What if it is Agent Orange?

The perennial blanket covering of Singapore and Malaysia by haze arising from forest burning is becoming an annual Great Expectation. We knew it is coming, and we know that there is nothing that we can do about it. We can ask to talk to them, call for conference, ministerial meetings, but the haze will still come. Perhaps we shall just yield to their demand for a multi million dollar satellite and see if they will stop burning. The chances are that the burning will continue as the satellite could do nothing except to tell them where the burning is taking place, which we already know. They will probably make the best use of the free satellite for other commercial pursuits. The thing is that everyone is treating this as just a nuisance. What if it is Agent Orange or something more toxic? They don't need an armed invasion or an army to decimate Malaysia and Singapore. It is so easy and cheap.


Wally Buffet said...

Can you imagine the stupidity of a central government saying that they can't do much because this hack and burn method of clearing the forest is the responsibility of the provincial government. WTF, they appear to be pushing the blame and stonewalling us and the shithole upcountry.

And there is this moron who admonished us for complaining and retorted that we should also be thankful for the oxygenation of the atmosphere from Indonesia's forests!

Fucking assholes. Can't even control some plantation workers from setting fire to the trees and that is a country we trust to nib the bud of terrorism in this part of the world?

Not need for agent orange to bump us off. Just raise the PSI to 500 and we will all die a smoky death and the foreign trash will exit Singapore immediately and bring our population back to the healthy 4 million.

Anonymous said...

Too much of an exaggeration la bros. They themselves are also in smog. If is agent orange, they will be in heaven before you.
You know?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I thought it was good news if population goes down to 4m. But my dreams of my flat going up to $1m will be blown away.

Agreed that it is a bit of an exaggeration. See what will happen if the haze is over Jakarta. The peripheral people are dispensable.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is stupid to say that they can't do much. But they are not first world country, remember.

Now, here at home, they are now talking about raising parts of Orchard Road by 30 cm to tackle the floods. Didn't the wise old man said that even with the best engineers in the world, they can't do anything about the floods? So, are the PUB engineers out to prove the old man wrong? This was the question asked by The New Temasek Review.

Anonymous said...

>>This was the question asked by The New Temasek Review.

i also asking myself...perhaps Yakault really worth his millions like that in the MyPaper "he walks the talk"?

Anonymous said...

The miracle of erection :)

Anonymous said...

My apologies.

The point about the PUB engineers out to prove the old man wrong, was in fact asked by TOC or The Online Citizen, another Opposition website.

My apologies to TOC for the error.

Anonymous said...

Impotence is not an issue, it's easily replaced by many artificial means and it's no shame too to admit. But whether Orchard Road or anywhere in Singapore is going to be flooded in future, it is not going to be decided by Yacob or anybody. Wait and see. Sometimes it is better to admit defeat.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Perhaps you'd get more govt "proactivity" if is was Agent Orange

This "be polite to the neighbour" is craven.

To those who claim: "It is the govt job to look after the people", well right here the people are being directly affected -- adversely, and the govt is "playing nice" with the FOREIGN aggressors, taxing the people;s taxes and doing ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL.

But wait: if you so happen to as a peaceful foreigner overstay your visa, or write a funny book about the judiciary WHACK you kena hantam. No citizen was harmed, the only thing that got bruised was govt ego.

Useless, overpaid motherfucking thugs!

Wally Buffet said...

Our FM called his counterpart after our EM did same but without any effect. In fact, the haze got worse as did the floods a short time ago. Let me tell you fellas, dealing with the weather ain't no stroll in the park. When there is a cabinet reshuffle, I think he will opt for something without contending with the natural elements.

The conversation must have been pretty civil and polite as politicians are wont to do.

Since I am no politician, I will call my counterpart in that shithole and ask in my most menacing Marlon Brando aka godfather fashion, "What the fuck is going on and when are you going to move your sorry arse and do something about it?"

Guys, you will see clearer skies in a day or two.


Wally Buffet said...

Let me tell you folks that this sorry haze episode is getting weirder by the minute.

There was this guy who said that the haze problem is a trans national problem and that countries in the region must work hand in hand to solve this kind of problem or challenge.

What the fuck! He just spoilt my appetite for the nice curry dinner my wife just cooked!

If my neighbour starts singing karaoke at 3 in the morning, should I "work hand in hand with him" or should I just call the police?


Anonymous said...

Pity those farm workers that were/are ordered to burn the old plantations and clear the forest for new plantations. They probably are ordered by their foreign investors to burn.
It can be said that much of the produces coming from the farmings end up on the shelves and tables of their good neighbours near their homeland.
They provide their foreign friends with oil, meat and vegetable and make all these items affordable to their foreign friends but in return get the flaks and wrath from those that benefitted from their toils which include burning the old plantations and creating new plots.
Indonesian and sometimes Malaysian farmers are exploited by foreign investors and cursed by the investors compatriots.
What irony!