‘Best losers’ guaranteed seats in Parliament

In his dialogue with NTU students, Chok Tong told them that our Constitutions have been tweaked to guarantee that the ‘best losers’ in a general election will still get to Parliament. At present 9 seats were provided for the losers. Is this a concession, a grace or an effective alternative to having opposition members in Parliament? What is the purpose of having oppositions in Parliament? Personally I do not want to be represented by losers, and definitely not losers that cannot vote when serious issues are at stake. Maybe other people will disagree with me on this. Some may just want to have an alternative voice in Parliament and whether they can vote on issues is not important. Some Singaporeans are smart enough to just want a voice but not to oppose the policies or rock the boat. A little kpkb in Parliament to let out some steam should be enough. After all the govt is doing a very good job and let’s not be too serious in having opposition members in Parliament. There is no need for real oppositions. Consider this as a pragmatic view from some corners of the masses. How many really feel it this way? If they do, then the govt has read the ground well. They may even provide more seats for more losers, as long as they cannot vote. But if this is not the desire of the people, would it make any difference in the coming election? Or would the next general election be a watershed election in more than one ways? Who needs losers by the way?


Wally Buffet said...

There is light at the end of the tunnel yet.

The nine losers can form a political party, "Losers For Democracy" or LFD party. They may not be law makers but nine voices in unison shout louder than the hoggy grunts heard from the current few.

Four years of talking as losers may just make them future winners.


Wally Buffet said...

Oh Mr. Bean, forgot to mention that the pic above is very nice except that the stupid contraption on top of the three towers is really, really hideous.


Anonymous said...

exactly! a few more muppets won't make a difference. what we want is a team of opposition who can veto and perform checks and balance.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Sincity beautifully captured. Hope it does not lure many to wreck and ruin their live and that of their families.

Anyway, it is fat hope to expect anything more than a handful of opposition members elected for the next 5 years. It equally foolhardy to expect 9 non-voting parliamentarians speaking with one voice, some of them are selected to be there.

For oppositions who were/are unable to form alliances before election, they had also shown that they were not never able to act as one in parliament meetings, that's the record.

The last and final hope lies in the hands of the voters. If they're fine with the way things are, let it be. We should be with the majority be it in joys or in woes.

Me will vote a monkey over a candidate from PAP. Will not commit suicide if the seat is won by a PAP Candidate though likely to sing praises or kpkb, depending on developments.

There are likeable PAP Members like Dr Lily Neo, Bernard Chen and maybe others.


Anonymous said...

'they had also shown that they were not never able to act as one in parliament meetings, that's the record'.
should read as:
they had also shown that they were not AND never able to act as one in parliament meetings, that's the record.


Wally Buffet said...


You're back!

Nice to see you around again.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I would prefer: "Democracy For Losers" -- because if you think about it carefully, on losers need democracy -- a big group of other losers who hope to accomplish insane "objectives" because no one wants to take responsibility on an individual basis.

Yep. That would fit my definition of what a condemned motherfucking loser is.

Welcome to the club.

Wally Buffet said...

On second thoughts.....

"Losers For Democracy" or "Democracy For Losers", WTF.....they're still losers.

After losing, take up wine making in South West Australia's Margaret River region. Wonderful place to retire and write your memoirs as an opposition politician in Singapore Inc.

Don't however rant like that guy in California. You're only just destroying yourself mentally and physiologically.

Anonymous said...

me had been reading and trying hard to wean myself off the keyboard, but alas, it is hard to get away from My Singapore News leh.

Just got to give my salute to our Redbean for the daily dose of spirit sapping article made simple for me to understand and participate. Best of all, they(the articles) give this weakling opportunities to learn some english and understand life a little more. Me gains from learning from You All and got to learn and participate all for free, not bad huh!

Just wondering, so much stuff in Cyberspace, yet it seems nothing had been picked up by our policy makers.

Are we really that invisible?


Wally Buffet said...


You really don't want them to pay too much attention to us.

Anyway, we talk cock only during the day. At night, we let our birdies do the talking.

It's fine to let off a bit of steam with the safety valve of cyberspace expression, that's what their psychological "warfare" analysts would have advised them.


Anonymous said...

Best losers in Parliament?


Fooling the losers and hoping to get away with it again?

My toes laughing too!

Anonymous said...

So far what kind of 'best NCMP losers' do we have in ParLEEment? A bunch of fucking handpicked PAP cronies who are guaranteed to toe the PAP line, including the PAP-owned "Workers Party Baru" candidate Sylvia Lim!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The contraption on top of the 3 tablets serves the same function as in the Titanic. You jump, I jump. In this case, gamblers can take a short cut out of their misery. Minus the contraption, the 3 tablets may become too obvious.

And Patriot, where have you been?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually this is a lovely piece of political maneuvering by A Goh-Goh.

He alludes to "big tent" democracy where everyone -- including and especially "losers" -- are included and apparently validated.

Not everyone will fall for this hook, line and sinker...but no doubt there are those who will.

Anonymous said...

Brother Beannie;

patriot was wandering, having got lost in the maze of living. Some said me having midlife crisis, however, me am past middle age.

Then came some saying menopause, most possible la. But somehow, me suspect the negativity in Cyberspace has the most destructive effects on my psyche. Yet me has difficulty weaning myself from the blogs.

Me am wondering whether the blogs are representing the sentiments of most of our fellow citizens. Or is it just some misfits crying wolves?

Hope some sociologist, psychiatrist, psychologist and seer will visit your site and give us some advices.

Like to tell You again that me loves to drown myself in your writings. Keep them coming Sir.


Wally Buffet said...

Brother Patriot,

You had blog commenting "burn out".

It happens.

What you need is a jolly good time at the pub or drinking hole with the other two wise men.


Anonymous said...

Mr Bean;

agreeable to Wally's proposal?

Pick the venue and time.

Few days in advance please.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This Friday I can't. How about next Friday?

Wally Buffet said...

Me anytime brothers.

Hope Matilah is around by then to join us.

Anonymous said...

Me will make myself available,

do send a reminder to a lost soul though.

Looking forward to it.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I appreciate the thought and the invitation. However I won't be joining you fellas. Have a good time anyway.

I'll have to curtail my "talk cock" blogging activities here as I'm...wait for it...getting back into the "scene"...i.e. the business jungle. I'm out to conquer the Aussie market with a hot new S'porean designed-owned-developed business communication software -- guaranteed to make some people lose their jobs and increase the capitalist bottom line...and of course increase my tax contribution so that the Federal Government can give away more "free money" to the aboriginals, who will therefore vote for the incumbents in the next election.

Singaporeans are taking the lead from their government's sovereign wealth fund, and are out to conquer globally. So fuck it, if Temasek can, so can I :-)

No longer will I have the luxury of posting my shit -- with regularity and gusto -- on My Singapore News from exotic locales like our wonderful parks, beaches and cafes.

I post as I people watch. I imagine what those gorgeous women look like naked and spreadeagled in gynecological splendor, sending paroxysms of lust shooting to my throbbing "Singapore Satay Sedap" -- the Weapon Of Mass Seduction. Ah, its a taste the Aussie gals find irresistible. I hope.

Anyway, have a good time. I have an RSS feed set up for My Singapore News, so I'm never far away.

See you around...sometime.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is difficult to catch hold of Matilah. And now it is getting worst when he got a job to do.

Go for it mate and make more money, and tell us when you got a break here. We sure can catch up for kopi.

Wally Buffet said...

"Singaporeans are taking the lead from their government's sovereign wealth fund, and are out to conquer globally. So fuck it, if Temasek can, so can I :-)"

I thought he is now an Aussie?

And didn't I always tell you guys to take it easy and relac instead of making more wads of useless paper money? For what?

He is such an interesting character that I may even fly down to Perth on the Jetstar $9.99 to have a meal and a bottle of Cape Mentelle white at the Jolly Frog restaurant and listen to his rants. :-)


Matilah_Singapura said...


It is best if you take a 9.99 budget flight, and save your money for spending here. Perth is disgustingly expensive -- more so than the the east.

I'll give you a good rant session, no worries. I rant so good and fuck you in the mind you are going to go back to Singapore convinced that I am jesus. :)

If you like, I can introduce you to the "Asian underground" -- gentlemen's private mess - complete with 24-7 gambling, in-house chicks and private chef, or the gorgeous Korean and Jap (I know, race is a myth, but shit not where sex is concerned :) ) gals all looking for a good time, mahjong, cock-fighting...any pleasures you fancy.

Or you want a lap dance with a nice tastefully shaved blond with glistening pink lips -- guaranteed to make your pecker feel 18 again, also can.

Many moons ago I used to sell Aussie real estate to S'poreans and Malaysians, and it's been awhile since I "entertained".

I am not an "Aussie" except for a piece of govt paper which presumes to define who I am. I have a similar piece of pink govt paper issued by the Singapore government. As you know, I have difficulty in accepting the govt telling me who I am, which state that I am supposed to be a serf of.

I've treated every cuntry I've lived in as a Hotel, and every state and govt with the contempt they deserve.

Money is means to an end, not an end in itself. I don't consider dirty paper with pictures of dead pricks as an end in itself -- because in itself I agree with Wally -- it is useless.

However for me there is the thrill of the chase. And I like collecting land and houses -- like a typical sua-ku unsophisticated old-school capitalist.

Equities make my eyes water. You need a degree in math to understand the voodoo, or have to listen to the opinion of "ex-spurts" about their flawed market theory. And the game has too many con artists. Fuck it. I am lazy. And laid back. Buy motherfucking land. God's not making anymore of it, probably because he too is lazy.

The thrill of the hunt also has to do with start-ups. I love start-ups -- bringing new ideas to market. This brilliant Singaporean has created something that has vast "arbitrage opportunity" in the Oz business landscape, which is a brutal jungle.

I have no idea that I'll succeed. It could be a total loss. But I do love this game -- anything to bust up the over-regulated and taxed environment, with the possibility of long-tail income stream -- I'M IN!!

Wally Buffet said...

Wow Matilah,

I think when I am in Perth, I will really feel 18 again with your "connections".

See if I can get a cheap budget flight. I am also thinking of giving my good friend who is staying at his water front mansion in Port Bourvard a visit.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah...Mandurah, nice. Port Bouvard is on the Peel inlet estuary.

Back in the 80's, when I was a broke student it was still "virgin". I used to hire a motorboat for $10 for 2 hour block, go out onto the water with my girlfriend(s), a bottle of $3 wine and a couple of marijuana cigarettes, and act out an unrestrained porno movie scene in the middle of the inlet where almost nobody went. I was definitely a "wild child" back then.

As river estuaries go, sometimes there is a smell of fish/ sea life. One time I made an inappropriate joke about the smell and alluded to my date's genitals...wah, I nearly didn't get sex...had to apologise and become "slave" for awhile. Phew. That was close.

Now P Bouvard and Mandyrah is filled with owners who delight at the skyrocketing appreciation of their waterfront property. Definitely a nice place. Lovely cafes, really good fresh seafood -- a bit pricey, but hey, you're bringing all those nice hi-value AUDs aren't you?

Lot's of nice wineries in the district too, and wine is cheaper by the case, which when you are a broke student with your friends makes good economic sense.