The third scenario

I have posted two possibilities of how the govt could be like after the next GE. The first is to increase the number of MPs to 100, plus more ministries and ministers, to keep pace with the changes and developments of the island. If this path is taken, we will have a bloated govt and the people will have to sacrifice another 3 plates of char kway teow to feed them. The next option is a lean and young govt, cutting away all the fats and waste. Then the people may be able to save on a plate of char kway teow and still having a govt to run the place. The third option which is highly likely is that there will be hardly any changes except for the inevitables and cosmetics. For sure LKY will not be in the next govt. So Chok Tong may be elevated to the revered title of Minister Mentor. Hsien Loong may want to move up to become SM and Chee Hean the next PM. The rest of the changes would be the normal self renewal with some oldies stepping down, and some with serious medical conditions may as well call it a day before it is too late. With the third option, basically nothing changes.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am sure LKY will not be in the next Govt, but he will still pull the strings from the grave.

Didn't he tell us that he will rise from the grave if anything goes wrong? I am honestly reading between the lines.

Anonymous said...

There is AT LEAST one more term for the Old Man.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nothing will change.

And overtime, it will get worse -- the govt will become corrupt, and the people will blame each other.

While the shit is going on, some smart fuckers among the rulers will make away with the goodies.

...and the people will continue bickering with each other as the entire country falls into a steaming pile of very smelly shit.

Anonymous said...

Just like good old USA now?

When is our turn? I know it will come. Only a question of time, seeing the young basically living on debt, even before they start earning their keeps.