Australia unmasking its racist face

Just listen to the polemics made by the opposition to SGX acquiring ASX and you can see the truth behind the noise. As a business transaction, it is a great deal where both parties will benefit. The Australian investors are the first to benefit in a big way, they could actually cash out and still own a big chunk of the new ASX-SGX which I thought should be renamed SAX, short for Singapore Australia Xchange. It also sounds more sexy. For all the accusations, which is the standard tactics employed by the West against Asians or their enemies, to point the finger first and let the victim to defend himself can Australia hike from its true nature? In the process the victim will forget about the accuser's own imperfections. For a country that prospers after centuries of racist policies, abuses and discriminations against the local natives, Australia should be shameful of itself to talk about human rights and freedom. This is a smaller version of the Americans. The biggest arms merchant in the world, the most highly armed nation, the greatest currency manipulator, the biggest violator of human rights, not just the past in the form of genocide and slavery. Just think Guantanamo, Abu Graib, Afghanistan, Pakistan will do. If one still did not get the picture, go to Wikileaks. The Americans are the worst warmongers in modern history, starting wars and fighting wars and with a huge industry that thrives on wars, providing employments to its own people and soldiering. What else does it possess and do that is anti humanity and against world peace? But it keeps pointing its finger at China and other countries for all the above violations when it is the number one culprit. All the wars and tension in the world today is caused by the Americans. Yes BSE, blame somebody else, and think that the world will be stupid enough to believe them. It is always other people's faults.


Matilah_Singapura said...

People have the right to opinions -- including 'racist' ones, and other stunningly stupid, unfounded beliefs.

At the end of the day I tend to ignore the arguments made on the basis of 'race' because scientifically (biologically) speaking, there is just no such thing. The Human Genome Project and other recent cutting-edge SCIENCE has proved that over and over.

However the main myths on the opposition to the SGX-ASX merger -- from ALL political sectors in Aust -- is steeped in illogical arguments, poor understanding of economics, FEAR, and SPECIAL INTERESTS...and therefore from a political perspectives what better way than to whip up sentiments than to play the (unscientific) "race card".

The thing to observe here is that the people who know what they are talking about ALL favour the merger. The politicians do not because they need political capital to defend their special interests, so that they can stay (so-called) relevant.

Think of it as "job enhancement" and "job protection" for the career politicians. If they don't "make trouble", what good are they?

WSJ story Meddling Canberra

I would have expected a stronger, more robust argument from redbean. But he seems to have fallen victim to the weak "racist" argument himself.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The advantages of this alliance are there for all to see. No need for me to add anything. The world is getting smaller, and with liberalisation, freer trading across boundaries, forging partnerships to enhance one's own competitive edge, and without the nationalistic, racist, parochial outlook and primordial instinct, is the way to go forward.

Remove the colour of the skin, Australians and Singaporeans have many things in common. Would we be able to move forward from here?

Matilah_Singapura said...

What redbean might be missing because of his focus on the "race" argument:

The BIGGER political story.

Because there are big parties who could potentially have their risk profiles increased, you have to consider the behind-the-scenes chaos. You can't see it, soyou don't consider it.

The Japs and the Honkies DON'T LIKE this merger AT ALL. Other bourses would be too. The merger will make the combination of SGX-ASX the 5th biggest player globally -- don't fuck around. If I were an emerging market bourse like Jakarta or Ho Chi Minh I would be shitting in my pants. This BIG merger could suck out capital from my small emerging market bourse.

What better way to throw a spanner in the deal than to woo Aust politicians to stop the deal in Parliament. Every politician that ever lived is a piece of motherfucking pond scum without any principles, flexible ethics, a conscience forever on sale to the highest bidder, and fast as lightning to adapt to any situation to gain political capital, personal glory and often financial gain.

What is the real action going on in Canberra? I can just imagine all the lunch and dinner bookings as Aust pollies are enjoying the arse kissing from the goreign diplomatic corps and business groups of China, Japan maybe some of the EU too. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

"Remove the colour of the skin"
Remove the mountains and the seas as well, dye all hairs to one colour and make sign language the international lingo. Oh yes! Let there be no religion, another great imaginary conception of man(kind).
Let the world be one nation, one company with everyone a ruler and a ceo.
Science? Wat's science? Man's way of explainning the phenomenons they experience and conceptualize to explain and make something out of nature.
Before science there were beings.
Science therefore is mammade concept and man(kind) is one of many made by nature.
Nature made all in different shapes, sizes, colours and sounds. And man classify all that there is with his own ideas known as science. With science cometh all the classifications and divisions.
Nature cares not what (human)science does, it will just let the beings behave whatever, with or without science.
To talk about science is no different from talking about religion. If one stands so will be the other.
We all have our beliefs.
One happens to believe what he has writtened above.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1101:

Oh lord here we go again with the moronic "science is a man made concept no different from religion" bullshit non-argument with no proof.

Fuck, believe what you like. Everyone is entitled to be stupid!


Anonymous said...

Excuse me,

Please do not call the kettle black especially when we all know the pot who made that call is black too...

Isn't the PAP Singapore racist [hidden not very well either] and into eugenics in a "big but stupid" way past and present too?

Please ponder further the above.

Yes it is a good deal or win-win deal for both parties...but as a REAL democratic country with REAL transparent checks within and without of the Austrialian gov't...are you a citizen of Austrialia willing to accept the slow but insidious invasion which over time the "facists" will indirectly/directly "control" your "independent" country policies from within and without by buying over key components of your economy...sure win win...but in the end...lose how much and what exactly then in the future...

Can you take such a chance...when the "facists" have proven and show how willing they are to "do in" their own countrymen and "country" into the "ground" for self serving agendas and for "finite money" at the expense of the infinite...but there is something even worse, which is treating their "citizens" like so much meat things like george orwell's book "The Animal Farm"...which is in-excusable and in that context cannot be "forgiven"...

Are we willing really give that chance to let the "pigs" and their "dogs" 'invade' other farms too now in the end in that scenario and we know will slowly make these new farm/s into their "own" version of heaven and hell.

How foolish and how much the mind still has to be open or to experience to see the all and the facets of human nature. Especially those with base characters with no ethics or character...

This "plan" by a number of somebodies in the PAP government is too obvious.

We see how it goes for now.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 12:58,

You are giving too much credit to our leaders and underestimating the leaders in Oz. Ok, we have this great system that made our leaders very great, or appear to be very great. They call the shots and everything goes.

It is not easy to handle the leaders and people in Oz. Our leaders will not be able to have the cake and eat it as well. They will not look too great if they were to operate in the Aussie environment.

It will be nice to see how this takeover bid goes after the Aussie Parliament had a go at it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1258 ...contd...

> the "facists" will indirectly/directly "control" your "independent" country policies from within and without by buying over key components of your economy <

Don't be daft.

Anyway, rest assured that these smart greedy fascists will only "buy" or make an offer to buy, if the deal has a huge upside potential. It makes no sense for them to buy simply to "control" another country.

Points I agree:

1. Singapore's human rights record: lousy

2. Singapore's fascist regime: Agree, but they are "soft" fascists. (I'm not making excuses, just illustrating the context)

3. They are out to "buy stuff". Agree. Reason: make money, not interfere with local social or political issues.

Just because Orwell wrote animal Farm or 1984 doesn't mean you read his stories into every political situation you encounter. Understand that fiction is metaphorical not "reality"

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Proof" of behaviour (warning small data set, i.e. refutation is valid:

S'pore govt "invests" in many "sensitive" areas in other countries. Some examples:

1. Thailand - telco JV with ousted legally voted PM, but nasty guy: Shitwater Toxin

2. Optus telco -- the people who manage Aussat -- Asutralia's satellite used by the defence department for spying on Indonesia.

3. Brazil's nationalised energy sector

4. Myanmar: JV's with the junta which brings an incessant barrage of shit-slinging aimed directly at the Sg.gov and personally at the Lee family.

5. Lots of JV's with municipalities in china, where they keep getting their ass handed to them on a plate. (i.e. lose money)

6. Sweet deals with Middle Eastern (PSA's attempt to take over port services in Dubai) and Russia, and the "stan" countries -- Shit-stan, NoHope-stan, Puki-stan

Not a single shred of evidence has surfaced to suggest that the sg.gov thru it's corporations has meddled with local and internal politics and policies...which makes it actually VERY BORING for my schadenfreude-streak.

Give me a brutal tyrant with a shit-load of cash anyday -- cash he has pillaged from his own people...like Marcos, or Suharto or Bob Mugabe. These fuckers are definitely more entertaining than the folks at the GIC and Temasek.

Anonymous said...

True matilah...

Thanks for telling it as it is how daft i am...


Let me see...

How many times and screws up the PAP has done for the economy within and without of singapore...

Seems so far these past many years...all financial losses in the end is the people of singapore paying it forward...while those who made them mistakes always think "hey, it is not my blood money...can always get more from the fools and the ignorant people in Singapore." Who is always paying the price...

As for this merger...yes it is a win win provided it is fair and balanced...current news coming out is that SGX just like the SingTel-Optus deal is gonna saddle themselves with billions of dollars of debt yet again...question is how much of the ROI will be...in 10 years time? 20 years time?...and who again is gonna pay for the debt...with interest too compounded...the people of singapore again...

We see...

Who is daft and who exactly are the real sheeps and evil doers becos of pure greed will take such self serving steps at the expense of the many for themselves again.

It is sad.

And really hopeless.

Anonymous said...

...and i stand by my comment the PAP government is a fascist state..

Only facist states do the following -

1) Centralized controlled of the economy.

2) Press / media under full gov't control.

3) Playing buddy buddy for all the easy and cheap money [blood money from those countries citizens] with pariah states.

4) Racist...hidden but still too obvious. Pretty obvious when your red IC states the race you are...pretty stupid when one knows everyone is a human being and part of the human race...obviously someone thinks his body and attributes is better then others...except one will still die in the end...so what is the difference...all sama same..all same same...all are nothing but dust in the end.

5) Eugenics bullshit...stop at two and only graduates can "marry"...

6) Elite and "intellectual" class or rich & pure divide...

7) Playing up "threats" or "they are gonna get you" to the general population to "win" support...

8) too many ....

Good day all.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey anon, it is my pleasure to call you nasty names and cast doubts on your intelligence. No thanks required, but I do appreciate the thought.

You may think it is "sad" and "hopeless" but I think you come across as the sad and hopeless one.

As for me, I try to make the best out of life: I love my ideals, but I find that adjusting to the realistic, non-perfect scenario works for me. In that way I don't end up playing the "helpless victim" all the time.

You have the jones's and a hard-on for your opinion -- you can't even acknowledge the areas on which I agree with you ;-) So much for discussion.

However I'm in a concessionary mood today -- I will agree with you on the points you make quite well.

The does keep a tight rein on everything it controls, and yes there is an argument for central planning in the economy. But then, show me, dear idealist which country doesn't have central planning to some degree? Certainly not Australia.

If you want to make a comparison, Australia's economy is more centrally planned than Singapore is.

Just to remind you: Australia runs a full-blown welfare state where the more fucked-up you are, the greater claim you are ENTITLED to make on your fellow man via the state.

At the very least, I find myself in agreement with the PAP about "welfarism" and the evils it brings to the country and its people.

You will not find my good self arguing with you on the PAP's furtive belief in eugenics, rule by fear or the evils of having a government so heavily invested in the private sector.

However I think you go to far and are scare-mongering.

Both Australia and Singapore (and just about any where else) are statist territories -- ruled and governed by strong state (legal) structures. I doubt that will change.

But is that reason to kill the ASX-SGX merger where many PRIVATE CITIZENS will benefit despite having so much state-interference in the picture?

I don't think so. It is never going to be "perfect" with no govt involvement in the "big money". Especially if you are talking about the Singapore government.

Matilah_Singapura said...


That field on the red IC titled: "Race" used to offend me no end.

However, the older I get the more relaxed I become. I didn't put it there, so I'm not to blame. I can't get rid of it, so I'm not to blame.

The idea of "race" from a biological point of view is a myth. Other biological data on the NRIC is blood type and a thumbprint. Fantastic -- science. Race -- non-science.

The "race" field simply shows that the people who run the state are in some way mentally handicapped -- either they are too stupid or too stubborn to accept the objectivity of science and get rid of the "race" field once and for all time.

But fuck. I must me dreaming: no one except me and you have commented on this -- so hoping that it will go away is just insane.

Like I said, now I relax. when people do stupid things are are so damn arrogant they won't change thereby proving themselves to be more stupid than my original estimate...I laugh AT them, and make cruel, insensitive jokes.

That's how I deal with those fuck-head statists/ fascists.

If any one asks me what race I am, I whip out my NRIC and show them the LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF MY ETHNIC IDENTIFICATION as told to me by The State of The Republic Of Singapore.

Fancy being told by a faceless entity like the state who you are. How to get angry? It is so, dub-assed stupid, the only logical response is ridicule.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon, please do not be offended by Matilah's swear words. That is the only way he knows how to show his appreciation of an opposing views. He gave me a lot too and often challenged and rubbished my views. Sometimes he makes sense, sometimes not.

Well, now you have two idealists with opposing views. This kind of position is very contentious and I am not expecting any agreement or middle ground: )

Anonymous said...

Its a fine line between RACISM and NATIONALISM. The arguments put forth by the Aussies against selling ASX is more about NATIONALISM.

Anonymous said...

Be it Racism and or Nationalism, anyone has the right to reject any offer, even without reason.
Just becos you have money does not mean one has to sleep with you. But, if you must, see if you got the gut to force your lust or greed onto others.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, it is nationalism on the political front, reaching out to "protectionism" -- but I'm sure a racist element is out there. (no, I have no proof, only suspicion)

anon #2

The other party -- ASX has accepted the offer.

It is a deal between two private parties, conducting their dealings in a peaceful manner.

The agency in the way of the deal is parliament -- the state.

Have they the right to interfere? That is the question.

SGX Must Battle Sentimentality, Politics for ASX

A sober attack on the govt, and how the govt and parliamentary MP's sabotages commerce and private enterprise by ex ASX boss.

Protectionist instincts reduce us to a branch economy