A Nation it never will be

This is my impression of what this island will be if the policies are not changed. We will always be in a constant state of flux, with the infusion of new people from different backgrounds, race, religion and culture, to keep the city state vibrant. And the concoction of race and religion is a highly inflammable mix that could go up in smoke in the slightest miscalculation, or a loose statement. Basically we are playing with fire. We could have made some headways after the first 40 years of nation building when the poor migrants, leftovers from the colonial legacy, and very pliable given their impoverished background and simplicity, shared a common history and growing up together, were gradually blending together with one another quite comfortably. They were less demanding of their racial, cultural or religious superiority and purity. They are quite comfortable with being chap cheng. No big deals. Things were working quite well until the policy changes of the last 10 or 15 years when foreigners were welcomed in the shiploads or planeloads to live and be part of our citizens/residents. And basically we are starting all over with a new brew. And if the policies of coveting other people’s talents are the way to go, we will continuously be in a state of change and uncertainties. We will never mature and develop into a stable society like the countries in Europe. Race, culture and religion will forever be sensitive issues as the new migrants are not the poor immigrants anymore(the foreign workers excluded as they are here only temporarily) and have high expectations, demands and pride. They will present a different threat to the establishment as they are likely to be less tolerant and adaptable to the whims and interests of lesser beans. And the price for that is that the country must be always put on a leash by a strong hand govt, and press freedom and many liberties of a mature society will be put on hold, possibly forever. An immature society with a people that do not see themselves as a people of a country or nation cannot have the luxury of a loose press and freedom of expression. The people will be immature, insensitive and would turn a well meaning debate into a personal vendetta. This is no good. So, the rigid control of the media stays…forever and ever, in a country that will never grow up, always in a state of change, with new people replacing older ones that have left. Have we traded a nation for economic growth and development, that economic growth is everything and the making of a nation is secondary, unimportant, a hotel is just as good? Secuity threats and fears are legitimate reasons to justify stringent control of the media. Maybe one day when security threats and fears have disappeared, press freedom will be returned to the people...one day....


Matilah_Singapura said...

There is no way to solve the issue of nationhood or national identity by politics.

The people of Singapore have to find their "national identity" on each and every personal, individual level.

Such things cannot be "dictated" by central "authority".

...but, knowing the state -- who will not give up its authority -- they will continue to "dictate" and "invent" what nationhood and national identity is, and make an edict so everyone has to give up their own ideas and absorb the "official' version.

I love it. Nation building becomes mass brain washing. And we know how effective that is. Very. everytime it has been tried, it has succeeded.

The People Deserve The Brainwashing They Get. Gee, there's no way to escape that truism is there?

Matilah_Singapura said...


A Nation it never will be


Yes but as a Hotel it is and will stay that way. Smokin'! No politics to worry about. Just get in, enjoy, fuck off...come and go as one pleases...without any "connection".

One less thing to worry about -- the fate of your "cuntry" -- which you have no control over anyway.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that the Local Leaders did make much love to have nationhood conceived. Unfortunately, along the way they had it too good and started to flirt with their love-makings(policies). They neglected the foetus of nationhood to seek personal material abundances.

So, one two months into conception, the foetus of nationhood died in conception and no further childbearing ability is the prognosis my dear Redbean made here. Me was of the same view for more than two decades.

Worry not, though the parents of the failed conception are old, frail and some suspect, senile, we can live without being in a nation.

The fact is, our older generations were from other nations, so what nation need we have? Does it matters?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Sorry to scold you fuckers on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but you all need an attitude adjustment.

You are coming across as victims -- like you have no control over your identity, which is of course made up in your mind -- along with other bullshit.

But since your sense of identity is already "made up", you might as well use it to serve you, if only so you can be free for awhile and enjoy some good selfish fun i.e. indulgence.

Singapore needs more people like Malaysian Wee Meng Chee, aka "namewee" on YouTube.

Here he is scolding his country with the National Anthem, no less, his fellow citizens and his government. Fucking nice one. It's like a rape without the blood :-)

To me I hear similarities with "Fuck You" by black rapper 50 Cent.

Who can blame him being pissed off?

Singaporeans need to get MORE pissed off and start getting mad -- and scolding the government.

Namewee hammers a Malaysian Govt GLC -- the "privatised" national power company TNB.

Notice how lazy, "don't-fuck-care", "tidak-apa", "relac-lah-brudder" attitude the Bumiputra workers have. Notice the ethnic mix -- no filthy Indians, vile Chinese, drunk 'n fuck-anything Eurasians...the only ones present are the pristine and divine Bhumiputra's -- which BTW happens to be a Sanskrit i.e. Indian word.

Where are the namewee's of Sinagpore?

So far none. Why?

Becasue the sheeple are asleep, confused, but also fat, rich and lazy.

They have a good life in Singapore. The best in Asia. Amongst the finest in the world.

Why rock the boat?

Malaysia OTOH is fucked. It is run, by UMNO -- a pack of wild, racist blobs of protoplasm, that have yet to evolve into anything resembling a modern, rational human -- the kind of people who should be running a cuntry.

And if you criticise UMNO -- ==>YOU<== become The Racist! How about that? Even the most amoral lawyer is going "Damn!", in furtive envy.

C'mon Singapore: Get mad, get loud and express yourselves. Vent your putrid bile upon those who presume "authority".

It's time.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, I think Singaporeans deserve a scolding from the nasty priest Matilah Singapura.

Oh my, Bumiputra is an Indian word! So, are they going to ban other races from using it now? Or are they going to choose another new word to replace it, like replacing Tuhan in the national anthem with Allah?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I've taken the liberty:

"Matilah Singapura, The Nasty Priest of The Internets"

Damn, that's rocking!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the net we can claim anything to our hearts content. It is just virtual space. Real but unreal. That's the fun part of it.