How much do we care for this country?

When Lim Zi Rui questioned the meaning of defending this country, it startled Chok Tong. But that was about as far as it went. After that things get back to normal. Who really cares about what they are defending or what this country is all about? Then we have the spate of gangland attacks in the heartland with one young man died and several got slashed. There were some murmurs in the internet but not enough. Even in my blog there were less than 50 comments on this issue. What does it mean to this nation? At the govt level, the only one that showed some anger to the break down of law and order, to some it is not really anything serious, is Alvin Yeo. Hardly anyone else talks about it. Some were heard saying, no leh, such things never happen leh. The denial is clear, but not important. Why is there so much apathy when mobs ran riot with weapons to attack the young in the heartland? Is it that everyone is so complacent, or so busy making money, not my business, or is it that nobody cares? There seems to be a lack of ownership, that this is home, our country. Now it is perhaps just another place. At least 50% of the residents will think this way as they are foreigners with no stakes here. They will pack up and leave sooner or later. But the people, the citizens, who are long term residents here must be provoked to say something or do something if they regard this place as home. 45 years of nation building has resulted in such apathy and with the young soul searching on why they need to defend this place is worrisome. We don't need one person to jump up from his grave when things are wrong in the country. We need all the citizens to jump up from their graves when things are getting wrong. Perhaps that is expecting too much. One man doing that is good enough.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I think it's "much ado about nothing".

People -- at the end of the day -- will defend what they value.

So a bunch of violent idiots went on a rampage -- shit happens, sad and tragic as it is. There's a huge difference between apathy and having a mature and rational attitude as opposed to "freak out and become neurotic" -- lose the plot, lose the context, lose your mind.

Also the comments from one disgruntled kid upsets an "elder" statesman, it gets into the news and people go nuts -- start questioning not their own, nay, lord forbid, but other people's "loyalty" and "patriotism".

Soon accusatory fingers are pointing all over the place: "oh the foreigners are here just for the loot and our jobs," "oh the kids are upset", "oh, Singaporeans are apathetic", "oh my balls are on fire". oh this oh that kpkb worse than nenek.

Singapore is ticking away like a well-oiled machine -- one of the best place to get the business done, and if you like, you can have a good time too -- despite all the restrictions the govt imposes.

In a recent Gallup poll (look it up), Singapore is #1 place well-educated professionals (Australia was 4th or 5th) will emigrate to if given the opportunity. A huge foreign population (some estimates 49%) support the Gallup findings.

As I have predicted, with that kind of attitude you fuckers are well on the way to Matilah Singapura. Look at Malaysia -- fucked. By 2020 their sovereign debt will bankrupt them. Indonesia -- fucked. Thailand -- fucked. Philippines -- fucked. Even Australia, as rich and "lucky" as it is -- slowly but surely getting fucked by the state.

Fuckers, what you all want some more?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Lee Kuan Yew: "If we had an English-educated middle
class to begin with in 1960 -- querulous, arguing, writing letters to the
press, nit-picking, chattering away -- we would have failed."

Well bro' now there is a huge educated middle class, querulous, arguing and writing shit on the internet -- because the press won't publish their opinion -- nit-picking, chattering away...and looks like you are failing like a motherfucker!

Let's hear it for the chattering classes -- the masses of idiots, the stampeding, panicking herd!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't abuse the word middle class lah. And don't be deceived just because middle class is used freely to pander to the ego of our HDB dwellers. Many are just working class, making ends meet. Far from the middle class that are supposed to be well to do.

The chattering and unhappiness don't come from the middle class but the half millionaire or 3/4 millionaire class that are also struggling to make ends meet.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey man, don't fuck me. Fuck your god Lee Kuan Yew. He's the big mouth. I'm just the echo!

Anonymous said...

Dont worry dont worry, the Chinese has a saying ' zuan tao chiao tou zi ran zhi', meaning all will naturally ends well.
It is not so much of much ado, it is that there is not enough shits to hit the fan. But Redbean needs not wait too long, it's coming. Some can live on lies and schemes and be tolerated, however, there is a limit to everything.
China is like Native Singaporeans, made to face the shits suka suka thrown at them with impunity by the Rulers.
How long can the abuse lasts? The breaking point is near. Redbean only needs to be a little patient, just a little.

Anonymous said...

Relax Redbean.

The experts said that the current gangland attacks are dangerous, but not well organised, so should be a piece of cake for our first world crime busters to take care of.

But I honestly have long stop believing in experts.

Where are the experts who told us that margarine is healthier than butter?

Where are the experts who told us that adding flouride to water and toothpaste helps fight tooth decay?

Where are the experts who rated those toxic investment products as AAA but overnight become junk?

Where are the experts? One thing is certain. They and the manufacturer of the products they endorsed have made their money and disappeared. No responsibility, nothing much talked about them.

Anonymous said...

street corner gangs or not, they are no different from gangs of any era, that they could gather in mobs and went rampaging, slashing and killing rival gang members or innocent victims. There seems to be a serious problme resurfing here and the authorities really have to come hard down on them and empowered police with even stiffer law to wipe out this menace. Allied to all all these gangs could be a myriad of criminal and anti scoial activities, such as probably loan sharking, protection racket, drug tracficking, prostituion trade, harassement on foreigner workers, etc. This is a dangerous age for parents with tenager children, one wrong move and their future would be mired in never ending trouble.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes we must be caught by surprise again. This island used to be the safest place to bring up children. Now parents fear for their safety even in playground built by the govt.

And the fear is not just paranoia. The attacks came too close to home. And today families have only one or two children. Can't take the losses.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Forget to add this. The experts are comparing about the quality of the gangs of the past and those of today as if the past gangs were honourable and legendary gods.

Fucking idiots. Gangsters are criminals. Nothing more, nothing less. So please do not glamorise them as anything resembling goodness. The media has gone bonkers and educating the readers into believing in some falsehood. If they keep going this way, soon they will be asking to build shrines or statues to honour the gangsters.

Anonymous said...

It is like saying all governments are good, all political leaders are good; even if they are rogue regimes and corrupt officials.
Let us do away with any hero worshipping.