Is our govt selfish?

Saturday there were several pages of reports on how the poor foreign workers are losing their pants for patronising the casinos. They could lose half their salary in a few hours or several months of their salary in a few days. The amount may not be big, $500 or $2000, but still big money to them. And some are in debt and their families back home are desperate. Singaporeans are well protected by the $100 entrance levy. I have been prevented from entering the casino and lose my money because of this levy. Our govt is very good and protective over Singaporeans. Singaporeans must say thank you for such a paternalistic govt. Singaporeans are in safe hands. Should the govt also apply the levy on foreign workers as well? This group of people are very poor and cannot afford to lose. They are already in debt for coming here. Now with the casino they are going to incur more debt. Can our god protect them as well, be merciful and impose the levy on them to keep them out of the casinos? Or is our god so selfish, only protect the chosen people and let the rest suffer for their own foolishness? This is time to beg for mercy and forgiveness, and a helping hand from god. And don’t forget that a financially troubled foreign worker is likely to resort to crime and the protected Singaporeans may end up as victims.


Wally Buffet said...

For their own good, the Bangla worker, poor sod, should be protected from losing their pants in the casinos. A levy for them could be say $50. A few hardcore Bangla gamblers will even pay $500 to gamble so no point raising the levy to the same level as Singaporeans. These hardcore buggers, no God will be able to help them, let alone humans so just leave them alone.

For other foreign "workers" such as those PRC good time girls, KTV hostesses, sing song hall girls and underground prostitutes, I don't have a qualm if they lose their panties so instead of a levy we should give them gift vouchers to gamble in the casinos. After all, what they conned from our silly old men should be pumped back into the economy via the casinos.

The people in charge are not selfish. It's just that the matter slipped their minds as they were so intent on keeping Sinkaporeans out of the gambling halls that they probably forgot about the Banglas. They thought that those earning pittance will not gamble away their savings but they didn't understand that even the poorest have dreams of making money without working.

Matilah_Singapura said...

A levy is simply a TAX. The casino levy for Sporeans is nothing but a SIN TAX pure and simple -- like the tax on any "vice" - alcohol, tobacco and in some cuntries commercial sex services.

It is a way of either partially nationalizing a "vice", or a way for the govt to tax your desires when you act on them.

The govt tells LIES when it tells you they're taxing a vice "for your own good" so you "do less of it because of the financial disincentive". That is pure bullshit: the fact is these are DESIRES -- we all have them to some degree. We are BIG BRAINED CONSCIOUS APES not perfect "divine" beings, perfectly at peace, holding hands with each other and singing "Kumbaya".

Being conscious means we have imaginations which fuel our desires. It is a wonderful thing -- and the govt knows it, so it is set up ripe for taxation.

The $100 levy is a tax for you to fuck yourself up even more. Casinos are set-up to win. It is highly unlikely that you'll beat the bank at the casino. If you are winning too much, they'll make you feel unwelcome or bar you entry.

Taxing people to fuck themselves up is immoral. Therefore the govt is correct in leaving foreigners alone, but wrong in taxing Sporeans -- who will go elsewhere to have their gambling "fix" satisfied if they won't fork over $100 to enter the "legal" casino.

Gambling at a casino, like lotteries is a charge imposed by "reality" on the mathematically inept. People have the right to be wrong, even if their bad decisions adversely affect them directly, or cause heartache indirectly to their family and friends. the govt has no place in determining what is "right" or "wrong" when it comes to humans fulfilling their desires -- as long as those desires don't include violence, fraud or theft.

So fuck the govt in imposing a levy for Sporeans, but cheers to them for allowing others to realise their desires and mathematical ignorance.

Matilah_Singapura said...

New movie about govt getting involved in the "desires" market.

Anonymous said...

May be desirable for all work permit holders to be barred from entry to the casinos. We have read and heard of what disatrous effects gambling can have on Singaporeans. So the problems for these foreign workers to gamble and lose their wages from their hard and difficult work and getting into debts must be manifold serious for them and their families back home.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We need to help the loser foreign workers to help ourselves. Wait till they turn to vicious crimes to cover their losses with Singaporeans as their victims.

It is not a case that can be isolated nor Singaporeans be insulated from desperados. We can't say they lose their pasar. It will become our problem.

agongkia said...

How do you know they will lose if you dun allow them to enter?They can even turn their 100 dollars into 1 million.Impose levy?Thats discrimation.
Those Ah Tiong told me theres free coke.Can drink until lausai.Garmen selfish meh?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wow, no need to pay still got free coke some more. Then like dat not fair to Singaporean mah. Cannot take free bus service, cannot enjoy free coke. This must be discrimination.

Wally Buffet said...

Hey guys,

I have not been inside our great casinos.

Nice or not huh?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I also never set foot inside. So can't tell you. The closest I got is the entrance of the casino at MBS. Think I still got a couple of pics. Maybe I will post it here later.

I not happy being discriminated in my country. Don't care for my good or for their good.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hmmm, I have an idea I want to try. I wonder if I can get in without being "taxed" if I use my Her Royal Majesty's Aust. Passport and not carry my pink NRIC on my person.

Anyway, why should I have to pay the 100 bux? I treat Spore as my personal hotel...suka suka

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You lucky priest. I am sure they let you in with your Aussie bible. But don't tell them you are a priest. They will ban you from their children's corner.

Wally Buffet said...

All this trouble just to get in and be "slaughtered"?

Bro., you'll be better off at your own casino in Perth, which incidentally is really dull, laggard and lacks the "punch" and "glitz" of Macau.

agongkia said...

Mr Bean.
Hehe..Look more like a punishment than discrimination.Who ask u all trying to be kaykiang .,want to spoil the casino plan and act noble?
I am not interested in the coke or free bus ride.I only feel unfair why the FWs can go there and mingle with the rich Tais Tais and I have to pay to do so.
And you all got it all wrong,one Ah Tiong told me going there can get to know rich TaiTai.You all still gonggong think that they are there to gamble ?Pity them and want the Garmen not be selfish?Must come out from the coconut shell lah.
My advice.Dun bother with those FW who like to be there.They got their way.Lost 100 still can drink 100 can of coke,maybe can take back 2 more can.how to lose money?Those with rich TaiTai better beware.
But if Ah Tiong bluff me to say there is free coke,then I am the most pathetic one,local bluff by FW becos no money to go there.hehe

Anonymous said...

Seems like ah tiong can lose everything but still stands a chance of drinking free(coke0 AND IF LUCKY, SLEEP IN BUNGALOW OWNED BY RICH SINGAPOREANS or in six star hotels with the good cares of the rich tai tais. It's worth losing every cent.

Matilah_Singapura said...


I don't gamble, so there is no risk of me being "slaughtered".

The only "bets" I'm likely to make is when the probalistic/ statistical odds are in my favour - which is never at a casino or lottery booth.

As I said, casino gambling, 4D and lotteries are a "tax" on the mathematically inept.

As for Burswood here in graveyard-by-the-sea aka "Perth", is sucks dogs balls. Stan Ho's Macau sucks dogs balls too -- all casinos suck dogs balls except for the really old ones in Europe, where at least there's still some "class" in the high-roller areas. Genting Highlands is like a carnival where all the village bumpkins have to lose their free "Malaysia Boleh" or "Petronas" T-shirts and wear marginally decent clothes, although most of the women are fashion disasters.

Where you have large communities of Asians and Latinos, you know there's always something going down in private dwellings. And Perth has large communities of both. Since most homes are on 5000-11000 sq ft blocks, there is plenty of room for fun, and no govt to bug you.