Trivialising a mistake!

The same attitude emerging. So what if the swimmers did not compete in the finals of the men's 4x200m relay? They are not medal contenders anyway, and swimming in the final or not swimming in the final would not make any difference. Really, why are we sending athletes and swimmers to the game for? Participation, sportsmanship, learning, experience and exposure to an international meet is it not? And, shsssshh, why are we spending all the money to send our swimmers there if participation is not important when they are not going to win a medal? I want my money back. Please don't waste public money like that. And in the next international meet, please do not send any athletes when they do not stand a chance to win a medal.


Anonymous said...

Depends on who commits the mistake.

If it is people in favour, yeah they just brush aside the mistake and tell you to move on. No accountability needed.

If it is people not in favour, God help them if they make a mistake. And like Eric Low attempting to accuse and discredit Low Thia Khiang for using town council money to buy condolence blankets for presenting to those whose family members passed away. Fortunately Low Thia Khiang used his own personal money and not the town council's, otherwise, you can guess the consequences. Dr. Chee got the big stick when he used some postage stamps for his own personal mail.

As for wasting public money, I see it all around me, everywhere and every day. A perfectly nice and clean food centre, just upgraded short time ago, was torn down again to be rebuilt. Gardens converted to car parks and not long later converted back to garden. What the hell is happening and what is wrong with the people running the town councils?

Anonymous said...

Dont be cynical, the cycles of demolitions and buildings were to create businesses for contractors and provide jobs for the workers. In every of it's cycle, there was profits jobs and businesses for the construction material suppliers and retailers. Can you see the positive sides of things ? As to what consequence befalls on those committing mistakes, well if you're one in the family, you shall be treated as a family member, isn't it kinsmanship ? Blood thicker than water mah ! Why must everyone be treated cold-bloodedly ?

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why the unemployment rate is so low!

Anonymous said...

Jobs for foreigners, courtesy of Town Councils, paid by HDB dwellers.

Great country.