The hysterics were unbecoming. Who would expect the Australians to behave like third world countries and kpkb just because some entrepreneurs saw a good opportunity to raise their bets in the merger of the two stock exchanges? The Australians are behaving and jumping around like some of our neighbours, rearing the ugly xenophobic face of little townfolks. Can any of the politicians see any good in the merger? The benefits that can spew out of this venture are tremendous for both sides. For Singapore it is obvious. We can break out from the constraints of a little dot with Australia as our hinterland. We can proceed from here towards a greater economic and social integration, a kind of United States of Australia and Singapore. Of course, political integration is something that we shouldn't talk about at the moment. This will release a lot of pressure from our system, particularly the constraints of land, which is self inflicted in the first place. More Singaporeans can move on to the big island and relieve the pressure in the property bubble. Provided the thick heads did not stuff in more foreigners here to replace them and everything back to normal. Our dependent on food supply will be solved with the agricultural products from Oz. The advantages are enormous and can fill the pages of a library. Same for Australia. We will help Australia to effectively plug itself into Asia, as a member or extended member of Asean. The dynamism of this little dynamo can be infectious, and together with the liquidity here, it will be boom town Charlie for Australia. Growth will be everywhere, in all sectors. The Aussies can continue with their laidback lifestyle and enjoy the boom while the Sinkies will do the donkey work for them in developing this big island. Win win huh. The USAS is still the longer term goal and not far fetch. Australia, New Zealand and Singapore have been cooperating for 40 years in the 5 Nation Defence Pact. We have a similar history and colonial system, and colonial mentality. I think Singaporeans would welcome the chance to sing God Save the Queen once more. And Peter Lim can buy Liverpool and be welcomed as one of time. In fact we can buy up all the British football Clubs as well, once we become a part of Australia. Then we can bring the English Premier League to play in the Golden Triangle of Singapore, England and Australia. The possibilities are unimaginable, starting from just this humble begining of a ASX-SGX merger. Think about it mate.


Anonymous said...

When aliens come to work and settle in Singapore, they are called trash, whore and criminal. When the rich bring their wealth, they are said to park their loots here for safe-keeping and caused everything here to cost more.
Now, Mr Bean wants others to allow and accept Singaporeans into their folds.
The funniest thing thing is that Mr Bean is suggesting faraway lands like Oz and Newzy own by whites as hinterlands. Why not suggest that Malaysia or Indonesia which are nearer and very much Asian in cultures?
You want to choose and select your choice? You have your self-claimed qualities, do they impress others. Are your qualities suitable for stronger and more endowed nations.
Do You know how others perceive Singaporeans?
No matter how great You want to claim to be, the fact is You are a minnow.
True, You have money. BUT, they have goods, lands, foods, all kinds of resources and happy lifestyles. You want to come and share?
What good is your money if others refuse to sell huh ?

Wally Buffet said...

Mr. Bean, anon has a point there leh.

The fact, though unpalatable, is that the CONTINENT of OZ don't really need us or our money. The Chinese are beating their doors down with sack loads of cash to invest in that gold mine down under.

Right from the start, this pipe dream merger was a no starter because there are some very unhappy law makers there who are not too enamoured with how we run things here. With their abundant resources and size, they don't understand why we do things the way we do. Truth is, they can afford to slack, we can't.

If we are so flabbergasted with the flood of foreign trash, so are they and in certain cities, unlike here, they make their displeasure known in no uncertain ways.

We sold certain household companies away, mainly to the PRC with hardly a whimper. That is not the Aussie way of going about it mate.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am more worried about sleeping in the same bed with chest thumping tribal chiefs than the racists in Oz. At least the latter are more predictable. They only need to reclassify Singaporeans as honorary whites and we are in. It is easier for them to accept us than the Chinese.

Tell them to follow the precedents of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee logic of paying forward. They awarded Obama on the ground that he will bring peace in the future. They awarded Liu Xiaobo because China announced a 11 year sentence that he will be serving.

We can tell the Australians that int he future we can have a regime change and we can be more like them. Anytime I prefer Oz than our tropical jungles.

Anonymous said...

We should second our talented elites to beyond the world countries to make them better. First, make them world class 4 and slowly towards first world. Our Sin Talents can do wonders.

If we need to or want to share others wealths and resources, choose Switzerland, Belgium, and Denmark which Sinkapooreans salivate at and wanted to copy for decades but, failed.

Sin is not drowning and has to envy others assets, right? In fact, if only more millionaires and billionaires are attracted, Sin will be richer everyday.


Minister Lim Boon Heng knows the answer, I think.

Anonymous said...

Ya Hor, how can like that!
Just becos I am young and beautiful, You want to be with me.
If I am old and poor will You give affection and money?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is one thing I can't figure out. We have the most millionaires or half millionaires in the world, per sq km. Perhaps half of our taxi drivers are millionaires or half millionaires.

Funny, many still feel poor, trying very hard to make ends meet, got to work till death, not enough savings.

Are we kidding? Mind you, the assets are real, at least in monetary terms. Then you ask why? How come?