I almost bought SPH shares

Looking at how thick the daily newspapers have become, it is a good sign that the media companies are making good money. The advertisements, including obituaries, are filling up the pages. And these are real money pouring in. And the last few days the obituary pages could swell into a voluminous book if the PM's Office had not made the announcement of no obituaries for Hsien Loong's mother. The idea of obituaries in full page or double spread can be a great source of income. It would be better to market the idea of having colour pages for obituaries or even gold plated one with special papers for keepsake, to be framed up, or as collector's items. When that day comes, I will definitely rush out to buy up shares of media companies.


Anonymous said...

Wow...value for money - enough papers for my dogs to poo for at least a week?

Anonymous said...

Colour obituaries are already appearing quite frequently in our 'States Times'.

Gold plated ones on special papers for keepsake? You must be joking. Who wants to keep that except the family of the deceased commissioning that masterpiece.

For others, the special papers will just provide a colourful spread for the family dog to poo.