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The prostitution of Nobel Peace Prize

This was once highly acclaimed as a respectable honour when bestowed on a recipient. The recipient in most cases reserved such a recognition without any dispute or controversy. The first misgiving concerning the award of the Nobel Prize was when it was presented to Barack Obama, a greenhorn president that had all words and no actions during his early days as President of the USA. Everyone was embarrassed. Obama too was embarassed. For what had he done to deserve such an honour? Or was the title President of the USA be good enough for such an honour? Probably because he is the first black President of the USA and thus deserved such an honour. Regardless of the reasonings, no thinking person will think that Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. And to rubbish the award further, he went on to increase troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and to continue fighting the wars instead of looking for peace. Many more lives were lost because of his decision to extend the wars. All the previous Nobel Peace Prize recipients must be turning in their graves. And those living must have felt how cheap the award has become. Nelson Mandela was jailed for political reasons for 27 years before he was deemed fit to receive the award. Just a few days back, a Chinese national by the name of Liu Xiaobo, was also given the same honour. He was jailed for only 4 years. Would political prisoners like Chia Thye Poh and Lim Hock Siew, who have both served terms as long as Mandela be more deserving of such an award? No, the Chinaman, with 4 years of jail was chosen, in a way to spite the Chinese authority and an attempt to pressure them, to meddle with their internal affairs. No doubt Liu Xiaobo has made great sacrifices for his cause. He has given up the good life to choose imprisonment instead. But he has become a convenient political pawn for the West to attack China. It is such a shame to the founder of the Nobel Peace Prize. An award to be respected and now being prostituted for political gains.


Anonymous said...

Wake up redbean. Everything in this world is perverted and no more on merit. I would say, the Nobel Peace Prize is now subverted by politics, power and money, and hijacked by the people sitting on the panel, nothing else. Same as any other world body.

What else can we believe in? Justice? The Law? Politicians? UN?

Wally Buffet said...

This Nobel prize is getting less noble by the day with its choice of recipients for the "peace" prize.

How is it possible that a guy who invented dynamite and who was an armament manufacturer to boot, have a peace prize bestowed in his name flummoxes me.

Lately, a lot of weirdos have been awarded the "Peace" prize, the latest being this stooge of the US now sitting in a PRC cell. Together with that monk in exile, both are psychological bullets aimed at the PRC to bring it down from its haughtily lofty heights.

Actually, Mr. Laden, if he is still around also deserves a "Peace" prize as he is doing his utmost to ensure peace by being a leveller to the war crazy belligerents in Washington DC. Come to think of it, if he is given the prize, maybe we will see a nicer side of him and hence greater peace in this world. Imagine a world where there will be no more stringent airport security checks and everyone is back to the peaceful past. Now, wouldn't he really deserve the prize instead of some troublemaker languishing in a Chinese jail whom no one really give a rat's ass for.


Anonymous said...

Nobody with a brain can not fail to see that the award of this year's Nobel Peace Prize was basically to spite China.

What has that guy done to deserve the prize is beyond comprehension. That panel of robots on the Nobel panel must be nuts!

Well, if they can argue that selling weapons is to ensure peace, we have to admit defeat.

Anonymous said...

I guess we have to fall back to basics. Who, in all fairness to past receipients of this award, sits in the panel? The root of all evils lies in these 'noble' characters!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Stephanie,

I just posted an article calling for Singaporeans to nominate Chia Thye Poh for the award. I feel that he is more deserving than Liu Xiaobo or Nelson Mandela.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, why CTP? What the fuck did he do for "peace"? (not that it matters - Obama increased the war effort when he got his)

CTP was just another political casualty, and although "banished" to an island, didn't really have to suffer.

Anonymous said...

In that case I think Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong-il would be more deserving.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ok ok. For a moment - just a moment - I'm going to try to be "serious" in this gostse discussion blog. (please google for the meaning of the term "goatse". Happy internetting)

The person I consider the most eloquent, distinguished and firery of all so-called "dissidents" is David Saul Marshall -- the first Chief Minister, and a fucking hopeless one at that. (I salute hopeless state officials!)

Nonetheless, he was the best political and social critic of Singapore and all things Singaporean. Although he never achieved "dissident" status as defined by the laughably medieval "Internal inSecurity Act", he had the biggest balls of all the so-called "dissidents".

Actually Francis Seow comes a close second, unfortunately he is persona non grata and a warrant for his arrest is still active.

Anonymous said...

Nobody deserves the Peace Prize more than me and you. Be it Nobel, No bell or Forsell, we pray for peace all the time, I say make love and not war and you say no war and make love. What is Nobel Piss Prize to You and me ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Imagine Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini were also nominees for the award.

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