Another clean sweep for PAP

The next GE is looking like another walkover. The economy has hit an all time high which means everyone is going to get a big big angpow soon. Full employment, property prices making all the property owners smiling everyday. And another slate of the best talents have been chosen and ready to hit the election road. No more problems. Mas Selamat safely back in the cell. Loan sharks and little gangsters on the run. The Chinese used to say, 'tian xia tai ping' or all peace under heaven. The two IRs are bringing in more tourists here while world best investments are also flowing in, including a lot of hot money. It is a shame if Singaporeans miss this great opportunity to make a bundle for themselves. It is truly a golden year.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I hate to say it, but with all their faults, legalised corruption, nepotism, elitist attitude, and unbridled contempt for dissent, influence over the media, the police and the judiciary -- the PAP look like the "least worse" from a bunch of "other" political parties.

The "other" parties have mostly untenable policies: minimum wage, jobs for Singaporeans, HDB price controls, removal of ISA, repeal capital punishment etc. (the last 2 items are items of law and thus a case can be made for their removal. However I doubt S'poreans will go for it).

The untenable policies deal mainly with trying to rewrite natural economic law, and neglects "unintended consequences" -- which in the case of fragile Singapore means certain economic impoverishment in the medium to long-term.

There is no such thing as good government.

ALL government is "evil".

Your best compromise politically is the government which is least bad, and the one which allows you to make money for yourself. i.e. "your life, your business". (famous PAP saying).

However I doubt redbean's prediction of a "clean sweep". There is alot of anger and blame-mongering in the community. Most of the arguments are fallacious, but there are many disgruntled S'poreans who are going to vote against the PAP.

Voting is emotional, seldom rational, and hence the people get the government they deserve.

Anonymous said...

next,you will hear someone declare "the golden age" again

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Declaring" and "actualizing" are not the same. Any fool with functioning vocal chords can "declare" anything.

Although my prediction is eventual Matilah Singapura, I would like s'pore to improve its standing as "My Favourite Hotel" so I can enjoy it whilst I'm still alive.

On some days I'm even willing to give up my ideals of personal freedom and "give in" to the notion:

"So what if the PAP kicks a few heads and sacrifices people now and then, at least My Hotel is intact and I can still have a good time. As long as I have my freedom, I'm ok. fuck everybody else. As the PAP says: Your life, your business i.e. 'you die your pasal!'"

It would be "nice" if you had the perfect political party: civil liberties, freedom of expression and good at the economics, low taxes.

Unfortunately in the real world, you deal with human nature. No one is "all good" or "all bad" and politics is a human activity and is at best, a compromise, at its worst it is warfare or violent revolution. So better the "compromise" for peace and prosperity. i.e. the "safe bet" it the guy who's the "least bad" -- in the case of the PAP -- at least they get the economics about 80% "right".

In ' Republic' Plato had the idea of a 'benign dictator' as the ideal ruler. Singapore could well be a one-data-point "confirmation" of Plato's hypothesis.

You can't deny it; however you swing politically or economically -- over the last 4 or 5 decades, the Singapore success story has been spectacular. And I am so glad it is a Hotel to me :-)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like someone who said many years ago that the chikus are ripe for picking.

Anonymous said...

It will be a clean sweep alright.

All the complaints about housing, medical care, cost of living etc will be swept under the carpet.

And we live happily together again. I mean the rulers and the ruled.