LKY is indispensable to Singapore

On his second appearance after his recent bereavement for his late wife, LKY is in the thick of action again. This time he is calling for the healthcare industry to innovate to reduce cost and improve the quality of healthcare. We can soon expect more innovations in the healthcare industry and probably lowering of cost, a serious problem that no one can solve. And when it does happen, the people have only LKY to thank for. It will be good if he says something about gangsterism and to stop this plague before it gets worst. And the property owners can relax knowing that their property prices can only go up with him around. I am really worried how Singapore will be without him.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I wish... I wish... I hope... I pray...

Good luck trying to bend reality to suit you, just because you don't like it the way it is.

Why don't you vote in a western-style liberal at next election?

The you can have free healthcare (zero cost to you), low priced housing (cheap cheap!) and the gangsters will all be taught dancing, community organisation and given big hugs so that they "feel loved" and will thus not be violent anymore.

Wally Buffet said...

I have nothing much to say about property prices, health care costs and such mundane economic issues because the shit is caused by external factors for which Singapore may have very little or no control over.

It is a different story on crime and gangsterism.

When MM Lee was still holding the reins and presided over the old guards, he never lost sight of the fact that criminals had no business in upsetting the population and be a stumbling block to economic development. We had the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act which was used frequently against the triads and assorted villians which the law then had problem prosecuting because of lack of evidence. Loan sharks who now brazenly vandalized homes were almost unheard of.

When the "red van" with gurkhas armed with kukris came, those scumbags ran and look for their mothers.

Just look at the situation now. Under 16 year olds carrying choppers ready for a fight. Thugs spotting tattoos, most with gang insignias swaggering on the roads brazenly.

We are losing control unless Mr. Lee stands up and say to the pussy footers that enough is enough.

Detractors of tough police action may say we are descending into a police state if we do but they will eat their words when one of their family members is hacked and chopped and ends up in a niche at Mandai.

Just round them up. Throw the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act at them.

Just eradicate the cancer.

Let law abiding citizens, good people, sleep peacefully at night.

We don't need polite policemen.

We need more "Dirty Harrys".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The trouble with Singapore is that there is no ownership. Only one person thinks he owns Singapore. And because of that he is passionate about the well being of this island. We need more people to think that they own this island, that the island belongs to all Singaporeans.

At the moment many supertalents are thinking of how much is enough for themselves, and maybe preparing an alternative home elsewhere. Make hay while the sun shines. And this is very bad.

If Singaporeans don't think this is home, they simply don't care. The country can go to the dogs. Never mind, they have the means to migrate and start all over again in some foreign land. And with high property price, sell and get out when things are bad.

Singaporeans must feel passionate about this place and this home.

Anonymous said...

Iskander beckons!

MM tells us not to sell our HDB flats. Is there something he is not telling us?

But what you can get for a 3-roomer can easily buy you a terrace house with money to spare for a car up North. And the cost of living is relatively cheaper too, especially hospitalisation, medical and essentials. And you may even be looking at a cheaper retirement home close by, if there is a need, run by Singaporeans, in due time.

Oh yes, the old crime infested argument will come up for sure. But, if they are getting better and we are moving in the other direction, being labelled a 'City of Mobs', the tipping point may come earlier than expected, and Iskander my be worth a second look.
ospitalisation, medical,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I really wish that Johore can be an oasis of peace, safety and prosperity. Then more Singaporeans will find it a real alternative to buy homes there and live there. It will be a win win situation. Johore will be a boom town and Singaporeans can spend their money there. Why not.

Anonymous said...

Please do not misread the comments, they sound as though Lee Kuan Yew has not been he usual self of his earlier days when he was deemed to have kept Singapore triad free and opponent free with the use od ISA.
How then did it leads to all the slashings and fightings of late? Well, pragmatic Singaporeans have all cause and allow our youths to behave the ways they are today.
Those born after the late 70s onward are likely brought up by maids, childcare centres, in homes of neighbours and relatives.
The kids grow up with much lesser parental loves and cares and those taking cares of them dared not disciplined them too much before getting the sack or losing them as clients.
The parents left the kids to others for they have to look(work) for money. The others took over the parents' duties also to make some monies, many to make ends meet. /2

Anonymous said...

2/ The Rulers too are busy making monies. Fighting crimes is a money losing game, let the people discipline themselves. If not get the people to organize themselves to fight crimes. Galvanize the people to do neighbour watch, crime watch and get schools to educate students about crimes and anti social activities such as smoking and going game arcades.
It is common to see students smoking at bus stops in full uniform outside their schools and so are they seen walking in and out of game shops in uniform, but never mind, no violent activities and i a way they are contributing to the successes of the shopkeepers.
Visitors or customers of holiday chalets, bungalows, hotels and places of leisures probably have been seeing gambling, smoking, drinking and sex activities with many of them looking very young. But, does anyone gets bothered? Shops and owners of these establishments are only interested that their services are patronized, so long there is money to make, whatever wayward behaviours of the young are not their duties to prevent or help to prevent.
So, in the name of money, anti social activities are nobody's business. Until some begin to fall victims to crimes then they make all kinds of shrills cries and blame lots of people not knowing they themselves have unwitting contributed to the menace.

Anonymous said...

I share the sentiments of Anons 3.30 and 3.48, which is reassuring, in that my perceptions have not been wrong.

The problems will only get worse, when those born in the late eighties and thereafter, get into the act of going astray in their teens, with little or no parental control.

I always say that social problems will only surface years after the seeds are planted, and not immediately apparent. Same with a lot of other things happening here right now. Time will tell.

The solution is not easy, especially with both parents working in the family.

If we deny there is a problem now, we are only creating a more difficult situation in future.