When workers raid the treasury

How could that be when they are still begging for some kind of minimum wage for their labour? And they are fighting only for another $30 or $50 more, not like asking for thousands or millions more. The workers that are raiding the treasury are those at the top of the heap. Whether they call themselves presidents, MDs, CEOs or whatever, they are workers, employees, employed to do a job. The owners of the property or organisation are the minority shareholders, who are lost, disunited, and did not know their rights. And the expensive workers at the top took over the organisations and began to pay themselves crazy without the owners consent, but by default. That is when the workers start to raid the treasury. It is happening everywhere, from small to big companies. When this takes place, it is a matter of time when the greedy workers break the bank and let it go bust. It happened in America and Europe, during the financial crisis. It is back to square one when the workers are back to do what they know best, for their own interest, by raiding the treasury. Until the minority shareholders wake up and exercise their rights as shareholders, to stop the raiding, the raid will continue. The raiders will usurp the power granted to them with the silent consent of the powerless shareholders and manage the treasury as their own personal coffers. And they will tell the workers at the bottom of the heap to take whatever there is left and not to ask for a cent more.


Anonymous said...

Hi, whether they are employees or workers, they have the talents to raid the treasury mah. It goes to show tat they were better than their talented bosses and employers. Good to have these kind of calibres, maybe a blessing even.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah redbean, you have identified a sleeping giant of a problem: because of their sheer numbers, what would happen if the foreign workers organised into powerful labour unions -- hah. Big fat fucking trouble for the cheap-cheap (others) but expensive (themselves) govt idiots.

These folks are incredibly powerful because they're part of the UN.

All the foreigners have to do is organise and approach the ILO for "help". Being part of the wannabe global govt, like any govt, they can't wait to "help" those in need.

My own take: I hope the foreigners organise.

Just like "the people get the govt they deserve", "the bosses get the union they deserve".


Anonymous said...

When foreigners, who became citizens, are through with singing their hymns of praise for the rulers in red dot, and tasted the same bitter pills swallowed by the locals, when the Government's lovey dovey infactuation with them is over, then we can have a real show on our hands.

I can't wait to see Singapore Citizens of Taiwanese, South Korean, Chinese of Hong Kong and Mainland China origins taking part in our Parliamentary debates as MPs, and giving new 'life' to our toothless and compliant trade union movement for a start.

Anonymous said...

I have given this prediction at the height of the issue some months ago.

It will not only be in parliament that the new citizens will be flexing their muscles, it would be across the board in every sphere that they are found. Watch for it.

To think that the PAP is going out of its way to make MPs out of some of them in the coming GE. Like introducing the fox into the chicken run. Like planting the seed of its own undoing. Yes, the foreigners may yet do us born and bred a 'favour'.

I foresee a great upheaval in the years to come as the critical mass of new citizens find their places here. Thanks to govt help.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The workers I am referring to are not the real poor workers but the usurpers at the top of the pecking order. No, they don't call themselves workers but top management, CEOS and Presidents.

I agree with anon that the original Singaporeans would be screwed by the new citizens if they don't stand up to defend their rights now. Fuck the politicians who are bringing in the foreigners in plane loads to fuck the Singaporeans.

Matilah_Singapura said...

My support for "open borders" means total voluntary action on employer/ employee.

However if what you say is true:

> Fuck the politicians who are bringing in the foreigners in plane loads <

That the state is actually, actively BRINGING IN foreign labour, then that does not concorde with my support for "open borders" because there is nothing "voluntary" about the actions of the state.

Can you provide evidence to back up your claim?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Our population almost doubled in the last 10 years. But I must apologise for making a false claim. The foreigners came by their own free will.

Our govt did not do anything to facilitate their presence. In fact they are doing the reverse. They are clamping down on the immigration policies.