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The world's most irresponsible Empire telling China to be a responsible player. Was the invasion of Vietnam, killing hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, maiming millions, destruction of the land and ecology, a responsible act? The invasion of Iraq on a false charge and killing/wounding millions of Iraqis and destruction the land, infrastructure and economy a responsible act? The killing of innocents in Pakistan and Afghanistan a responsible act? Approving toxic financial products into the international financial system a responsible act? Unrestraint printing of money, flooding the emerging markets with liquidity, devaluation of the US$, a responsible act? Mismanagement of the domestic economy and destructive manipulation of the world's financial system leading to its near collapse a responsible act? Support dissidents to create social and political unrest in other countries, interfering in the domestic affairs of foreign nations, a responsible act? Threatening sanctions and regime change a responsible act? Selling arms and weapons everywhere a responsible act? The Choenan Incident a responsible act? My god, America, how many people still believe in your belligerent policies and acts as benign and peaceful?


Anonymous said...

May i try; not to answer your questions, but, just to remind You that Vietnam and some Asean countries, according to the recent US diplomatic manoeuvres, are colluding to contain and or ruin China economically or with arms.

India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iraq, Kuwait and other Middle Eastern Countries have Regimes that depend on the US to prop and keep them in powers despite the people in these countries disliking the Americans to the core. Same situation may happen in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

As for Japan and South Korea, they had been US stooges for almost a century due largely to misguided distrusts of the PRC and North Korea. South Korea does have legitimate and reasonable fear of N Korea, but Japan should not suspect N Korea unless its' alliance with the US causes N Korea to feel threatened. By going neutral, Japan will likely gain much by maintaining good relations with China and N Korea.

As for the US, me thinks it will have mounting diplomatic relationship problems with the World at large as well as domestic issues. It will be plagued and mired with problems its' leadership ask for, but, me doubt the American people are as supportive as their earlier generations.

Above are just some personal readings, please excuse me for any inaccuracy.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

> America, how many people still believe in your belligerent policies and acts as benign and peaceful?

Enough to keep the US government continue doing what they are doing.

It is too far gone now. The only "hopeful" solution is total collapse, and that ain't going to be happening soon.

Patriot is right: many of the corrupt power-brokers of nation-states are propped up by the USA -- i.e. the US has world leaders "in their pocket". Those who reject US "help" are branded as "axis of evil" or some shit like that.

This also ensures that your puppet-govt will hammer you and cut off your freedom of speech (a hallowed American constitutional right) if you ever took to the streets with anti-American slogans. Freedom for Americans, sorry none for you!

Anonymous said...


Now all those charges, or should I say truths, thrown at the BRA would probably not see the light of day, but thanks to the internet. they have been repeated again and again. The MSM can and will just avoid mentioning them, but that sort of cover-up is of no avail in today's wired world. People can find out, discuss and judge for themselves what the truth is and form their own opinion of events.

I subscribe to the saying that you may fool some people most of the time, but you cannot fool everybody all the time.

And telling China to be a responsible player is the most hypocritical call that any BRA leader can make.

And I must agree with our Law Minister, for once, that the West should not just pick on the human rights issue whenever they nitpick on China, without seeing the true picture of how much the Chinese people's lives have improved over the last two decades. Sure, there are human rights issues in China, but the BRA is not that transparent on human rights themselves. The only reason is that the abuses are cleverly disguised and covered up.

Some say that the Chinese people have more freedom than some so-called democratic countries of the world. I don't know whether that is true.