A Sunday morning mood

I have not had a Sunday morning mood for a long time, the kind of feeling or sensation of doing nothing or just relaxing and smell the roses. Browsing through the Sunday Times this morning did that. It actually tells me to reframe my mindset into the less serious or more pleasant things, like food and food and how in the hands of genius chefs, simple stuff could be turned into something so appetising and mouth watering, even a sight to behold. There were plentiful of articles about food this morning. Or perhaps I shall reflect on the number of top notch gyms and their programmes or where they are located and how they could have such a great influence on the people’s lives. And there is the iphone and ipad to marvel at the wonder of technology and how to live my life around them. They make the best companion in a modern world, so nice to have, so nice to hold. Now I understand why so many people are hooked on to playing games or watching movies in the trains and buses. Maybe I shall take the train and go malls counting. It can be a delightful past time for an oldie that has nothing better to do. They can exercise the mental by trying to do some calculation on how many malls are necessary and efficient to serving the population. Oh, there is an interesting article that made me turn a little serious. It is about expert advice to the widows and widowers who are griefing over the loss of their life long partners. The recommendation points to the visit to a shrink, or a psychiatrist, or is it psychologist, to help them overcome the difficult period of grief. Other than trying to share their grief, ask them to cry it out, talk about it, go out and mix around, try a new lifestyle, even relocation, not to live in the same room, house or location, professional help is still the best answer. And another advice, don’t throw away the deceased personal belongings too quickly, they bear many memories for the surviving spouses. Good, now I know what to do to help the grieving spouses, especially the older ones. The older they are, the more help they needed. The Sunday Times can be very educational on a Sunday morning.

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Wally Buffet said...


I have this Sunday mood every day of the week. So don't need the Sunday Times to get me high on this mood.

Relac man. That's my motto.

So welcome to the club.You should write less serious stuff instead of being so serious. Hehe.

This Ipad is really a marvel. Now, I no longer want my laptop and my netbook. My granddaughter has taken control of them. Those "dinosaurs" are really behind time but for a child, it will serve its purpose. Now, I go everywhere with it, even to the jamban. The world at your fingertips, literally.

I too go mall hiking. It's the best man. In airconditioned comfort and there are the sexy bitches walking around to admire and salivate as well. Also to keep track of my investments in these malls so I know what kind of morons is being employed to run them. Something for me to raise my hand and give my two cents worth at the next AGM and give the Board a tough time so they earn their salaries not get them as of right.

This thingy about grieving over a spouse who has gone on a one way trip. Well, everyone has to go sometime so what's there to grieve? Your guess is as good as mine why they picked this Sunday to write those horseshit.

I am going fishing this evening. For the two legged variety that is!