A new kind of colonial conquest

For those who have read history or still remember, the Western powers sailed into Africa, Asia and America in their gunboats and took everything from the natives. And the best part is that they claimed everything as theirs, including the people who became subjects of their empires. How Europe became rich had its beginnings in robbery and piracy. Today they came again, guns hidden, but with stash of newly printed papers they called money. And they are taking everything in exchange for these pieces of printed papers. And the natives just gave them away happily this time round. They gave away goods and services. The latest are beautiful houses and properties which they built at high cost, all for the pieces of papers. And the Americans are warning the rest of the world that stopping the use of these printed papers is destabilising the world’s existing order. In other words, if they are not allowed to cart away goods and services, which they happily exchanged with printed pieces of papers, they are going to pull out their guns. There are countries that have wise up to this new form of colonial robbery. They are not going to give away their valuables for worthless pieces of papers. There are others who are happy to collect the printed papers and willingly give away their goods, including hot properties.


Anonymous said...

The old colonial influences are still very intact in Sin.

Fetishes with the English Language, Western Faith and love for London, Paris, New York and now Milan as well.

Continental and European cars, motorcycles and fashion wares are surely considered better.

Sarong party folks will claim angmoes are more charming.

Comrade, the new one not as popular as the old ones, some Asian are born with English gene in them, how to detoxify them from Colonial Effects?


Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean: you left out the "core" belief system for European conquest:



I wholly agree with you. I have been taunting the Eurasian community for decades -- they all hate me -- which I wear as a badge of honour :-)

OTOH, Europe is still the most rockin' place on the planet, especially if you are a PRC with al that "illegal" cash to launder. The Europeans do make the nicest "goodies" thanks to their heritage of craftsmenship and style.

Many Asians can "buy out" the mat salehs now, and many have. Australia's socialist govt under Rudd and now Gillard passed laws to prohibit "land banking" to prevent rich Asians (primarily Chinese) from buying and holding land, thereby tightening the supply, forcing up the price and making a huge profit when they sell.

The same xenophobic attitude you find in Singapore is alive and well here. Thankfully the S'pore govt is more "rational" and "just" and allows any foreigner to buy real estate -- just put down your 20 mil on Sentosa Cove and it is yours. If you sell it for 30 mil, good for you. Not so in Aust -- 1st fuckers to come after you are the taxation thieves.

If the Asian don't fuck it up -- it is a good chance they will end up owning a huge chunk of the western world and all its "goodies" -- all the French cognac, wine and perfume, the British banks, the German cars, the Italian fashion, Scandinavian engineering and Swiss watches (S'poreans, HK and Chinese -- biggest Swiss watch market in the world), Russian pussy.

It is time to give the ex-colonial masters a refresher course in Capitalism, Asian Style.

Anonymous said...

How about the Chinese buying up Buckingham Palace and Elysee Palace, tear them down and build a Yuan Ming Yuan on each site. That will be fun.

Anonymous said...

First they destroyed the middle class at home and enslaved the poor.

Now they are printing banana notes to buy up banana real estates in Asia, commodities all over the world, and in the process are also destroying the middle class and enslaving the poor. All will be dragged down. None will be spared.

Welcome to the New World Order coming to our doorstep.

Anonymous said...

The perfect scenario for the Americans will be for the Chinese to revalue its renminbi against the currencies of the world. By doing that, China will have to take on the world by itself and any wrong move will have the whole world going for its neck.

Failing to pressurise China to do so, the US thought that it could devalue the greenback which indirectly will cost the renminbi to appreciate. However, the US is ignoring the rest of the world who also are holders of US Treasury Notes and the greenback.

Unintentionally, the QEs are going to make the US the enemy of the world, with Europe and Japan also badly affected. Now the whole world is going to strangle its neck. An irresponsible and unilateral act like this has far and wide consequences.

The Americans will have to pay for this.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I used to think that, but I don't anymore.

Stock markets are going up, as are company profits and the main "beneficiaries" of money expansion are governments themselves, and those connected to governments.

By the Fed expanding, it gives other governments "legitimate excuse" to also expand their own money supplies.

Governments like Aust, Canada and Brazil (and recently Singapore) are reigning in the excess money -- but how long can they "resist temptation"? Very soon political pressures and increasing drop in exports, rise in exports (imbalances caused by appreciating currency) will put pressure on the govts to recant and expand money supply.

Like one anonymous said: if you are any other country, no one would care if you inflate -- you can inflate yourself to hyperinflation oblivion.

However the USD is the world's reserve currency. When they inflate, they ignite global currency warfare as countries "race to the bottom" by competitive debasement.

Now if you were a Jo & Jane average worker or getting fixed income -- like pension, jialat for you.

However if you are "connected" or on the right side of the trade, you can make a shit-load of money.

Don't make the mistake (as I have) believing that financial crises and profligate inflation is catastrophic for everyone. Not true.

The best "revenue" model in the world now is the US Fed. Look at its balance sheet. Look at the rate it has GROWN its balance sheet.

Even China in its glory of economic success couldn't grow the national balance sheet the way the US Fed grows theirs.

Not even close.

Anonymous said...

The moment will come when their closest allies came crawling at them when it hurt their savings in American dollars. Germany has started, soon it will be Japan and other European countries. The whole world is so intimately connected that all will readjust accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I must agree that some quarters are going to exploit this new found easy money to enrich themselves. The hardest hit will be the cheaper, better and faster with their fixed salary and 6% annual increment of $60 when property prices will go up by 10% or $30k for $300k flat or $50k for a $500k flat annually.

Anonymous said...

Well the PAP is happily trading our land and properties, some of which are freehold for the white man's "pieces of paper".