I am impressed with Western Australian Police

Saw this video clip on Australian Police manhandling an aborigine man on the news last night. I was so impressed by the use of force to protect the policemen. Oops, I mean to protect the aborigine. The whole episode should be used for training purposes for policemen around the world on how to handle a ‘violent’ aborigine. Let me try to recall the procedure involved. First you will need about 6 to 8 burly policemen, preferably twice the physical size of the victim. Then give them a Taser gun each. The next important thing is to handcuff the victim. When the victim, in this case an aborigine, is safely secured, take turns to use the Taser gun on him. The safety of the policemen is guaranteed. But just a precautionary statement, don’t be over zealous in the application of the gun. And never exceed 13 times. By 13 times, death is highly possible. In this case the aborigine died after being hit by the Taser gun for 13 times. Oh, one more precaution. When conducting such an exercise, make sure that no one is video taping it, whether by a handphone or a close circuit TV. The aborigines in Australia are in good hands. They are safe under the protection of the Australian police.


Anonymous said...

Seriously Chua, this is biased. You have not seen the sh*t these law enforcers had to go through nearly everyday. Especially when they had put their lives at risks with an agressive man on drugs or alcohol.

I know because a very good mate is a Crime Stopper cop.

Just my two cents.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Kaffein,

Yes, there are good cops and bad cops. If you see the video clip of this case, you will know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I think the intention was to kill him.

If the aborigine had already been handcuffed, even if he is on drugs or alcohol, how much more aggressive or dangerous can he be. Why is there still a need to use the Taser gun on him, not once but thirteen times? Are the facts correct?

Anonymous said...

"The aborigines in Australia are in good hands. They are safe under the protection of the Australian police."

All they need now is a PAP minister as spokesperson for the police... one with the exceptional talent of Warped Logic to turn what appears to be blatant police brutality into something warped, along the line of 'we hit him in order to save him'.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You got the point. They were trying to prevent him from hurting himself.

The 13 times are correct, reported in the media. Maybe they think it was an animal.

Anonymous said...

Right, I guess this world is turning downside up.

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