Contradictions of South Korean military supremacy

The South Koreans think they could thrash the North Koreans when there is a military conflict. They keep saying that they will respond with punitive measures. And because of their superior armed forces, they took liberty to conduct war games, simulating an attack on North Korea in the islands closest to the North. The Yeonpyeong is only 7 miles or 12 km from the North Korean coast. Why is there a need to bring in the Americans and the Japanese if the South Koreans think that they are the superior force? They could do it single handedly and wipe the North Koreans clean, and even reunite the two parts of Korea. The North Koreans will love them and their riches, and a better life. Since they are so superior, and so gutsy in wanting a war with the North, conducting war games so close to the North’s border, they should just do it. There is no point in conducting provocative war games to draw military fires from the North, and do nothing. The sabre rattling only means something if they dare to follow it through. Go, South Koreans, no need to wait for Uncle Sam or Uncle Nihon to back up. The North Koreans are hungry and poor soldiers, easy meat, a piece of cake. Why wait? If the South Koreans and Americans are sincere in not wanting a war, not wanting to provoke a war, they should refrain from conducting war games at North Korea’s front yard. But the western world refuses to see these acts of provocation and proclaims that the South Koreans and the Americans are all angels and walking with a halo on their heads. To maintain peace and peaceful coexistence, all the countries, including North Korea, shall not conduct any military exercises 200 km from their land and sea borders. Would the South Koreans do that, would the Americans do that? The useless UN should make a stand on this and tell all the countries to abide by such a position. Then we can see clearly who is or are the real provocateurs. In the meantime Japan is an eager friend to want to help the South Koreans kill the North Koreans. Seiji Maehara has called for a meeting with the South Korean President on how to deal with the North Koreans together. Lee Myung Bak is gearing up to be a Korean murderer.


Anonymous said...

The United Nation, other than humanitarian aid purposes, this organization is as impotent as our Consumers Association.

Me does not believe the South Koreans want or wish to kill the North Koreans. Stretch it to the maximun imagination, only the leaderships of both Koreas are at war together with their respective armed forces. Koreans at both sides are praying for peaceful unification.

The Yankee involvement in South Korea is simply due to the lack of confidence in the South Korean Leadership who needs the Americans to prop the Regime and to protect the South from the North. By themselves, the South Korean Regime and the Japanese Leaderships know they will never get the full supports from their citizens in any war as their chances of winning is almost nil. And destructions and damages of infrastructures and live will be horrendous.

Military exercises conducted near North Korea are posturings by the South to show the North it has allies in the US, Japan and probably one or two others further to it's South. Me surmises that the South did and do the exercises more out of fear than to taunt the North.

As an aside; when Hilary Clinton demanded that China 'must play its' role in the Korean Disputes. I don't know who the hell she is to use the word 'must' which me takes as a command, an order. She got to know that she is a nobody once out of the US.

Japanese certainly would like the Koreans and the Chinese to kill amongst themselves. They are of imperialist nature, no matter how technologically advanced, their innate ethnic characteristics will not diminish. And there is no way the Jeps are going to be able to do any military conquest as it has done before. So, if the Jeps can't conquer, let others destroy themselves will be the next best option.

Btw, the Chinese and Koreans will be giving the Jeps real challenges in the production of consumer goods. This is going to make the Jeps feel threatened economically.
When and if the Chinese and Koreans are in trouble, Japan will stand to gain much.

A layman's view that's is said more for entertainment than for substance, please accommodate me.


Anonymous said...

When the Japanese feel threatened, they will look for an opportunity to start another world war and rebuild again.

Can never trust the Japs, when you consider that they planned and carried out the sneak attack on Pearl Harbour while negotiations were still ongoing in Washington.

The South Korean President does talk tough, with the warlord behind them. I wonder what action he will take, since he needs to back up his threats. I guess he still must consult the puppet master behind.