Myth 226: Govt - please tell us what you want

I have been hearing this nonsense again and again as if no body is telling the govt what the people want. What is all the kpkb for? When the property price shot through the sky, we only heard that it was market forces at work or high property price is good. And the best part, the govt cannot do anything about it, cannot meddle with market forces. Then we have foreign hoards marching in or being invited in. And all the high costs, price hikes etc etc. Not easy to make deaf frogs listen, I think. Let me try again. We don't want the country to be flooded by foreign talents. No, cannot. They are here to save you. We want our CPF money back. No, that is for your old age. We don't want any of your money sucking schemes like Medisave, CPF Life etc etc. No, they are good for you. We don't want sky rocketing property prices. No there are very cheap. We are only being polite to say that they are affordable. Can't afford, don't buy. We want better jobs with better pay. No you can't. You will become uncompetitive. Jobs will go away. We want oppositions in Parliament. That is ok. We have provided for 9 oppositions already. How many more do you want, 20, 30 or 40? We don't want money to be wasted on foreign sportsmen. No, we need to win medals. We can't afford high hospital and medical fees. Sure you can. Just buy more insurance then you don't have to pay a cent. What else is new?


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have elected them as leaders or as they put it 'the people had given them the MANDATE to rule, meaning; they shall call the shots. Shall they be blamed?

They also made it very clear; if they do not feel like listening, they shall turn themselves to deaf frogs and they made no bone about it. If the people ask for measures or suggest alternatives, they said we are daft, lazy and not versatile.

With all that You have mentioned and me must emphasized that You have repeatedly done so tirelessly and so had many others, we have been invisible. It is not that they are deaf frogs, their egoes and greeds are simply too overwhelming, such that their remunerations and powers are their only priorities.

If they do not command us to their behests, how are they to have a strong grip over us to manipulate, exploit and bully? Are we Singaporeans not saying that we are being enslaved? Unfortunately it is a realisation that comes too late. Just 2 decades ago, Singaporeans were proud and boisterous about their achievements which they thought were only made possible because of the Leadership, didn't they?

Helpless and hopeless now, there are people hoping for divine intervention, there are people like us trying to plead for mercy from them and there are many simply resigned to thir fates. However, the most crucial question must be what can we do about it?
My view is that not much we can do, however, we got to kick the ball placed at our side.



Matilah_Singapura said...

You vote the idiots in the opposition, you get a welfare state sooner than Paris Hilton gets her next penis.

At least the PAP -- as bad as they are, are the "least bad" choice, if you are going to have a nation-state.

Asking the govt for the impossible is no answer -- it is a childish, futile emotional outburst.

The Westminster system is exactly that: you elect the govt, they have the mandate. You get the govt you deserve.. End of story.

> there are people hoping for divine intervention

Stupid idiots. They deserve to get screwed. There is no "divine intervention", only government (criminal) intervention.

> We want our CPF money back.
How many times do you need to be told: it is not "your" money. CPF is a tax -- once you pay, it is up to those who have it to do with it however they please. They tell you "yes, we're looking after it -- for your own good". You believe it. You are the fool.

> We don't want sky rocketing property prices

Then stop buying -- bidding up prices like the kiasu fuckers you are.

> We want better jobs with better pay

If you want to earn more, make yourself WORTH more to your employer. If a foreigner can work cheaper and better why the fuck should he hire you?

No one owes you a living.

> We don't want the country to be flooded by foreign talents

Then don't sell or rent out your properties to them. But no, you just can't say "no" to money. Can't have it both ways Jack.

> We don't want money to be wasted on foreign sportsmen.

Don't attend the games. Boycott the sponsors. Once the revenue goes evaporates, there won't be money to throw at foreign imports.

> We can't afford high hospital and medical fees.

Emigrate, buy more insurance like you've stated or go back to the "old forgotten culture" of families looking after each other.

If ANY govt asked me: "What do you want?"

I would tell them: I want to be left ALONE. Piss off!

Less government == More freedom!

Anonymous said...

People (to Government) - please listen and hear what we are telling you, not what you want to know that is pleasing to your ear.

That is all we ask for.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can tell the Government what you want, but I think the final reply you will get is: you cannot expect to have or not to have this and that.

They are good 'ping pong' players. They just put back the ball into your side of the court. Easy does it like former goalkeeper SM Goh.

Anonymous said...

Those hoping for divine interventions should not be too dejected with comment.
Your wishes and prayers are likely to be answered before the end of 2013AD, signs of invocations will trickle in and had started from few years back.
It will be slow and steady gaining momentum after 2011.
Keep praying.