Nobel War Prize

Ever since Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize he has been engaged in the same wars as his predecessor. He added a feather to his cap by adding 300,000 more troops to Afghanistan. And they are fighting another rag tag militia like the Vietcongs, without planes, without tanks, without sophisticated satellites and smart bombs. No Rambos or Arnie too. And the American commanders are asking for more fighting men as they can’t deal with the problem. But that is not enough for Obama. He wanted to start another war with the North Koreans by conducting provocative exercises at their doorstep. And that is still not enough. He wanted to use Asean as an excuse to start a war with the China. It is time that the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him be renamed the Nobel War Prize. If not, they need to switch the definitions for peace and war.


Wally Buffet said...

I think if there is a Nobel War Prize, I am sure he will also win it by a wide margin.

Someone should start a Sun Tzu War Prize to compete with the misnamed Peace Prize touted by those ignoramus gnomes in Sweden.

For him, going to Sweden to collect his prize was a minor irritation. I think he'll rather stay home and watch TV with his family.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The hypocrisy is becoming a daily happening.

Anonymous said...

The people of the USA are sunk in deep shit up to their eyebrows.

Whether a Republican or Democratic President doesn't change a damn thing.

When the next election comes, there will be more talk of change again, and when they do make a change to the Republicans, they still get more of the same shit.

The real trouble with USA right now is they cannot tell the humans from the pigs. Republicans or Democrats, they just look alike and do the same stuff as in Animal Farm.

Sometimes I wonder whether the two parties are just taking turns to screw the country upside down and see who does it better.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I actually like the idea of a Nobel War Prize.

The human species is a warlike species only because of the inherent nature of humans to form collectives or groups, and then using those groups to intimidate other groups or individuals in a process we all know and love as "politics".

War is politics in its most extreme form, and we as a species are very good at it, and have been practicing warfare and weaponry since cave man first swung a club at his neighbour's head (because he didn't like nor agree with his neighbour's "ideas") .

So yeas, by all means: if we are going to have politics, then we must have wars -- whether they be civil or cross-borders, or foreign adventurism where the military of one politic system travels great distances to conquer a land far away -- like the way Ghengis, Alexander, the Spanish, Portuguese, Brits and Dutch did it.

Politics + war is also the world's most lucrative business. The bankers love it, as do the industrialists. Whether you make ice cream or smart ordnance, there is nothing like constant military contracts to keep you in a perenial lavish lifestyle, at the expense of other people's lives, property and livihood of course.

But, really who can concern themselves with those silly inconsequential things?

The Nobel War Prize should go to those who have made the most money, acquired the most "booty", killed the most people and garnered the most power from war.

And there'll be strong contenders from every corner of the planet.

Anonymous said...

Obama is obviously trying to divert attention away from the massive problems at home, particularly the 'mortgage foreclosure fraud' issue now erupting.

This is reportedly more serious than the 'sub-prime mortage' crisis.

Matilah_Singapura said...


another aspect of war is that it makes kids grow up real fast and take responsibility for staying alive. Those that don't of course end up as pieces of bullet riddled meat or steaming plies of charred flesh (yum yum).

The more "resilient" children lean to operate weapons like AK47 and chop off other children's body parts with machete's.

Children have also been know to participate in suicide missions -- what brave little souls they are!

If the Nobel Institute was creative, the could combine the Nobel War Prize with a prize to honour those who enhance the growth and development of children -- helping kids to gain the necessary salient skills for survival and triumph in the global order.

I can see the need to teach more children how to kill -- afterall, they see alot of killing on TV and the movies. Better to teach the kids how to do it properly, and what better way than to send them to war as young as possible?

Anonymous said...


the nature of human beings.


Anonymous said...

War comes in many forms...

Hope you can notice there is a "on-going" economical/currency "war" right now...

No blood is spilled here yet [but definitely yes from it's outcome]...and the economical dislocations one does to another country is the same as a "real" war...

Cos in the end, the volk of the losing country pays for it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right, many forms of war. The currency war is very well reported, but there are those less reported like the cyber attack in the form of virus attack on Iran's Nuclear Facilities. They call it cyber warfare.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Indeed. Cyber warfare. And it is being waged as we speak. I am a big proponent of (Queenslander) Julian Asange and his awesome wikileaks site -- the most HATED site by governments on the internet.

Come Monday, the shit will hit the fan.

Priceless. a bunch of guys with computers wrecks a multibillion dollar (trillion dollar?) enterprise by the military-industrial-political complex.

Fucking priceless.

Anonymous said...

There is another war going on now between TR and Temasek Holdings.

Was there a political motive? Make your guess.

TR is obviously well read, judging from the comments, and I would say a must read, for those wanting to know all the news that have purposely been made irrelevant and unknown by the MSM. It is a thorn in the flesh of the rulers, and it is obviously succeeding in making the pain more and more unbearable for them.

Well, the action taken by Temasek Holdings spells two things. That they are beginning to find fault with TR and eventually close it down and that election is just round the corner as predicted by many.

Sorry, Redbean, for going off topice.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Who or what is TR? and what is this supposed fight about?

Please enlighten. I very kaypoh, and get my lulz from watching entertaining battles. The bloodier, the better. :-)

Anonymous said...

Luckily, there are no warmongers here.
However, it's always good to have some warriors for defence.
Okay, it is about Cyberspace, Politics and Egoes not terrestrial or business territories.

Anonymous said...

TR is Temasek Review, supposedly an opposition news website that is, well, doing what an opposition website should do, and that is watching and criticizing the behavior of the Government.

Well, the fight is over the use of the name 'Temasek Review'.

I find it a bit overboard at times, but I read it just to enjoy the fund poked at the Government by contributors as well as comments posted by readers.