Malaysia is the best thing to happen to Singapore

When the Tememgong signed away Temasek to the East India Company, it is likely to be under duress. The British probably put a gun at his head and said, ‘Sign.’ And that act gave away Temasek to the British Empire. The other possibility was some kind of bribery or trickery. How else would the Temengong sign away his land willingly? He might be a chief of a small kampong, not well versed in international laws or territorial sovereignty, but he was definitely not a retard. And the rest was history. The Johoreans are still sore over this part of history. Please don’t blame the Singaporeans, they are just part of the British legacy and have nothing to do with pointing a gun at the head of the Tememgong. When Singapore joined and became part of Malaysia, all things returned to square one. The two lands were reunited. The historical blemish was erased. All debt, robberies and injustice corrected. Then came the separation and Singapore was evicted. This time the Federal govt gave the consent to let Singapore free as an independent state. There was no more coercion from a foreign power. Malaysia was then an independent country and the British could not put a gun on Tengku’s head. And Abdul Razak was there to advise him. They decided that Singapore should be allowed to become an independent country, a nation of its own. Through unification and separation from Malaysia, Singapore became an independent country out of free will, and decided by mainly by Malaysia. No one can now accuse Singapore of being seized from Malaysia. It was legally separated under fair and mutually agreed terms and conditions between two independent govts.


Anonymous said...

And may it happen again !

Me wishes that someone and or some corporations from Malaysia wealthy enough to buy over Sin. Provided of course Redbean's Observation that everything in Sin is for sale holds.

And it is not me alone hoping for Sin to be at one with Malaysia; the MM(LKY) and Chiam See Tong too believe it will be beneficial for both.


Anonymous said...

Patriot is right.

If everything in Singapore is for sale, in time, there will be nothing worth to worry about regarding whether Johoreans or all Malaysians are sore and wants the dot back.

Let the elites and rich foreigners worry about that.

Anonymous said...

It may be a blessing in disguise if they become one again.

For most Singaporeans, it means cheaper houses, cars, medical care, easier life for retirees. Why not?

I am sure not only MM and Chiam believes it will be beneficial for both. Me too.

But do the Malaysian want that? We keep on thinking we are the one hard to get!

Matilah_Singapura said...

It is ludicrous for one country to blame another because of events long ago in history. People who run countries and cling to history also cling to grudges or invent new reasons to bear a grudge. And then they fight.

Malaysia development is held back because of race (or culture) -- one culture or race is held dominant for no other sake than racial/ cultural superiority.

At least the PAP claim -- whether true or not -- that there is no "political ideology" in play -- except for being pragmatic and realistic (whatever the fuck that means). The point being there is no dominant "core belief" or idea that is so fixated that it makes adaptation and flexibility impossible.

Give credit where credit is due: they got that right. i.e. if you can adapt and be flexible, your "history" is unimportant.