Indonesia an up and coming big power?

Indonesia's aspiration of becoming a respectable big power took a knock in Holland yesterday. Yudhoyono had to cancel his 3 day state visit for fear of being arrested by the Dutch court. The court was to hear a trial against him lodged by the separatists from the Maluku Islands. Another reason quoted was the indignity of the trial of an Indonesian President in its former colonial master's court. Is Indonesia still a colony of Holland? Or what audacity would the Dutch court think that it has the jurisdiction to trial an Indonesian President or even an Indonesian citizen? The whole issue is so absurb that at best it was a rude reminder to the Indonesians who their master was. The Dutch court is totally ridiculous and pretentious to think that it is proper to put an Indonesian President on trial. The Dutch govt is wholely arrogant and disrespectful to even allow the trial to go on. Indonesia is no longer a Dutch colony. But the colonial mentality and mindset is still prevalent among the Dutch. So what if Indonesia is being dined and wined in the White House? It is still regarded as a colony or at best a pariah state in the eyes of the western powers. What aspirations of greatness is poof poof and smoke in the air. Yudhoyono should just go ahead with the visit and tell his rude host to get lost in their face if Indonesia is to be respected as an equal to Holland. It is unimaginable that the Dutch would dare to touch him or arrest him in Holland. And to conduct the trial during his state visit is totally disrespectful and a slap in the face of Yudhoyono and all Indonesians.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, just some faded empire trying to relive its glory days.

And faded empires are many. The English had the biggest empire in the world at one time and they had their moments of glory.

Are we seeing another fading away during our lifetime? It looks likely so.

Anonymous said...

The empire game that thought up by a Canadian is going on in India. Shameless nations bowing down to former master for money. Be like Burma.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They all have good experiences of what their masters had bestowed upon them. And they are trying to relive their memories and rekindle memorable times.

Anonymous said...

Ask those Singaporeans who served in the British Armed Forces if they prefer their former master ? And you are likely to be given a positive answer, try it ! Even a Malaysian Parliamentarian was reported to reminiesce fondly of those good old days.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That I must agree. The immigrants then were lost sheep, stateless, hopeless and the colonial masters were able to give them jobs and pay more.

Where did the colonial masters get their wealth to pay the locals, not important. The immigrants just want to get a job, to live better. They forgot that they were driven away from their homeland because the colonial masters were burning it.

Depoliticised sheep, ignorant masses, are quite helpless and have very little concern about cause and effect.

Anonymous said...

Wow! As if every land has indigenous tribe and race. Singaporeans are flocking to angmor countries, lost sheeps? This is the 21st Century Bang(Indon), globalised era you know? No identity, where there is betterer happiness, there's where one goes. But, having said that, Indonesia could be a big power if it does not subjugate itself to a phoney power, especially when It is an Islamic Nation. If It is well govern, It will be a big power as early as in a decade or two. It's all up to Bapak Indonesia to make it happen.