War Dead Medal Tally

What I would like to see is for Asian media to maintain a War Dead Medal Tally similar to the Olympic or Commonwealth Medal Tally to be viewed by their audience daily during news presentation. In this case instead of Gold, Silver and Bronze, the count will be war dead by nationals, those killed in the ensuing wars in Asia. The Tally Board shall read for example, Iraqi 1200 Afghan 800 Pakistan 600 Palestinian 500 Israeli 100 American 300 English 150 German 30 French 20 Australian 10 Such a Tally Board not only serves the purpose of tracking the number of war dead, it also gives a clear picture of the people that have been sacrificed in the name of country and nation or as war collateral. It also helps to remind the politicians who support and promote the wars to know the number of lives they have killed. For the moment I think only the Americans and the Europeans are interested or care about the lives of their citizens killed in wars. The rest don’t matter. Or is it? I am sure the rest of the countries too value the lives of their citizens and those killed in wars, directly or indirectly. The statistics should not be difficult to obtain as every country involved will have their reporters reporting in the war zones. Not only that the media will be doing its duty to report and tell the pain and sufferings of wars, it will also remind people that as long as wars are not stopped, people are being killed daily. By not reporting them, by not knowing the numbers, no one feels guilty, no one can relate the horrors and grief of the victims of wars. I really hope some Asian media will take up this proposal as the Western media do not think it as their responsibility to do so, nor would they want to tell the evil side of the story of wars started by their trigger happy Presidents/Prime Ministers. Al Jazeeera and Channel News Asia are suitable candidates to take on this task to educate the people on wars, and indirectly to stop proliferating wars. Countries waging wars should also know that the world is watching at their evil and wicked deeds. It is a duty to humanity to tell the story of wars and war dead to keep people from thinking that war is only a movie.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> It also helps to remind the politicians who support and promote the wars to know the number of lives they have killed. <

You'll only encourage the bastards, not make them feel guilty or regret their actions.

For e.g. If you "reminded" the likes of Stalin that he killed 40 or so million, he would think he will have to "increase the numbers" as a sort of "sales target".

A war dead tally also emboldens the military-industrial complex to increase their "production" and "standards".

War is the world's foremost spectator sport. Let's face it -- we are all on some level highly entertained by the fact other humans are being decimated in the most creative and awesome ways.

I am fascinated by war -- I realise why it is the main source of inspiration for hollywood and the MSM .

CNN made its owner Ted Turner richer thru its coverage of Iraq I perpetrated by Bush Ver1.0.

Jane Fonda became a Christian and stopped fucking old horny Ted, and so he had to get-off on something else...let's see...oh yes...VIOLENCE is always a good, stimulating and engaging substitute for sex.

And so Ted Turner became the biggest war profiteer of them all -- without firing a shot.

Wally Buffet said...

I think it may be better for the tally to show the number of dead killed by the warring parties. For example, the Japanese killed 10 million Asians and the Germans 8 million. So we have:

Japan scored 10 million
Germany scored 8 million.

This way, we can see who is the number one terminator of all time in human history.

Just wondering who holds the world record now?

Adulation or admonishment for the champion? Don't matter.

Let the games begin!

I like gladiator sports.

Football should be modified to include martial arts. Doesn't matter how you get the friggin' ball into the net. Just get it in............within the time alloted and within the football field.


Anonymous said...

'Au ni toh foot'- Only to the Good,
remember thou shall not kill,
thou shall not steal.

Man(kinds) are made by gods, so they say

Ma Na Ra Tha !

Anonymous said...

The Germans admitted atrocities, the Japanese refused to even acknowledge.

When it comes to a tally board, I am sure some Governments will ban reporters from the killing zone, once casualties are too numerous to stomach. Try doing it in North Korea or Myanmar.

Even without a war, Governments will ban reporters and civilians from sites deemed too sensitive for public knowledge. An example can be found in the recent Gulf Oil leak, where millions of tons of chemicals were sprayed and which killed most marine lifeforms and made humans sick. Access to the area was prohibited.

So, a tally board is just a tally board. You do not know whether such a tally board is giving the actual figures or figures that have been massaged. It is still subject to human imput. And human imput itself is always dependent on a lot of factors.