25 arrested by Police

Police took tough actions to tackle the spate of gangland violence with 25 men arrested yesterday. 6 were in connection with the Bukit Panjang attacks and 19 were supporters of another suspect facing charges for the killing of Darren Ng in Downtown East. How many more need to be put behind bars before some sanity can return to the ground? At the moment youth counsellors are suggesting that children play in safer areas like youth centres instead of basket courts in HDB estate. Now, isn't this alarming, when HDB parks and recreation areas are now considered not too safe? And the charges in court also revealed that these mobsters are part of the loan shark army and have been harrassing the debtors with paints probably burning of cars too. Putting one and one together, the problem is much bigger and more serious than we think. Loan sharks and gangsters are now a team. So what? The days are getting darker again if darkness is not removed and allowed to proliferate. Be nicer to loan sharks and mobsters?


Wally Buffet said...

I slapped myself hoping to awaken from a dream again while reading the news that 19 hoods were arrested outside the halls of justice when one further gang member was charged with the murder of one Darren Ng whose death, according to the papers was gang related.

Gosh, at the rate I am slapping myself, I might just have to check into the IMH for some shock therapy to awaken from the nightmarish dreams!

This is really unbelievable! The brazenness of these local hoods to turn up in court to lend support to one of their ilk was unheard of even in the dark days of triad infested Sinkapoore. Something must be done and done fast about this state of affairs.

Sinkapoore attracts young people from much of Asia as students because their parents sees the place as a safe haven for their sons or daughters to pursue an education. At the rate things are deteriorating, we may not be an educational hub anymore but a hub for hoodlums and loansharks.

Yup, we now know that loansharking harassments are supported and perpetuated by these thugs.

What are we going to do about it?

It is one thing to pronounce stiff punishment "according to the law" to these scums disregarding their ages. Quite another to actually see the day that these troublemakers are locked away for good under the Criminal Law (temporary provisions) Act for good.

So just do it!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think the majority of the citizens are behind the govt to take tough and immediate actions to deal with this menace. Failing to do so will be an injustice to the people and the faith they have for the govt.

The govt must know that they have the people's support in this matter and quickly do something before more people are hurt.

Anonymous said...

The ways the youngsters treated members of the press and giving supports in the Court is symptomatic of defiance as well as nil respect for authority.

Me am afraid that that a large portion of the populace and especially the youngs have found that the Rulers are not worth respecting. In fact, as reflected in the new media(internet), they not only disrespect the leaders and authority, one can literally feel the angst, displeasure and even bitter animosity.

Well, the Leaders have shown themselves incapable of earning respects, on the contrary, they have incurred the wraths and loathes of the citizens. They got to ask themselves NOW, what they had been doing all these years to get all the disrespects and curses.


Wally Buffet said...

I was slapping myself to awake from a dream early this morning when I read the news that 19 dimwits turned up in court to lend support to their comrade being charged with murder.

Now, I am scratching my head. Wow! I thought to myself. They literally ran into the loving arms of the law while displaying stupid bravado. Now, the SPF don't have to do any leg work to hunt them down. They actually, can you believe it, surrendered themselves of all places, at the sub courts! How dumb can you get? In the bad old days, the perps would have dispersed far and wide and the favourite places were some ulu small town up North. Now, they actually turned up to be caught? WTF, these scumbags are really getting dumber by the minute. Blame it on the quality of learning in school these days!

And on page 2 of the Home section of the Straights Times today, we have all the "experts" giving their opinion as to what might have caused the rampage at Bukit Panjang.

Fuck me, we caught six of them didn't we? I ain't no expert but give me half an hour "interviewing" each of them separately and I guarantee I will have the answers, signed sealed and delivered.

Those "experts" would be better off doing what they do best instead of talking cock!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Same feeling exactly.

Anonymous said...

>>Those "experts" would be better off doing what they do best instead of talking cock!

Reminds me of those terrorism "experts"

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think -- ex-spurts notwithstanding -- the SPF have done a fine job.

The Ministries of Home Affairs and Law need to do some soul-searching here: their offices have been corrupted by doing political hatchet jobs like busting loud-mouth opposition members, arresting annoying expatriate S'pore lawyers, and sentencing eccentric British senior citizen writers, catching middle-age homos sucking each other off in public toilets -- all these waste of resources and good training on harmless nonsense.

Whilst they are conducting themselves as hunting hounds for the PAP, the really violent criminals are having a field day... and why not?

SPF and Judiciary -- you are sliding down the slippery slope of becoming nothing more than political assassins and that does not serve the public interest. Better change now, and return to upholding the OBJECTIVE law i.e. protecting the citizens' lives, property and security.

Wally Buffet said...

Well said.

Hitting the wrong targets makes us poor law abiding citizens, collateral damage that can be prevented.

All it needs is what we "experts" call "shooting straight".

Wally Buffet said...

By the way guys, I lost $20/- on the 4D with the number 3697.

Fock them. What arselu ck. Can't even influence the spinning wheel with the balls and here they have the temerity to run riot. I am just asking for four focking correct numbers ( 1 in 10,000 of a first prize) not the friggin' toto man ( 1 in 8,000,000 of a first prize winning ticket).

There is obviously someone up there more powerful than this club of "juvenile deliquent" cowboys.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah. The govt - S'pore Pools -- got your $20?

Think of it as a "patriotic contribution" to your country!

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir and the Malaysian Police must be following this interesting development in red dot.

Wonder what they are thinking now. Beats me!

I guess Mahathir must also have been slapping himself several times these few days.