Pressing all the right buttons

Mah Bow Tan was very impressive in Parliament yesterday. He was pressing all the right buttons and saying all the right things. I like the word prudence, the need for prudence in buying properties. I like to hear him going after those overseas properties, though I don't agree with him. I like what he said about more calibrated measures to control property prices. Though prices will not fall, they will not go up as much as 5% per quarter, only 3%, giving an annual increase of 12%. Not bad for property appreciation. Still got chance to hit $1m for HDB flats. The Ministry of National Development is doing a great job in managing the housing problem. Soon there will be no housing problems to talk about. Or maybe someone will say you cannot expect to have zero problems. But just don't create more problems to be solved by brilliant remedies.


Wally Buffet said...

Tweaks here, tweaks there. In the end, loopholes appear and gurus will mushroom to teach you how to work around all these quick fix "controls".

Although I ain't any high falutin' learned economist or minster, my Buffet solution is simple, direct, focused and lethally directed.

Just bring back our population to a comfortable 4 million kiasi, kiasu, kiabo true blue Sinkapooreans, repatriate all the foreign criminals, the masseuses, Ktv hostesses and assorted fly by night "entrepreneurs" and villians from the PRC. Make our red passport once again to be a prized possession and kick those omnipresent buggers from the Con Game country back to where they belong.

With that big mountain of billions in the kitty, do we really need to build a "vibrant" playground for the parasites? Let those traditionally subservient banana republics around us do the dirty work.

Ain't this the ONLY solution? And I'm not asking a few million bucks a year for it!


Anonymous said...

Err, who created all the shit in the first place? And now cleaning his own shit and acting like so clever.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Absolutely right redbean. You politely say "pressing the right buttons".

Me? I'm direct and unconcerned with people's feelings (which they make themselves in their own mind) -- Mah i s doing what every politician has done and will do:

talking out of his arse because actually nothing can be, nor should be done...but the govt is going to try their meddling shit anyway, and thus will fuck things up even more.

Ah...so nice to laugh at the fact: The People Get The Govt They Deserve.

Anonymous said...

Were there such serious problems before this horse-shit stirrer took over as National Development Minister?

Don't read too much into what he said. This is election season. The tweaks here and there are just like a rubber band. They can easily be reversed after the election.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is another point that I agree with Mah Bow Tan. He said that it was Singaporeans that were driving up property prices. And I know who are these Singaporeans. And I am sure all of you also knows the answer.

Anonymous said...

Can I guess that it is those incharge of housings that made the property market shines and too glaring ?