'Mohammed' going to the mountain

The first 'Mohammed' has gone mountain visiting. Giovanni Bisignani, the director-general and CEO of the International Air Transport Association, called on LKY at the SGH yesterday. When you are the mountain, the visitors will come for their pilgrimage. They may even be willing to take a queue number for the privilege of visit. According to LKY's press secretary, ' the two men discussed key developments in the aviation industry'. Shouldn't this be discussed with the PM or with Raymond Lim, the Minister of Communications? What is happening? Looking at the betterer side of things, LKY, in his old age, in his medical condition, will not run away from work. He still works when he is sick, hospitalised, for the sake of the country. This would be part of the script when the time comes. A grea


Anonymous said...

Did Mohamed came specially to see Ah Lee or for some other purpose?

Anyway, Ah Lee travels by air as frequently as you and me taking a bus, so in a sense, the CEO of IATA talking to him instead of Lemon Lim is maybe sensible, though not logical.

Anonymous said...

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