The stages of decomposition

A forensic expert was relating this story to me on the stages of decomposition of the human body. A murderer could cut up a human body, packed it up nicely in a neat box, wrapped with gift wrappers to look like a present under a Christmas tree. The first stage of decomposition will be the stench of decay(ada ba woo). A little can be hidden by some fragrance spray. But it will only get stronger by the day and become unbearable. If the stench still did not get any attention, the next sign will be liquid oozing out of the box. This could be wiped away at the early stages but more will come out. Next little maggots will start to crawl out of the box, one at a time, and will get more and more. But don’t open the box. For inside will be a whole box of maggots. Though the gift wrappers may still look good, by this stage it is better to throw the whole box away. Beyond redemption! Oops, better burn it in the incinerator. The stench, the liquid, the maggots are all too unbearable to be left around. The stages of decomposition starts slowly be gain pace rapidly and will change whatever beyond recognition. Why am I writing about decomposition and decay? My apologies if it mess up your breakfast.


Wally Buffet said...

Whoa......I just vomited. You really did mess up my chai tau kway breakfast.

Mr. Bean, I get your point but can you please stick to the American bashing and the HDB flat prices smashing. Not great, as it is the same old refrain but definitely more palatable readings.



Matilah_Singapura said...

I am not so squeamish.

The human body contains about 2kg of bacteria, all ready to eat you up once the biological life processes stop.

The human body even whilst still living produces many noxious substances: gases, liquids and solids. When the body is sick, it gets even more interesting.

Have a look at a Body Farm We have them in Australia.

Decomposition and decay is nature's way of returning the elements which we're made of back to the universe. It may be a gross idea, but it is completely natural and scientific.

'cuse me, I have to get back to my dinner. Yum Yum. I'm eating the burnt flesh of a slaughtered animal.

Anonymous said...

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