Yes we need help...No we don't

Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said the haze is an international problem and Indonesia cannot do it alone to control it. No thanks, we can handle it ourselves, said Gusti Muhammed Hatta, the State Minister for Environment, when Yaacob Ibrahim called to offer help. Do they want help or not? Oh, this is the first time that they had such a big fire and big haze? My eyeballs are rolling all over. Maybe Marty has been staying overseas for too long and just returned to Indonesia. Maybe next he is going to say is that this haze is a once in 50 years occurrence, no need to worry. Given the severity of the situation and the health of Malaysians and Singaporeans are at stake, this cannot continue to go on and on every year. We have been suffering from this, and so do the Indonesians themselves. A solution could have been in hand after so many long nights dreaming over it. Both Malaysia and Singapore will be most willing to help, to contribute to prevent this international pollution of the air. Forget about second hand smoke from tobacco. This is far more serious and widespread. And no, Malaysia and Singapore will not give any aid in the form of money or a free satellite. What could be possible is a joint task force of fire fighters and equipment, stationed in various parts of Sumatra to be on call to put out the fires. This will be attacking the problem directly, putting the fire out, nothing more nothing less, with the Indonesians in charge and Malaysia and Singapore providing the manpower and resources. Boleh Pak? Cukup Pak?


Wally Buffet said...

Firstly, why are we calling them "Pak" which I understand to be a term like "Father"?

These fires and the resultant smoke pollution are started by plantation owners, loggers and small time land owners clearing their land for replanting. Why can't the Indonesians outlaw this practice, making it a crime as punishable as causing grievous hurt because basically that's what it is. Those criminals utilize this method because it saves money.

What's all this talk about global warming and saving mother Earth when they are happily undoing what the rest of the world are trying to do.

The Americans should take a lead in this and tell these rogues to stop doing such despicable acts to pollute the environment or economic sanctions will be applied to them. This is such a time when I want the US to assume a leadership role in this part of the world and I will sell them the idea that this pollution will ultimately reach their shores and endanger their citizens as well.

I think this will do the trick and we will hear no more of the "hand in hand" "transnational problem" bullshit.

Sorry guys, I ain't breathing so good nowadays and my libido has taken a dive and no amount of Tongkat Ali can command the little rocket to point upwards for blast off!


Matilah_Singapura said...

Those (usually left-leaning) folks who disagree with me and then rebuke me whenever I claim "The people get the govt they deserve" should take note.

Look at the wimpy responses from lying motherfuckers all trying to pass the buck, deny responsibility, and "act out" (fake fake fake) "helplessness".

They're like that -- because The People are docile and unengaged.

Imagine a different dynamic if the (collective) attitude of the population was that of OUTRAGE, justice-seeking and even hostile.

C'mon people, wake the fuck up -- or do you think it is "alright" for your kids and elderly parents to be choking.

As to the politicians:

Isep kontol mamamu, tukang ngentot. Kongkek pantat anjing lu!

Anonymous said...

Before the big foreign investors, Indonesians were burning, but on a much smaller scale. There was no haze to affect the neighbouring countries.
The Indonesian Authority should deal with their foreign investors to solve the haze problems.
There must be some American and European Food and chemical(detergent, cosmetic etc) Companies involved. They maybe interested in saving cost and as they are far and unaffected, they are likely to provide great lip services, diplomatic niceties and politikings.
Of course, investors themselves are likely using money politics themselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.04 pm has a valid point. Haze was never an issue during the last couple of decades, until recently.

So, are big foreign investors to blame? Maybe, like the American Financial Institutins, they are too big to touch. Maybe too much fragrant grease has been applied to the one calling the shots, so no action can be taken.

What can Malaysia or Singapore do? Nothing much. Biggest brother bully all smaller brothers.

agongkia said...

Just bear with it.There is indeed a lesson to learn from here.,if you look deeper.
Keep complaining and the situation could be worst.
This is sensitive issue and I dun want go further.
If you think you are capable,go built many giant fans.When the wind blow towards your direction,use those giant fans to blow it elsewhere.Can or not?
Sorry,if I appear pffensive.

Anonymous said...

No complaint from Bintan, Batam and the other Indonesian Riau Islands, are they not affected ? If they do, why are they not protesting. Or are they immuned from the problems(breathing difficulty, nauseous, poor visibility etc) like they are less prone to Dengue though there are much more mosquitoes in their lands ?
From the incident, it seems that there could be very effective weapon of mass destruction that's not cover by any international regulation or agreement. Reading Agongkia's Comment may make readers fear for their lives and safeties. Could it be that dire ?