The attack on the World's financial system has begun

The Americans have launched the biggest and most vicious attack to the world's financial system with special focus on Asian countries. An endless flow of funds are pumped into Asia, superficially as investment, but with the potential of destroying all the Asian economies if they are not careful. Cheap hot money in abundance does not come in with no strings attached. The worst part is that they are managed by funds that can bring down the financial system of any country. It is no simple innocent investment. It is a concerted assault on the Asian economy and financial system. Asian countries must take immediate actions to curb and restrict how these funds are to be used or invested. The stock market, currency market and housing market are the most vulnerable as they are liquid and allow the funds to come in and out quickly, leaving behind destructions and death. Asia beware! If they are stupid they will be ruined. No bullets need to be fired but the damage could be worst than military warfare.


Anonymous said...

That was fast. Obama just came to deliver some ego boosting pep talks to the dumb wide-eyed Asians, and even before he returns home, BRA is already launching a tsunami of printed money to destablise the region.

Or should I say 'counterfeit' money backed by thin air, the kind that would be deemed illegal if printed by anyone else other than the Fed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You can imagine if any Asian country will to print this kind of money? All the American and European funds will rush in to kill the currency citing an imbalance market.

Why aren't the funds attacking the American market when there are obvious flaws and weaknesses arising from the printing of worthless money?

No they would not attack America but waiting to attack Asian countries to do their damage.

Matilah_Singapura said...

-- Attempt #???. My posts keep getting deleted --


Who ask stupid Asian central banks to buy banana dollars?

Greedy fuckers. USD is shit. Don't accept them.. If every country united on this and refused to accept any USD's and stopped buying Treasury "securities" (if there ever was a wrong meaning for a word...). Asian central bankers have to stop their "drug addiction" of piggy-backing their own currencies upon US shit.

Even "sterilization" has consequences: you are fucking with the banking sector with debt (bonds). How many fucking bonds do you want to sell before the shit hits the fan?? Dumbfuck Asians!

Stupid Asian bankers can't help but get their greedy pig snouts into cheap, low interest pieces of toilet paper from the world's biggest financial cheater

Fuck Geitner lah. And Bernanke. The same situation will ensue if the ballsless Asians don't step up and DEFY the USA. They are doing the same thing: inflation is an invisible tax -- the govt "steals" your purchasing power by printing money and creating credit, and spending the "new money" FIRST before it has time to wipe out the purchasing power of the "suckers downstream" by causing price to skyrocket.

But the stupid Asians love the "delusion" of loose money: high and rising real estate prices, high and rising stock prices -- everyone is running around thinking they are "rich", but kopi-oh price at the village kopi tiam will be $2 before you know it.

Stupid Asian govts also love to bullshit everyone that the capital inflows can be used to build their fucking precious "infrastructure".


Anonymous said...

Stoopid fucking Asians should be using their lands for crops and aquacultures instead of pouring concretes on them.
Those financial and commercial buildings produce lots of crooks and vain people and nothing to fill the stomach or quench the thirst except the thirst of the greedy.
Those printed notes(currencies) are worthless when they turn into rotting bananas.
Printed papers and infrastructures making the world crazy and in haywire.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, something along the lines of taking everybody down with them.

God help us!

IMAGOD said...

You called?