Is China trigger happy?

According to Paul Krugman, Professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University, China is. He referred to the recent Diaoyutai Incident when the Japanese Navy arrested a Chinese fishing boat captain and China's withholding the sale of rare earth to Japan and made this comment. '...the incident shows a Chinese govt that is dangerously trigger happy, willing to wage economic warfare on the slightest provocation.' What is the US doing in pressuring China to revalue the Yuan? Not trigger happy, just an American right to do so? What about the calls for trade sanctions, branding China a currency manipulator when the US is the real currency manipulator, printing more and more money and depreciating its own currency? But wait, let's talk about trigger happy? What was the reason for the invasion of Iraq? In this case, real bullets were fired. No, not real bullets, bombs, all kinds of bombs were thrown into Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. No this is not trigger happy to the Americans. What about Pakistan and Afghanistan? Oh, the Americans are using water pistols to shoot at their enemies. So the Americans are not trigger happy. They only squeeze water at their enemies. This is the American hypocrisy! They can be trigger happy but point the fingers at other people. Has China fire a single bullet? But he is only talking about economic warfare, firing economic guns. Which country has been enforcing economic sanctions on other countries on its own terms? China has been the victims of all kinds of economic sanctions from the Americans even till today. No need to mention North Korea, the Middle Eastern countries and all countries branded as enemies of the US. The US is not trigger happy. China is, according to Paul Krugman and most of the Americans who can speak and write. And they all believe in this hypocrisy as the American and western truth.


Anonymous said...

Love the way the americans entertain the world. They are real jokers!

Wally Buffet said...

Americans are the most peaceful martherfockers in the world.

They send peace corps volunteers all over the world to teach the "natives" to be civilized.

They send military peacekeepers to Iraq and Afghanistan to nurture and support governments that THEY think is good for the country. In reality, what they are after is what is underneath the ground. WMD? Where the f#$k is it? Dunno? Ah, forget it. We're already here anyway!

They send covert negotiators to countries unsympathetic to their cause to persuade governments to align to their thinking.

They want others to revalue their currencies for their own good so what do they do. Simple as ABC. Just devalue their own by printing tons of it until the presses start smoking and in a de facto manner, other currencies are revalued. But some sees their supposedly good intentions in its true colours and every country start devaluing their currencies to re align with the banana note US$ and they still have the cheek to say that this piece of shit will still remain a currency of international trade. It is our friendly uncles in the US who started the now ongoing currency war.

China is now learning the ropes and will be as "friendly" as the current asshole is as soon as they have "arrived".

Matilah_Singapura said...

The nice thing about western progressive/ socialist liberals - like Krugman, Pelosi, Billary Clintons, Hussein Obama is that their so-called "high intellect" is quite easy to ANALyse.

I refer to this highly-scientific diagram: The Socialist Fuck-Head

One thins for sure: they all HATE China - they're always griping about "human rights", how China is polluting the world, taking away jobs, manipulating its currency, bullying Tibetans, locking up Buddhist Falun Gong (pisses off liberal "Buddhists" like Richard Gere & fatty-bum-bum Steven Segal), manipulating their currency, buying up everything,...and in general becoming so rich and successful so quickly it blows big holes in their "progressive" economic (bullshit) theories.

They cannot find the rational (although they always prescribe "reason") to look at China's success as a GREAT ACCCOMPLISHMENT, and weep and wail crocodile tears about how fucked up Africa is or how climate change is going to destroy the planet, so we have to TAX CARBON USE, and make everyone "equally poor".

Also Krugman, is a Nobel Laureate, winning th economics prize for his "let-the-govt-plan-the-economy" brand of anti-free market economics. The progressive western liberals HATE the free market.

Given that China snubbed the Nobel Prize, that is reason enough for a loud-mouthed idiot like Krugman to "stand up" for his mates.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are so peaceful, they are the first country in the world to have dropped two Atomic Bombs on the Japanese. It was indeed a peaceful death for those Japanese that turned into vapours.

Now there are calls to help rebuild Iraq after the peaceful Americans have devastated the country and took control of the oilfields.

Now, I don't think they believe in retribution, because what is happening to America now is retribution for all their sins committed on humankind all over the world for decades.

Anonymous said...

I think the days of such propaganda being propagated at will by people like Paul Krugman is over.

Alternative views are freely available in cyberspace, so readers can read what is real and what is, well artificially skewed to present a different picture.

So, I hope people like Paul Krugman should not always think that their learned views will go unchallenged as in the old days. Too much one sided hypocrisy, makes people reading their works day in and day out, and in time, form a jaundiced view of their opinions, professor or not.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The saddest thing is that many Asian media are helping them to promote their biased American centric views as the right view. And many Asians blindly read them and accept them as truth.

Nothing to say about Americans and westerners regurgitating such views as they are skewed to their favour.

I must apologise for repeatedly posting such views but it is something that must be done to balance the repetition of screwed up American intellectual analysis in the media. Otherwise they will thin Asians are fools and will eat every word they said, without thinking.

Anonymous said...

That confirms my belief that for years, because of a lack of media or being given space to counter such views, the Western media has such a monopoly on propaganda that no one, Asians particularly, are able to refute, and that in time breeds the mentality of blindly accepting such onslaught without recourse.

Thanks to cyberspace, we are entering a new era that enables Asians to be more enlightened and a chance to grow wiser in seeing the woods from the trees. I am, in particular, happy that the Chinese Leaders are one such group of people, thinking wisely and countering positively.

Yes, repeating is another way to counter them.

Anonymous said...

Oh dont worry about Asians and Aseans selling out themselves to the americans. Only one amongst them needs american protection and that is if the US has the ability to protect others.

Anonymous said...

"western truth"!, no say: white, no caucasian, just like Mahatir logic... which race is superior?