BTO is anti family

A forum writer, Sim Siew Chien, wrote to the ST a few months back, complaining that the BTO scheme is detrimental to young people getting married and having children. She said many young people were forced to live separately after getting married as they have to wait for BTO to complete building their flats. Now whose fault is this? It is definitely not the govt or HDB’s fault. The young people must plan their marriages ahead. Why do they wait till they want to shit then look for jamban? So the wise men say or think. Getting hitch is so easy. With so many matchmaking agency, I also think so. Just place an order. The BTO scheme is the most intelligent, brilliant, and farsighted scheme thought out by the most brilliant supertalents we have. And they are not paid millions for coming out with stupid schemes. This is the best scheme they can think of. How could the low thinking public complain that it is bad? The public just does not have the brain to appreciate the beauty and brilliance of this scheme. It is unfair to complain about it. Just live with it. Just remember that it is the best scheme. It is the most efficient scheme for HDB. As for the people who needs a flat urgently, is it a good scheme? “My brother got engaged, but lost his engagement because he could not afford an HDB flat,” said Lim Zi Rui, the engineering student from NTU during Chok Tong’s dialogue with the students. For people like Zi Rui’s brother, very likely they would not even apply for a flat as they could not afford it. And they will not form part of the statistics to create a demand for BTO flats. No flats will be built for such losers. I am not sure how big is this pool of unable to afford to apply for HDB flats? Anyway, they are irrelevant and HDB need not sweat to build flats for them. Only those who can afford HDB flats need apply. This is the beauty of the BTO. No waste and everyone who applies will say the flats are affordable.


Wally Buffet said...

This BTO bullshit arose because they were caught off guard with the unexpected low demand during the last few economic crisis.

One could see hundreds of vacant HDB blocks notably in Punggol and Sengkang.

So to make amends, now it's "Build To Order". That means, you order, we build. You don't place an order with a deposit, no apartment.

To those who gripe, whine and rant.......
sorry, we kenna once bitten, twice shy. Anyway, it's not anti family. Absence makes the heart fonder. Once you stay together too long, you will soon tire of each other and your marriage may hit the rocks sooner than you think. So this BTO scheme also lets you test how much your spouse loves you and if the feeling is not what you expect, put in place Plan B for your exit strategy.


Anonymous said...

Tyranny of power at its best.

agongkia said...

Of course its anti family.To me,BTO only make young couples stay away from their parent upon marriage which is not a good sign .As years goes by we will see more and more lonely people without children caring,die in their flat ,turn into skeleton also no one know.Why are we encouraging children to stay away from family and
How can young couple stay together before ceremonial marriage?If waiting time for BTO is the cause for a couple to seperate,its a blessing in disguise.
BTO should be for those poor people like me who want to downgrade.hehe

Anonymous said...


whatever plan and scheme, they are usually beyond the comprehension of the peasants, but think deeper about scheme.