Invasion of Senkaku/Occupation of Diaoyutai?

I was the video clips on Youtube on the recent incident at Diaoyutai. A Chinese fishing boat was crusing in the sea and two Japanese naval came in to shadow it. Then they moved it to sandwich the Chinese ship and one moved into the path of the Chinese ship to cut it off. The provocative manoeuvre was aggressive. Intentional or not it was not easy to move out of the way or stop a ship in motion, and the Chinese ship brushed the starboard tip at the back of the Japanese ship. It is strange that the picture in the press showed the area of impact on the port side of the ship and almost in the middle section instead. How come? The Japanese video has this headline, China invasion of Senkaku. Now, is it China invasion of Senkaku or Japanese occupation of Diaoyutai? What happened in the incident is similar to the days of foreign concession in Shanghai. The foreigners, British, Russian, French, Americans, Germans, Japanese, etc etc each seized a part of China as their own and police it with their police and applying their own laws, in Chinese territory. Same as in Diaoyutai. Chinese who happened to be in the concession or occupied territories were treated as intruders or foreigners and subject to harassments by the occupied forces. They could be arrested, extorted or humiliated or chased out of the concession. And the occupied forces would declare the Chinese as intruders, or invading their territories. The truth is that the territories belonged to China, Chinese territories, and Diaoyutai is Chinese territories like the Kurile islands which are Japanese territories. The Japanese are demanding that the Russians returned the islands to them, seized from Japan in the same way as Diaoyutai from China. How could the Japanese tell the world that it was a Chinese invasion when they are occupying Chinese territory and harassing Chinese ships in Chinese waters? Bloody imperialist liars!


agongkia said...

You wrote:
The truth is that the territories belonged to China.
Strongly agree with you,I repeat:
To be truth is that the territories belonged to the Republic of China.

agongkia said...

sorry typo error,
"To be' should read as 'The'.
The truth is that the territories belonged to the Republic of China.

Matilah_Singapura said...


I don't know ho w you can objectively make a decision to take sides in this cluster-fuck which has been going on for hundreds of years.

The weapons have changes, and some borders "re-drawn", but the same inter-nation/ cultural hatreds and distrusts still remain.

I think it is cartoon to see a bunch of Orientals bickering and fighting, with the frequent entrance of the same Occidental -- all a' fussin' and a' fightin' over territory.

So how the fuck can you possibly take sides? Best you can do is to either egg them on or sit down, eat kachang and watch.

Hopefully in time the Vietnamese, Phillipinos, Malaysians and Koreans will join the show.

There is plenty of opportunity for territorial disputes in the region.

My theory is that borders are bullshit. Now watch yet-another-fight over those mythical lines drawn on the map by the historical victors of conquest.

I think we need to invite the Americans in. It will be sad if they miss out on a nice opportunity to fight.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No need to invite the Americans. They are in and Hilary has been flirting with all the silly and egoistic Asian leaders and it seems that they had been won by her feminine guiles.

The territorial disputes will be the seed for future conflicts if they are not resolved. The fucking Japs are demanding the return of the Kurile islands which they lost to the Russians exactly like the way they took the Chinese islands. So they want their islands back but refuse to return what they took from China.

PRC or ROC, they are China. Two different political parties, and Taiwan will be reabsorbed back when the time comes. They will be no more wars between the two.

agongkia said...

Taiwan should be left alone.Dun ever disturb my Ah Choo please.I will protect her even if I got to jump up from my grave.