea sunk the Choenan.

Asking the hopeless UN for "help" is no solution either. Take the world's worst civil servants, multiply by several orders of magnitude, give them a over-paid luxurious post in NY at the UN...that's your UN representatives. Hopeless. Spineless. A total waste of time and money.

Anonymous said...

Had the United Nation been/being responsible, it would have carried out an impartial investigation immediately after the Accident/Incident.

The North Korean and the Chinese(PRC) understand everything very well and did not want to waste time and effort for nothing, so they kept silent.

Obviously your theory is shared by many and therefore there is no need to want an apology.

Anonymous said...

The dead soldiers' families must insist on a proper investigation. Too many lives had been lost, killed.

The North Koreans have everything to demand an investigation or an apology for the accusation. If not, a good reason to go to war with the South.

Anonymous said...

The families of those dead South Korean Crews as well as the Surviving Ones should be the Ones seeking justice from their own government.

The North Koreans should not meddle in the South's own affairs.

Wise for the North to leave the South to their domestic problems.

Anonymous said...

Agree that the North should not meddle with the South. But they have been accused of killing the South's soldiers and if they do not clear this, it will be stucked with the crime.

Anonymous said...

It shall remain as just an accusation.

The accusation by South Korea and it's instigators is no big deal in international politics. It is as common as shits in public toilets.

Having said the above, me shall reiterate one more time that the Crews of the Choenan, dead or alive and their families should seek justice from their government, specifically the Incumbent President namely: Lee Myung Bak. However, if the Crews had been part of a(the) conspiracy to cause harm to North Korea, then they deserved to die for their sacrifices to their nation(South Korea).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think in this case the crews were just doing their normal routine of patrolling and were hit without knowing where it came from. And the North had clearly said that they did not do it as there were no reasons to do such a foolish thing.

The North has no reason to start a war. Neither do the South. Only some vested parties would want a war that will benefit them.

Anonymous said...

The Crews of the Choenan need not be awared of the(a) Conspiracy to be part of It. So long as the South Korean Government had made It(the Choenan) part of its' intention(to harm North Korea@ Conspiracy), me deems it as a component to the Conspiracy.
You think and me construes, You are definitely right that it was patrolling, whereas my theory has to be confirmed. However, the confirmation may never come. Me hopes the truth will surface soon and whoever were responsible will be brought to justice and if not shame.