Be prepared for the invasion of the Dark Side

They are already here and in a big way. They turn Singapore into their turf like their home countries. The latest report of three Taiwanese being arrested, jailed and to be caned for loan shark activities is only a glimpse of what have yet to be uncovered. Now we can understand why the loan sharks here are fearless and would have no qualms burning and locking up their victims' residents. They play the game they know best in their lawless societies and think that they can do the same here. According to a govt statement, three Taiwanese citizens were given 7 to 24-month prison sentences after being convicted of loan shark harassment. 'Two of the defendants, identified as Su Wei Ying and Wu Wei Chun in the Singapore Police Force statement, were also to receive "15 strokes of the cane" for their offenses. Su, 28, and Wu, 24, were both convicted of seven charges of loan shark harassment in violation of Singapore's Moneylenders Act and sentenced to 24 months and 21 months in jail, respectively, in addition to the caning.' Source CNA. And their Trade Representative is showing concern that they are being caned. Why should he when the Taiwanese broke our law, got a fair trial, and were punished like any Singaporeans would have been. There was no discrimination or biases? Did he forget that Singapore is not Taiwan? Or did he think that Taiwanese should be dealt with more leniently than the locals? Perhaps in Taiwan they could get away with their crimes with a call from the Dark Side. The loan sharks flouting our laws and becoming more adventurous and defiance is only an early sign of more to come. If we cannot deal with this problem and clean up our city, there would be no way to put a blockage to stamp the flood of Dark Side activities that normally coexist with casinos. In many notorious countries, including those that are claimed to be operating under the rule of law and the respectability of law, it is common that the govt officials were in the pay lists of the mafia and with the mafia calling the shot. We have to be prepared to stamp this tide and stay on the bright side. The Dark Side is sexy and inviting and tempting.


Wally Buffet said...

The punishment dealt to these scumbags from Taiwan is too lenient to be a deterrent against a repeat of such foreign talents invading our shores.

The proper punishment should be life imprisonment without parole and twenty four strokes of the rotan. It is not the crime that horrifies us in this instance. It is the temerity with which foreign criminals are invading this country in spite of or despite the reputation of our no nonsense SPF.

This case of Taiwan scums loan sharking could be just the tip of the iceberg. With the super rich already here and lots coming, foreign criminals also want a slice of the pie.

The SPF should monitor the situation closely and let not Singaporeans be victimized not only by the foreign trash encroaching on their jobs but foreign criminals making life in this island "paradise" into a hell on earth.

For a start, how about making loan sharking and harassment into a capital offence with a mandatory death sentence?

Matilah_Singapura said...

In the first place any law against loan-sharking is an "immoral" law, and therefore I can understand why people break it as often as possible.

Any govt intervention against "a market" is unlikely to work. In this case, there is an active market for "loans" -- a market that cannot go to the usual "traditional" loan institutions.

There is nothing wrong with loan sharking in itself as an activity. Loan sharks themselves may not be the type of people you invite over for dinner, but nonetheless no worthwhile justice system (to which Singapore has a long way to go) criminalises people fro not being "nice" or doing "not nice" things.

If the loan sharks commits vandalism, then they are vandals -and there are already laws dealing with unlawful property destruction.

As far as I am concerned the state intervention on loan sharks is itself illegal and immoral.

Wally Buffet said...

Hey Matilah, to digress a little since you are having a quiet Sunday lazing around.

What's your take on the A$ from the ground feel. I am pretty long on this rocket fuel currency and wonder when I should convert. There again, if the RBA ups the interest rate in early November, I'm in for more crates of Dom Perignon.

Anonymous said...

I think the rulers here are not seasoned enough, whatever they may brag about themselves and past records and so on, to deal with the kind of criminals that are now invading our shores.

The reality is catching up now, with more and more crimes being committed by foreign criminals.

Anonymous said...

The quartet of Dr Chee doing a standing protest, peacefully, outside CPF building sometime ago required about two dozen policemen to take care.

One limping Mas Selamat, escaping from detention, required the whole Singapore Police Force and the whole Singapore population to take care.

Can you make a guess what will happen when a foreign criminal with a weapon will do to our Police Force and Army?

Be prepared for the invasion of the Dark Side, you say. I will say, please start the anti-crime skills upgrading for our Police Force right now. Don't let them come around with the excuse that we were caught by surprise!

Matilah_Singapura said...


Hard to say. Fed Govt is borrowing 800 mil a week -- depends if the RBA "monetizes" the mounting debt we have.

But rates are almost certian to go up. Th economy is booming, no doubt about that.

Truck drivers in mines sites - 120k per annum. Cleaners - 80-90k. How long can you keep paying wages like that?

Anonymous said...

the dark side is already upon us in singapore. Casino, rampant greed, the 'you die your business' attitude, etc. All these are part of the Dark Side, and has become part of singapore life.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The deception of money. In the 60s, when someone bragged about earning a 4 figure salary, he was very comfortable. And they were talking about $1000pm.

Today we keep increasing the salary and keep finding many things beyond our reach.

Now you understand why people earning $3m pa are crying not enough.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The dark side is very strong in Japan and Taiwan. They are pervasive and sit in their parliaments as well.

If we are not careful we may end up in the same situation. Then you will not know who is the law and who is the criminal.

The dark side will then blend in nicely with the bright side and partying and sleeping in the same bed.

Anonymous said...

Sin is a very wellknown squeaky clean country. I find it a land of the pure, from the incorruptible leaders to all the law conforming inhabitants.
Foreigners envy Singaporeans, while they were in Sin, they were never mugged, molested and overcharged and cheated for their purchases and services.
Walking around anywhere at anytime, bright or dark will not expose anyone in Sin to any danger.
It is (almost) drug free due to capital punishment. No one in Sin suffers from hunger and when the stomachs' full, there's always peace and satisfaction.
It's always a bright and sunny paradise and only those blessed dwell here.
The things that are dark in Sin include the colour of the skin and when the sun sets, all others are bright and cheery.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We need to keep this little paradise as it is for as long as we can. If we are complacent, darkness will creep in very rapidly.

It is like a disease. Kill it before it becomes too widespread. By then it will be too late.

Wally Buffet said...

Thanks Matilah for the input.

Singapore should emulate Australia. Pay a doctor's salary for the garbage collector and vice versa.Then we don't need to import all those foreign talents.

Anyone who wants to be a doctor will do so only for an altruistic purpose and not be the gold diggers and money faced shitholes they are now.

Mr. Bean,

The dark side in Taiwan and Japan is balanced by a vociferous public voice of the people so there is some equanimity. Here? Everyone is kiasi, kiasu, kiabo. So a dark side spells the end.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not really. Everyone just join the dark side and be one of them.