Myth 225 - The myth of superiority

A Singapore ship was hijacked by pirates off the African coast! The pirates of the Somalian/Kenyan coasts are proving to be invincible. There is an armada of international naval ships patrolling the area, all armed and equipped with the best that money can buy. And the naval personnel are from the best military and technologically advanced countries today. They are also assisted by satellites, brilliant intelligence officers, radars, and manning round the clock to do just one thing, prevent piracy. And they failed miserably. Who are these super human pirates and what kind of stealth technology are they developing that can sneak through the most highly guarded military zone to continue with their piracy at will, anytime, any place at their own calling? The advanced military countries are literally held at ransom by these not so sophisticated pirates and could do nothing about it! What a shame, what a myth!


Wally Buffet said...

The solution is just plain simple if only those self righteous western countries would consider it.

Just send a few cruise missiles into the pirates' den and obliterate them to smithereens and everything is peaceful once more.

In fact with the technologies you mentioned, they KNOW where these scumbags are hiding. The big question is why the big guns are not brought to bear on the problem.

Perhaps, this piracy stuff is a good ploy to deploy naval resources of different countries to test the cohesiveness of the willing and weaponry?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually the international naval armada is proving to be effective, but one can never expect 100% "success".

Once in awhile however, the bad guys do get lucky.

The police patrol neighborhoods and crime is kept in check -- however there will never be the case of 100% "crime-free". Every so often there is a murder, rape, assault or theft.

The cops are better armed and resourced than the criminals, but occasionally the criminals get lucky. That's just life -- statistics, probability, chance.

Most of the pirates off the Somalian coasts are just desperate young guys who have nothing left to lose.

Sea pirates are almost always of the Muslim faith. And in the early 1800's the US smashed the Barbary pirates for fucking with US ships.

So in that respect, yes. Superiority is a myth -- it will never get rid of the problem entirely. Best you can do is to be constantly vigilant, and accept the fact that once in awhile, the bad guys will get you. (as the bad guys have to accept that many of them will get caught or killed)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wally: you can smash them, but in time they'll just rise up again.

That area has been a pirates hunting ground for over 200 years.

However, I do agree that cruise missiles should be used -- just for the sheer fun of it, and to blow up bullies. The fact that they're religious gives it an extra "oomph".

Wally Buffet said...

They'll rise up again just like everything else such as the stock market and Hiroshima.

But at least we'll have a decade or two of peace.

Cruise missiles are for people who make you beseech until your face turns blue.

Catch them by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow.

Matilah_Singapura said...

A decade or two of peace? I think you'd better check the historical record there mate. Piracy has a long colourful history.

That is a crazy-assed area: Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen...just to name a few hot spots for criminal activity of all kinds -- piracy, terrorism, war-lords jockeying for control..yes a very "productive" area in terms of "privateer" enterprise.

Govt's in that area have been battling piracy for centuries -- the point being, it is an on-going thing i.e. they can't stop being vigilant and going after the pirates. Almost all the govts there EXECUTE pirates. Yemen executes pirates and goes after Somali pirates because the Somali govt is...well, out to lunch for an extended time.

Since you're a "market" guy, I'll use a market analogy: Piracy, like markets are spontaneous orders. They spring into "being" because of DEMAND and individual HUMAN ACTION.

Sure you can try and "kill" a market for drugs, but the drugs just keep coming back.

Wally Buffet said...


Since cruise missiles cannot guarantee a decade or two of peace, how about a nuke or two.

5 to 10 megaton would do the trick. After all, the world will not lose much talent since that area ain't much of a talent pool to begin with, except the talent to rob, extort, rape and plunder.


Anonymous said...

military superiority? How does one explain the defeat of the French, the American by the Vietnamese. The US and United Nation are languid in wanting to play their police roles.
And how proper are they(US/UN) compare to those they are going after.
Seem like there are little or no differences.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Far be it for me to stand against the use of nukes to vapourise idiots from those shit-bucket countries.

100% total superiority maybe a myth. But there's a lot of awesome naval weaponry in that area, and they should use it -- if not for any reason of "justice" just to give us sitting in our smug we-ve-got-our-shit-together wealthy countries some action entertainment.

However the "legal" militia is always at a disadvantage. Thee pirates don't need "permission" to plunder, kill and rape. However before the govt-militia's engage the pirates they have to ask permission from Prince Obama.

Remember the last incident where the SEALs took out the pirates? They had to ask Prof Hussein Obabma's permission before allowing the snipers their live target practice.


Wally Buffet said...

I would really relish the awesome naval power in that area using the pirates' dens as real life target practice.

That would really make my day as my little pecker is hibernating nowadays because of the haze and life gets really boring.

I need an excuse to get the maid to go out and buy me a few upsized BK meals to enjoy the sight via CNN of the marthefockers being blasted out of their rat holes.

So, I hope Obama would just give the go ahead and give them a few cruise missiles first as an appetizer for the main course that is going to come after.

I understand that PRC naval vessels are also in the vicinity. Surely they do not have to ask for "permission"? So comrades, just fire away.........

After all, you guys need to test your new weapons which has been under development to use against the imperialist devils didn't you? Some live target practice would give your boys real confidence in the event of a showdown over Taiwan. This is a golden opportunity not to be missed.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This could be the biggest spectacle of all, better than Hollywood. Just get the UN to sanction it, then call it the UN Coalition Against Piracy, UNCAP.

Then get all the TV stations on standby, beam the whole attack to all the countries willing to pay for the rights for the show.

This is big money and real reality showbiz. Top billing for sure.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1014 (another one who doesn't read history thoroughly to understand):

> How does one explain the defeat of the French, the American by the Vietnamese. <

The French were fucking with Indo China (Vietnam + neighbours) since the 18 century

By the time the Viets threw them out the French had made so much money from its colonies. You could hardly call that a "victory" for the Viets.

When the French got kicked out the country degenerated into a "govt-vs-the communists" scenario -- people got really fucked up.

Then the Yanks under Kennedy and Johnson came in and hammered the country mercilessly. Sure many Americans were killed, but more Vietnamese suffered. And Laos and Cambodia became failed states themselves -- lots of local killings going on there by political super-heroes like Pol Pot.

The US pulled out of Vietnam not because they "lost" but because the (illegal) war was costing them too much. By the time the Yanks left, they had bombed, poisoned and razed the country back to the stone-age. It is only in recent times Vietnam has begun to recover. Laos is still a shit-bucket cuntry, and Cambodia's main attraction is HIV-guaranteed cheap-sex tourism.

Do you think the Vietnamese "won"? Seriously?

Heavily armed western powers may not "win" the wars they start in the long run. But during their (mostly illegal) wars they mess up they countries so fucking badly they don't have to be the "official" victors to claim their place in history.

I'll say it again: western powers are extremely good at warfare because WAR is BIG BUSINESS to them. They have huge industries built around their war machine.

No puny shit-bucket Asian or Middle Eastern cuntry has a chance. They may kick out the Yanks, or the colonial power, but not until the colonial power has brutally anally raped, tortured and plundered them.

Matilah_Singapura said...


It is my understanding that the "boss" of the anti-piracy deployment is one of the Scandavavian countries -- Norway I think.

BTW, if you get a chance, check out their ships and crew (replete with tall, full breasted Nordic blond chicks). The ships are awesome -- they have that "European style" and chique. What a great way to kill pirates from shit-hole countries: with European-designer "style".

Scandinavians are of course world-reknown for their liberated sexual attitudes and love of unrestrained pornography.

I think the fleet was caught napping because everyone was watching porno -- including those Chinamen in the PRC "junks". Of course many of these sua kus have never seen a statuesque Nordic beauty perform bi-sexual entertainment. I can imagine their eyes glued to their screens and they hands fondling their genitals.

So of course the pirate seized this opportunity to invade the S'pore ship. The Pinoy crew was probably also enjoying porno, singing karaoke or blowing each other, as Pinoys are apt to do.

So that is my overview of the situation looking thru the lenses of race and culture.

If the Scandinavians were not in-charge, maybe the sailors would be paying more attention.

Wally Buffet said...

So while the so called coalition of the willing piracy patrol were fornicating, the pirates were foraging?


There goes all the tax dollars into the gutter!

Everyone involved in the skulduggery has got something to gain.

1. The crews of the piracy patrol get time off for fornicating and catching up with the latest on sex toys exported from China, trying them out and writing reviews after the screwthon.

2. The newspapers get something to write about. No much, until the cruise missiles leaves their pod on its journey of death and I might add, deservedly warranted.

3. The pirates get their loot of a few tens of millions, give or take a few hundred thousands for maybe 2 to 3 hours work. How's that for productivity? And best of all, you get a kick out of picking your target while knowing that the guardians are screwing each other upside down.


I think Oliver Stone should do a movie on this piracy caper.

Sure blockbuster one!

Anonymous said...

Empires came and gone. Only one(US) left, its' days of glory are likely to wane. Or as some put it, it will rot and decay.
Anyway, history had shown no empire lasted more than a few hundred years. With a globalised world and beans that know not what's ethnicity and where ones' motherland, empire-ism will follow the dinosaur and the dodo bird.