40 gangsters arrested in new swoop

The men in blue has swung into action and netted another 40 gangsters following the public outcry for action. Given the right order, they can really do a good job. But 40 is too small a number to cheer about. There could be another 400 or 4000 on the loose. What else can the men in blue do to make sure that their message gets through and those still out of the net know that it is time to behave and not to create more trouble for good? I think the best thing to do is to pull in another few hundred and throw them into an uninhabited island to fend for themselves. And everyday just provide enough food for half of them. After 3 months the survival, if there is any, can then be received for an indefinite stay in the freehold bungalow estate in Changi. The thing is that while the men in blue are working overtime to bring in more of the gangsters, the latter may be planning more strikes to prove that they are indefeatable. We will have to wait and see. If the story of the loan sharks is anything to go by, you can bet that the next series of attacks could be worse.


Anonymous said...

Those with insider informations please share some with us here.
PARDON ME IF I AM DEEMED TOO PRESUMPTIOUS. It could be my imagination that many policemen are working overtime now and could be very stressed. Will this leads to resignations to an already lean force? Very possible.
Are there enough enforcement officers to deal with the problem? Are there sufficient courtrooms to deal with the charges. Are there spaces in rehab and retention centres and what about manpower to run these institutions?
Wow, I dare not imagine if all the triads suddenly find that this is the right time for them to be more active as the authority maybe shorthanded. 'The most risky place could be the safest, some say'. Could the busiest time for the authority be the best time for the triads to take advantage of ? Have You seen how kids play polis and thief game ? 'Come come and catch me' those who play thieves always taunt the lone (acting as)polis.
Ladies and gentlemen
wat say You ?

Matilah_Singapura said...

More hysteria on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

The biggest gangster is the state. Small time hoods are easily and quickly mopped up, given the will of the police.

But the state keeping on going. The gang doesn't even allow itself to be criticised.

How's your free speech, Singapore? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they are not underestimating the problem.

Many things have happened due to lack of serious thought in the initial stages and we get caught.

Housing shortages, floods in unlikely places, people escaping from detention centre, criminals walking across the causeway are all things due to lax attention or being too over-confident, because we sometimes overestimate our capabilities without being severely tested.

I hope we are not getting overly infactuated with all the No. 1 rankings in this and that which will lure us into a false sense of security. This will bring us down one day.

Jolly said...

With big thugs creating international news, no wonder local small gangsters thugs are also making headlines.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Jolly, Welcome to the blog.

Indeed gangsterism is getting more exciting and entrenched.

Wally Buffet said...

40 arrested island wide and not 400 or 4000? The explanation is simple. I conjecture that these 40 are the remnant criminals of the two incidents at Downtown East and Bukit Panjang. Those in custody ratted on them and now they are ensnared in the mopping up process.

Good for our law enforcers. But this should not, by any stretch of the imagination be the end of the story. To make Singapore safe for our children and their children, we must sustain the cleansing process because like I always say, cancer cannot be cured. We are only in remission. We need to constantly be on our guard to try to contain this scourge.

A lawyer in a Chinese TV programme commented that as he was returning home one night recently, just a little after 12 midnight, he saw a gang of youths making a nuisance of themselves. The police came and instead of these youths running away, they engaged in an argument with the unusually polite policemen on why they should be left alone to enjoy themselves. This lawyer expressed surprise that in the old days, such youths would disperse immediately upon seeing the police. But nowadays, not anymore.

I personally feel that being too soft on criminals may score PR brownie points but you breed defiance and lawlessness. There is no longer any respect for the law or its custodians.

Crime and punishment is not so much about rehabilitation but more about retribution. These criminals have to understand that once you're caught, the stint you spend in jail is no holiday in a seaside resort. Fear is a rehabilitative tool.

Let's make that plain and simple to criminals instead of once again pussy footing with them by advocating the soft approach.

It won't work. Never did work, otherwise they would not have the need to rebuild the Changi Resort to accomodate more criminals.

Anonymous said...

If 40 are arrested due to their connection with the two incidents, then you can be sure that that is only the tip of the iceberg, not the iceberg itself that they seem to be telling the public.

And trying to differentiate present day gangsters with olden day gangsters serves no useful purpose. A gangster is a gangster whether old or new. Any gangster is a menace to society, whether they extort, run gambling dens, operate loan sharking activities or do none of the above but are just out to create disturbances that threaten the lives of others.

Anonymous said...

It seemed the Sunday Times has painted present day teen gangs as a bunch of harmless bravado kids though it also appeared that it is awared that some adults, some die-hard older triad members are active and recruiting.
There was no mention of any link of these young gangsters to any illegal activities. These light reportings as published is giving the public an impression that triad activities are not that bad as they appeared to be.
Such shallow reporting is not going to do any good to the society.
As noted by many, the gangsters are very defiant and they challenged the authority by openly supporting their members.
And are places of leisure such as chalets, holiday bungalows, casinos, clubs and hotels being use for triad activities ?