China involved in largest number of conflicts???!!!

‘China, significantly, has been involved in the largest number of military conflicts in Asia. A recent Pentagon report is unsparing: “The history of modern Chinese warfare provides numerous case studies in which China’s leaders have claimed military preemption as a strategically defensive act.’ It then went on to quote the Korean War, (the world knew who brought the war to China’s border), the border war with India in 1962, ( and yes, who started it?), with the Soviet Union, to reclaim lost Chinese territories, and the war with Vietnam, (again, who started it?). China involved in the largest number of military conflicts in Asia? What about the Americans? The professor never heard of the USA? Matilah has this to say, ‘Meanwhile since the 18th century, America has been involved in 200 or so "armed conflicts" all of them overseas -- in "OPC" - Other Peoples' Cuntries.’ Anyone bother to count? Starting from the Korean War, Vietnam War, the Middle East, Europe, not counting Latin America and Europe… And the claim that China is involved in the largest conflict came from a Brahma Chellaney, professor of strategic studies at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi. What kind of academic integrity does he have when he can’t even count or refuses to acknowledge the great involvement of the Americans in military conflicts. The scale of the wars waged by the Americans, in any one of them is thousands of times more severe and destructive than all the conflicts the Chinese were involved. And this foolish article titled The Chinese conundrum, appears in today’s Straits Times. By the way, how many military adventures have India been involved since it became independent? How many times had India fought with its neighbours and the little islands in the Indian Ocean?


Wally Buffet said...
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Anonymous said...

China had indeed involved itself in the largest number of conflicts IF WE TAKE INTERNAL WARS AS CONFLICTS. Since the day it became a civilization, one of the earliest in history, it had fought countless wars. Even today, China cannot be discounted from fighting some more wars to claim back much of its' lost territories. Please read Redbeans' past literatures.

Whether Japan and Korea once belonged to China is debatable, but not Vietnam, which was Annam, a province of olden day Central Kingdom. Me would not wish China to reclaim back some of its' old territories. It is fine for those well governed, now independent nations to have them for themselves. The World after all is globalizing and motherland to one is the place he/she chooses to settle down for good.

Native, Race, Language to some idealists do not exist, to the spiritual beings, they matter as an identity, a sense of belonging and a rightful way to recognise ones' origin. Me would not want to debate this any further.

Just like to add here, that the Professor who wrote the Report may have to come and understudy either with Red aka Chua Chin Leng or me for sometimes before he could ever pass his Primary School Level History.


Wally Buffet said...

This prof will eat his words when Pakistan starts to ratchet up its war cries and incisively incur into Indian territory and interfere into its internal affairs.

Then we will read about the Indian Conundrum. But of course, it will not be written by him but by a Chinese academic.

One whole paragraph of his harangue is devoted to the Chinese "reference to the Yellow Sea as a sort of exclusive Chinese military operations zone. The US and South Korea should, according to Chinese officials, discontinue holding joint naval exercises there, apparently out of respect for China's new power."
What a load of pig shit. How about Russia and China holding military exercises in the Bay of Bengal, just off the Indian economic zone or to bring the world nearer to Apocalypse, do the same silly stunt in the Gulf of Mexico, just off the US coast.

And let us not forget that his country gives shelter to a rebel rousing Tibetan monk constantly hurling diatribe at the PRC. If that is a neighbourly act, my middle finger is ready to be shown.

I will get more cerebral exercise by reading Marvel comics than his "study".

Fuck, I am cancelling my subscription if my wife can stop reading some of the @#$%$%# articles by Sumiko Tan in the Sunday Times.


Anonymous said...

When these people write about others, they forgot to look at themselves in the mirror.

Without the internet, they would probably have gotten away with whatever they said, because the MSM will report that as the truth, without anyone to argue with them or present the alternate truth.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm not surprised. This is how the world's greatest war monger starts shit -- by really 'revising' history.

The sad part about it -- and they are going to kena fuck because of it -- is ASEAN remains taciturn, like the good Yankee arse-licking lap-dog it is.

Engaging in armed conflict at a more or less steady rate since the 18th century has ensured a thriving, lucrative revenue-model for the United States Political-Military-Industrial complex.

The irony is that the person who warned about it was a right-wing conservative, who supported private enterprise: Dwight D Eisenhower when he was US President in the 1950's. One would think that a dyed-in-the-wool CAPITALIST would favour war.

Not so. war is about destruction: taking command of the productive capacity of an economy and re-directing it to produce resources which DESTROY individual lives and property.

Contrast that with the true meaning of laissez faire (capitalism) -- it is about enhancing and improving individual lives and property.

Anyway, it will be the same ol' historical story...make no mistake, they are starting shit with China. It is in their plans -- US interests are so wedded to military and political power.

The ol' story goes: "Oh my...such-and-such a country is a threat to humanity. They have/ did: (multiple choice): WMD, invaded a sovereign territory, attacked US interests...then wave a false flag or two, get the CIA to plant a bomb or something and blame it on the "enemy".

Aiyah, the story is so hackneyed even Hollywood doesn't use it anymore lah.

The only way China can deal with these bullies is to ignore them, document and re-broadcast -- with RIDICULE-- everything the US Govt says...from accusing China as human right's violator (which happens to be true), to China as an eco-terrorist (not true anymore), to China as a currency manipulator (they have no choice -- the US keeps counterfeiting its own currency), to china's "illegal" occupation of Tibet (not true, they conquered Tibet on the basis of "reclaiming" it from the idiotic, brutal and cruel gang of the Dalai Lama -- another brilliantly successful con man), to China becoming a "regional threat" (enter Taiwan and Japan) which could "de-stabilise" the region.

I can tell you, if the US starts war with the Chinese, that would cause massive fucking destabilisation..WTF is Congress talking about?

The more the US meddles and pokes it nose, the more dangerous the situation.

Next thing you know congress will start using Orwellian 1984 "logic"

Anonymous said...

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