Michelle Obama is world's most powerful woman!

Really? What did she do to deserve that title? Does she run the state of USA and make decision for the country? All I know is that she is the wife of the President and maybe decide what food the President eats and what clothes he wears. Does she have any executive power, other than pillow talk? And second most powerful place goes to a food manufacturer, Irene Rosenfeld of Kraft Foods. Third to a talk show host called Oprah Winfrey, then Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and then Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State of the US. All these is bull. The woman that I think should deserve the honour is none other than Ho Ching. Who in the top 10 list manages a few hundred billions, maybe one trillion dollars in hard cash and has the power to decide on how to invest this sum of money? None of them comes near to Ho Ching. The people producing the ranking must either be ignorant or biased. oh yea, they have their own criteria, influence on the American public opinion is a major factor huh? My vote goes to Ho Ching, the world's most powerful woman, not that she is the wife of the world's highest paid Prime Minister, but truly on her own merit, as the person in charge of a war chest that could be $1 trillion in size or there about. And the authority to decide on how the money is to be used. That is real power.


Anonymous said...

If they say who and who is most powerful, take that with a spoonful of salt. This is known as massaging the egos, and is of no interest to us. They appear today and can just disappear tomorrow.

As for Ho Ching, well she dropped 25 positions compared to her last ranking, because they say there is a change of criteria. Imagine that!

Anonymous said...

kwa geok choo may be chosen if there was a list during her time

Anonymous said...

Can you recalled that her daughter-in-law had beaten her(Mrs Lee nee Kwa Geok Choo). Btw, many Singaporeans did/do not know Kwa Geok Choo until she was thrusted into the limelight months before her death. She was better known as Mrs Lee Kuan Yew and even then, it was due to her illness in London and her constant travels with her husband. Only the older Singaporeans know that she was owner of Lee and Lee Law Firm and that's about all.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that oldies know comes when they bought HDB flats and Lee and Lee did all the legal work. They know Lee and Lee belongs to the Lees.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The world's most powerful woman -- for the last 2000 years is the (so-called) virgin mary.

She's not even fucking real, and no one can prove that she even existed. For all intents and purposes, she is a myth.

But people pray to her, she is revered and apparently no one has fucked her yet.

She's not real. She has all this attention and value. No that's what I call POWER.