The enlightening rant of Yuriko Koike

She has an article in the Comment and Analysis page of Today. She started with the usual North Korea slant, a nation that is so poor that even its soldiers have not enough food to eat, a nation that is crazy for international attention, even blowing up Choenan and firing artillery shells into Yeonpyeong without any reasons or provocations. The rest you can just skip, as there were nothing new. Even Matilah can add more juicy stuff than her. The gem of her article is this and I quote: 'Much, then depends on the Chinese, whose self defeating regional diplomacy has managed to push a listless and defence-shy Japanese govt into closer cooperation with the US on security matters and has inspired South Korea to seek out strategic partnerships with other Asian powers, including India.' Here is the unintentional leak of what the US, Japan and South Korea are up to. So it is China's fault for the strategic alliance between the US and its two semi colonies, and now India coming into the picture. And China must join the alliance to condemn North Korea. Oh no, 'And China is keen to draw South Korea closer in the game of regional rivalries. The result could be a new round of efforts by China to manipulate regional suspicion - or worse.' Heh heh, they say pretty women are very innocent and harmless: ) So all the problems in the Korean Peninsula is created by China, and North Korea is a colony of China. China can tell North Korea what to do like the US telling Japan and South Korea, and its allies. How many of you believe so? And Japan is such a mild country, and it is growing its military force so huge that it can overrun Southeast Asia once again if it only adds on a few aircraft carriers. Japan is listless and defence shy!!!??? Remove the mask of militarism please. I really enjoy her rant. Looking forward for more of her writings. I am worn over by her pretty face.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Politicians, will be politicians lah.

Anything negative, blame China.

Anonymous said...

It will go on and on, day after day, one after another, repeat and repeat and the slant becomes truth. Didn't they do the same thing before the Iraq War?

Axis of Evil. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Actually, all fabricated stories that most suspected then and everyone now knows they were lies.

Anonymous said...

Why worry over a beautiful girl's candid remark?

Me am happy that she seems to know that China is potent in World Politrics. And if she is insinuating that Japan gets cold feet or is like a chicken together with some other Asian and me may wish to add S E Asian countries now, looking for a hen in United States, me thinks she is quite right leh. China today is not the same as when She was near the end of the Qing Dynasty.

Yuriko Koike is not only candid and beautiful, me thinks she is clever and honest. Me will be proud to have a daughter like her.


Anonymous said...

Next to the Germans, the Japs are the most sexually deviant culture in the known universe. 2 nuclear weapons have been detonated but has failed to cleanse the Nips of their proclivity for perverted sexual activity.

The Chinese should respond to the insulting outburst of a conservative-hawk who should be cooking ramen or being a geisha instead of saying silly things -- acting "ministerial" when she is no longer holds that post.

And in their response, the Chinese should use disgusting Jap sexual practices to protest -- a sort of "comin' back at 'cha'" tit-for-tat riposte. It is my suggestion the Chinese use bukkake. ぶっかけ bukkakeru: to splash water on a person's face

Firstly, get a woman who is a look-alike of Ms Koike. The get all the Chinese leaders and military chiefs to do a circle-jerk around the lucky lady.

To add "glamour and pomp" to the ceremony, Kim Jong-il -- a self-abuser of world of international celebrity -- could be Guest Of Honour, leading the circle jerk. Since a woman of Ms Koike's vintage is probably not Kim's prefered source of "simulation", he will be allowed to provide his own "material", not surprisingly consisting of young European women and farm animals engaging in biologically impossible unions.

In a show of Marxist/ communist solidarity and universal brotherhood, the entire group ejaculates enthusiastically onto the face and open mouth of the live Koike effigy. The entire evening's proceedings are of course filmed and uploaded to the web for the world's enjoyment, and critique by film buffs working for the United Nations.

On yes Ms Koike, for saying stupid things and spoiling for a fight, you need to be bukkake'd, bitch!

Matilah Singapura

PS. Matilah, I suggest you run your Norton or anti spyware to clean your system.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Err.. I use customised, uber-secure Linux systems -- no spyware, trojans or what-not, and diagnostic/ repair tools are way superior to "Norton's" which babies use on their faggy Micro$not and MacinTrash systems.

All cookies, temp files and history are automatically deleted at end of every surf.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The posting problem is a bug in Blogspot. If you do a search, there are thousands of complaints.

No problem. I can live with it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok, I thought there is some contamination problem or a mismatch between your Linux and blogspot.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak. Blogspot runs on Linux servers, FYI ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Blogger Comments: Ongoing Issues

I made several reports here, hope you don't mind.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wikileaks release of embassy cables reveals US concerns

Source: Cablegate

I have suspected that China (and Russia) are embarrassed by this "spoilt kid" N Korea. Kim has one hand on his dick and the other on the nuclear button.

Even China and Russia don't know what to do -- just try to be cool, shuffle feet, look the other way.

You have to hand it to Shakin' Kim: he knows his days are numbered (one stroke, next one could be it!) and he's out to have some fun. He doesn't give a fuck!

Kim Jong-il, make the world dance! Gonna make them sweat! Cue music: Everybody Dance Now..."

C'mon redbean, shake yur azz.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In the document detailing a conversation between Lee and US deputy secretary of state James B. Steinberg in May last year, Singapore’s elder statesman (Lee Kuan Yew) said he would be surprised if the North Koreans agreed to give up their nuclear weapons.

“They are psychopathic types, with a ‘flabby old chap’ for a leader who prances around stadiums seeking adulation,” said the document, classified as secret.

Sorce: cablegate

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