The Myth of Mas the Supernatural

He walked out of the detention centre like David Copperfield, in broad daylight, leaving the guard guarding an empty toilet. This second act is like the disappearing act of a magician walking into a box but appears somewhere else. Pretty good magic show. There is also the belief that after burying a few pieces of bawang, he can literally become invisible. Now for the facts. His escape from detention and fleeing into Johore were anything but unusual. Ok, ok, the part about walking out of a detention centre with ace gurkha guards is still an unknown phenomenon. Subsequently taking a walk to Tampines may not be that difficult but physically a bit demanding on him. The hiding in a brother’s flats, no need too much intelligence unless it is a game of poker, both parties trying to second guess each other’s move. That means Mas came out on top. Finally, the make up and wearing of tudung to pass off as a woman, a piece of cake. Simply text book stuff. No need much imagination. So, where is the part that made Mas Selamat that extraordinary or supernatural? Or he is an expert in disguise, in escape from prison. Oops, escape from prison is not easy. Not many people have succeeded. He may be the only one in paradise to do it. This point could make him that extraordinary. Or is it the event or the circumstances made him extraordinary? They use to say that in the land of the blind, the one eye jack shines.


Anonymous said...

Hi, good to know from your writings that you have faith in the Unseen. You have shown yourself to be a fair man, though there were some signs of partiality, which is understandable. The power of the Unseen is limitless and those with faith will be protected and guided to achieve their goals(duty) as proven in history. There was nothing supernatural about Mas Selamat, he was assisted and will be helped by the Unseen in his quest. Myth will become reality if the Belief is unfailing. The reason why there were no logical explanation or material evidence to show some impossible feats was because of the Unseen at work.

Wally Buffet said...

I don't know much about what Mr. Selamat did in the past to deserve incarceration but he sure is one cool duke whose name is on everyone's lips. He is also the favourite subject at talk cock sessions.

That escape from the detention centre can only mean one thing. Either he is a star protege of David Footballfield or the measures put in place to deter escape was so inept as to make it a walk in the park. With Mr. Selamat's caper, I've lost all respect for the Gurkhas, once feared and lauded for their exceptional devotion to duty.

Limping to Tampines from the detention centre is no piece of cake however. Mr. Selamat should have begged or borrowed a 10 cents coin for a phone call to his brother to come in his motorcycle or souped up Subaru or Suzuki to fetch him. If Mr. Selamat had the stupidity to want to go to his brother's house to seek help, he should also not be bright enough to know that the phone might be tapped. As subsequent revelations showed, not only was his brother's phone not tapped, the friggin' flat wasn't even put under surveillance due to manpower constraints and sheer unbelievable incompetence. Now, I know why there are so few cops on the roads.

Anyone who wants to get out of Singapore surreptitiously should do so as a passenger in a car. The usual practice of these ICA buggers is to cursorily peer at the passengers who do not need to alight from their vehicles. One would have thought that with Mr. Selamat missing, an immediate order would have been flashed for all Johore bound car passengers to alight from their vehicles for proper detailed identification instead of the cursory glances. Such a step would have fleshed Mr. Selamat out because even with the tudung, he must have stood out a mile away with his maleness.

Ah, the urban legend of Mr. Selamat, a diversion from the drabness of dull Sinkapoore.

Anonymous said...

With undying faith in one's Belief, miracles will happen aided by the Unseen.
Be faithful !

Anonymous said...

"manpower constraints"???
Ya..and i blamed it on the Chees :)


Anonymous said...

there's a conspiracy theory that says that singapore was forced to let him go because lee's family member was kidnapped elsewhere.

remember there was a bill on hostage-taking in overseas being passed recently?

this might explained the mystery of the whole farce

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


You having trouble posting? I never do any censorship. Probably you have offfended some evil force and they have passed a restraint order on you.

Try IMAGOD to post and see. Alternatively post as anonymous and sign your Matilah signature at the end of your post.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh I am also god fearing. But I am prepared to burn all scriptures. Most are adulterated and very dangerous, creating vengeance and hatred among human beans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There were some comments that Mas is not a terrorist coz a trained terrorist will not get his family members involved. And the last place to hide will be his brother's house. They must surely be under surveillance. It is amateurish to do so.

Look at it the other way, this could be Mas at his best. He knew it will be watched. But he knew that it would be the safest if he could get in. And don't forget, he could walk invisible.

Now you know how powerful Mas is.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Mas Selamat has super powers because he went to consult with a bomoh.

He was obviously hiding a Jin in a small bottle somewhere, or being able to invoke any number of "entities" -- e.g. hantu, pontianak, pocong, jin etc -- to aid his escape.

This is not surprising. Sorcery is alive and well.

It is easy to dispatch the brave, warrior-ace Ghurka. My theory is that Mas used his bomoh powers to invoke Hantu Tetek, bit "she" didn't kill the guard(s).

Hantu Tetek used her monster buah dada to mesmerise the guard(s) and put the into a temporary trance so that Mas could escape.

I am very surprised supernatural hypotheses have not been considered by the Ministry Of Home Affairs.

All Shanmugam (satan spawn of Jayakumar)and his useless predecessor KS Wong should have said was:
"Singapore is well equipped to deal with any security situation. However we have yet been able to defend ourselves against Hantu Tetek"

End of story. The public would have understood perfectly, and an official Bomoh appointed to the government to advise on "security issues" resulting from mischievous or threatening supernatural forces.

Maybe even a new ministry would have been set up: Ministry Of Supernatural Affairs -- which to me is not a good idea because the PAP being what it is will use supernatural forces to decimate any opposition. Suddenly you will find pontianak attacks being reported by all the opposition politicians, and Singapore will once again be a one-party state after the GE.

So consult your local bomoh today!

Matilah Singapura

PS. Think you offended some pontianak so she blocks you from posting :)

Anonymous said...

Now, why would they need to consult a bomoh, when they already have a grandmaster for consultation whenever anything cannot be tackled or solved by normal means?

After the grandmaster pass on, maybe it will be a different story.

Anonymous said...

All PAP need to do next GE is to tell dumbass, dumbfuck Singaporeans that PAP will unleash their Hantu Tetek upon the Singaporeans who don't vote for PAP?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Escape of Mas Selamat is great movie material. It can become standard reading/viewing for all terrorists and security personnel on the what to do and what not to do.

Anonymous said...

And not to mention, the laughing stock of the world?

agongkia said...

Hehe..this one serious..I have reason to believe that Selamat can become invisible when situation need him to.
Security and safety is everyone's concern.You all should help the Authority to contribute idea on how to prevent future similar case.

To me ,the most simple idea is to carry a used woman underwear with you.Though not 100% effective ,I believe it can at least have some effect.The invisible will turn visible if you carry one with you.There are more ways but this is the most simple one ,though less effective.

I had thought of contributing this idea earlier telling all those involve in the operation to secretly carry one but worry that I may be call up to IMH or Lim Kopi if they are getting too many reports of ladies undies stolen.

If I am call up to look for Mas,I would have quetly kept one in my pocket and who knows ,I will become the only hero to nab him,thus helping my country to save millions of dollars and unnecessary resources spent.
That time,you all will never call me agongkia leow.