The most enlighten article on North Korea

Doug Bandow, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, I dunno where it is, has his article published in the ST today. Let me quote some of his ’intellectual’ comments about North Korea and Kim Jong Il. ‘The so called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the world’s first “communist monarchy”, poses no threat to America.’ Clap, clap, clap. This is ingenius observation. ‘Its economy is a wreck. Its military equips undertrained and malnourished soldiers with ancient equipment. One American aircraft carrier has more firepower than the entire North Korean military.’ This must be based on objective academic observation and empirical data. Obviously he did not see the recent parade and the well fed, well uniformed and well armed North Korean soldiers. The US should just march in like they did in Iraq and see what happens. ‘…Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is evil but not stupid. He knows that the US could wipe his nation off the map. He wants his virgins in this life, not the next, and would not waste his time attempting to pass power to his son if he planned self immolation in a pyre of fire.’ Kim is evil? How many people has he killed compared to Bush and Obama? And he wants virgins. Kim must have confided in him privately. My god, this is an academic piece of art! ‘The South’s forces are better trained and its equipment is more capable; Seoul has a much large army reserve and military industrial base. It has twice the population and upwards of 40 times the gross domestic product of the North. Moreover, neither China nor Russia, the North’s traditional allies, would support it in another war.’ Obviously this joker did not remember what happened during the Korean War. Let me remind him that the North nearly drove the South Korean army into the sea. Only the American intervention saved the South from a complete annihilation. And his simpleton’s conclusion that China and Russia would not come to the North’s aid in another war is as good as saying there is no Christmas comes December. After reading till this part, I wonder what kind of academic integrity there is in this article. This looks like a thrash written by a bigoted secondary school boy. I couldn’t bear to read further for fear of being impressed by his silliness.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The CATO Institute is a libertarian think-tank based in Washington DC, with a mission to educate on principles of freedom, laissez faire (free market capitalism), individualism, liberty and against govt intervention on voluntary human relationships and actions.

Together with the Canadian liberty-centered (libertarian) think tank - The Fraser Institute, they compile and publish the annual World Economic Freedom Report.

As you can see from the report, Singapore and HK top the world in terms of economic freedom, and have been in 1st and 2nd place ever since they started publishing.

I lean toward the findings in the report: HK "better" than S'pore in terms of freedom -- i.e. you don't have such a meddling kay-poh govt in HK, which means you can do almost anything you like (but don't piss people off).

BTW I do agree with Cato's opinion: N Korea poses no threat. In fact, no single country poses a threat -- the threat come from whoever is the leader at the time.

The USA has scored very well on this: EVERY president in the 20th and now 21st century has been/ is a motherfucking WAR MONGER.

Anonymous said...

ST believed in Doug Bandow and I agree with ST. South Korean together with its' allies could probably run over N Korea in a year if they want to.

The N Korea people and therefore its' soldiers are suffering hunger pangs and worse, the floods have caused intensive damages and so it easy to see that most N Koreans are now hungry and shivering in their cold weather, how to fight ?

South Korea should take over N Korea now on humanity grounds and tis' allies should help. Non allied country with conscience should also assist to unite the splitted Koreans and end the sufferings of North Korea. Maybe Singapore should help too.

Doug Bandow might have carried out his own espionage in North Korea and could possibly lived in one of Kim Jong Il palace and slept with some of his virgin concubines. What a lucky guy, this fellow. Straits Times is so lucky to have him as it's story writer.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks for the 'compliment'.

I don't think any academic worth his salt would dare to put his name to such a thrash article without hiding in shame.

Wally Buffet said...

I'll believe this piece of dogshit if Mr. Bendown would volunteer to be a frontline American soldier charging into a North Korean battalion and have a taste of what Kim's boys are capable of.

He is obviously so enamoured with his aircraft carrier that he is behind time and doesn't even know that it is already a sitting duck in a 2lst century high tech war. I hope when the day comes, he is on the deck of his tub and see an incoming carrier destroying sunburst and that's the last thing he will see before he goes to the happy hunting ground.

It is high time that those warmongers and their think tank minions understand that the North Koreans are no Iraqis and give due respect accordingly.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This US Foreign (and domestic) policy of going after "evil" people is of course based on fundamentalist religious ideas.

People complain about the fundamentalist Islamic nation states but are quick to gloss over the fact that the US is THE BIGGEST theocracy. Every single state power broker there is at heart a judgmental, bigoted and crusading (against "evil") Christian -- who apparently believes in Jesus and "total forgiveness" and "brotherly love", but can't wait to send out weaponised US aircraft to kill "brown and yellow EVIL heathens".

Nearly every US president has used the EVIL word in his speech to justify another military adventure. Roosevelt used it, JFK, Reagan, Nixon, Clinton and of course Bush ver. 2,0's famous "axis of evil" speeches.

Sure there are people in power who are not very nice -- but so what? There is no rational argument you can make to justify hunting these fuckers down and killing them -- however irrational arguments laced with emotion and "patriotism" often seem to do the trick of convincing The Sheeple that another "war against evil" is totally "just".

N Korea is a shit hole, and it's dead leader a dead asshole, and his representative (the son) a sexual deviant. So what?

KJI loves porn, like to fuck young girls, favours living the high life while his people starve, rules by fear and brutality (toward his own people)...an all round not-so-nice-guy. SO FUCKING WHAT?

The people get the government, and consequently the country they deserve. If the people of N Korea want to "dethrone" him, it is their business -- not the business of anyone else, specifically any group who calls itself "the coalition of the willing".

Anonymous said...

How come they take so long to put down the Afghans, who are so backward in terms of weapons. One aircraft carrier has more firepower than the whole Afghan country.

How did they lost the war in Vietnam. The communist were so poor and have inferior and obsolete weapons compared to the firepower of the USA. One aircraft carrier also has more firepower than all the communist guerillas from the North.

Sometimes talk does not reflect reality, propaganda just to make some people reading it feel good.

Anonymous said...

I am curious. Why ST thinks it is ok to feed its readers with such crappy articles to denounce North Korea? North Korea is an enemy of Singapore or Singapore is trying to make an enemy out of North Korea?

What is so good or beneficial in constantly running down another country that has practically nothing to do with your country?

Matilah_Singapura said...

It is well accepted that the ST is the cum-swallowing fellatio-whore of the "authority".

The "authority" is very good friends with the "authority' in Washington DC, and also the "authority" in Tel Aviv. These relationships of course, anger S'pore's immediate neighbours,and have done so for decades.

The puppets of the Red-Dot state, and their media sex-slaves march lock step to the anthems sung by the Washingtonian "authority".

Singapore is a serf of the US. Therefore N Korea is a "bad" country, and Kim Jong Ill is persona non grata in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Funny the local daily LEEported a Kim heir look-a-lke when we had a Kim look-a-like in MinDEAF & later TamaSICK a along????

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This Bandow fella thought he is a blogger so can anyhow whack with no respect to academic integrity and discipline.