What a pity, No Liverpool

Peter Lim's serious and business approach to acquire Liverpool Football Club failed. They did not want his money even when he was willing to pay 60 million pounds more than the successful contender. So, was it a business decision or political decision? Was there more that we do not know? There is no corruption in fine English gentlemen. So what went wrong? Never mind. But it is a pity that he failed in his bid. Otherwise we will become famous as a football nation. Not they we can kick football, but owning a champion English football club will do the trick. Our football fans would have the chance to cheer themselves crazy every time Liverpool plays. We will fly Liverpool flags everywhere, sing Liverpool's anthem and wear Liverpool colours. Just hope they did not get carried away and change our National flag and national anthem as well. They will be prouder to call themselves Liverpudlians than Singaporeans. Whatever, a football club in big debt cannot be a profitable business except for some bought fame. I think it is good riddance that Peter Lim did not get to buy it. Why throw good money after bad money or money for a bunch of hooligans? Some will disagree and feel that this is closest to our dream of being in the World Cup. The possibility of our Liverpool team playing as our national team can be arranged, with some money in the right place. Maybe someone else has a bigger dream to make this come true.


Anonymous said...

I know that some will disagree, but talking about losses, that cannot be avoided, when you are paying through the nose for salaries per week, that most of us cannot even smell in a year.

I think this is another dumb business where fans are made to pay for all the excesses, much like people in BRA (Banana Republic of America) now paying, and their children will also have to pay, for the excesses of crooked Wall Street financial wizards. To all insult to injury, these crooks are again paying themselves record bonuses after screwing up home buyers at home and investors all over the world.

Wally Buffet said...

If the deal would have gone through, the Ah Peks, Ah Mahs, Ah Ter, Ah Kow and my favourite fishmonger Ah Fa also has a pecuniary interest in the purchase.


Well, this ex remisier may need to borrow from a Bank to finance the purchase. Since the banks here are giving almost next to nothing interests to the poor sods, they are in actuality financing the purchase and the banks are raking in the profits.

The timing for the purchase however is good with the S$ having strengthened against the pound.

Good riddance that the adventure failed.

Now, lets get back to the humdrum life of making ends meet.

Again, I want to reiterate that it's stupid to watch 20 silly grown up men chasing after a stupid ball. Buying a club for that kind of money? Hehe, I rather buy a bank...........


Anonymous said...

The United States Of America is in decay and the stench is spreading. It will rot, this is no curse; it is reality before the eyes of the world.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Anonymous said...

the english football is a load of rubbish, some day, in the not distant future, it will just fade into oblivion, with a nary a care from anyone, except some misguided english diehards pining for the days when "britania rules the waves'. Like all sports in which the english used to excel, and which they do not count for anything in world or even regional standing now, football in england as in many other aspects of british society will go the way of lawn bowling - played by with all the idle time in life

Anonymous said...

I think it is a blessing in disguise for him knowing that Liverpool is on the decline. The last couple of seasons they have been languishing. All that money will eventually end up in the pockets of players, with the club going the way of Leeds United at one time.

Unless he has pocket as deep as the bosses of Chelsea and Manchester City.

Anonymous said...

Pity, no, it's a blessing. we should see the light.