Asean now a US protectorate?

Is Asean a US protectorate? From what the Americans are saying or doing, it appears so. In mypaper's front page news today, it has this, 'US: We'll protect states unnerved by China.' This statement was made in Vietnam prior to the Asia defence talks attended by all the Asean defence ministers plus China, US, Japan and other Asia countries. What did Asean do to deserve this honour? Isn't Asean professes itself to be a non aligned organisation, freeing itself from big power rivalry? How did Asean become a US protectorate. No, Asean did not ask the US to be their protector. Asean only invite the US for tea. And on entering the room the US took over the tea room. It then appointed itself as the protector of Asean with China in mind. This is much easier than setting up Seato. Here there is an organisation and the Americans just walked in, declared that it is now the boss. What is happening? If there was any invitation for the US to be the dominant power in Asean to take on China, it is likely to come from Vietnam, and very likely without the approval of the other Asean members. The possibility of confrontation and conflict is very real given the track records of Vietnam and the US, both belligerent countries and trigger happy. Would the peace in the region and Asean's neutrality be compromised and be dragged into a war it does not want? Would the region become another Middle East? In reality, Vietnam does not need Asean to take on China. It has defeated the mighty Americans in the Vietnam War. It is reputed to have taught the Chinese a lesson during their last border war. Vietnam should confront China using its own mightly army, seize the islands it claims. And if China reacts, Vietnam should conduct another border incursion into China like it did before. And now with the Americans supporting from behind, the Chinese would not be able to teach Vietnam a lesson any more. Why the need to drag in Asean into their foray? Would Asean leaders be foolish enough to turn their organisation, painfully built over the years, into another American protectorate, and be sucked into a war it does not want and is meaningless to them? Whatever, the US has now assumed the role as master of Asean. The mafia boss has shown its true intent.


Wally Buffet said...

Isn't it ironic that possibly Vietnam is the country that is inviting the Americans to be the protector of Asean?

Once, not too long ago, Vietnam was the sworn enemy of the US, sacrificing countless lives to drive the Yanks to flee with their tails between their legs and their envoy had to make an ignominious exit from the embassy rooftop via helicopter to a waiting carrier in the South China Sea.

The Vietnamese know the mettle the US is made of and in a conventional war short of nuclear, they are no match for the Chinese. Hanoi is just using the Yanks as a pawn to check the Chinese.

Every soldier that dies on the battlefield for a dubious cause is sacrificing his life for nothing. The Japanese raped China and look at the amount of business being carried out between the two countries now, albeit the occassional wayang hiccups. The Viets drove the Yanks out of IndoChina and now, just marvel at the number of American capitalist factories sprouting all over the "communist" country.

The grave of the heroic unknown soldier?

I'll say, the grave of the stupid sacrificial soldier.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Between the Viets and Yankees, one has to be master to unleash the dogs. Which is the master is still grey.

What is clear is that Asean has tied a rope on its own neck with the duo in charge and leading them by the nose.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Well, I told you so. Actually, I am no "psychic" but I do enjoy history.

Whatever is deemed "in American interests" becomes part of US Foreign Policy.

At the turn of the last century, the Americans fought the Filipinos.

From the 1850 to around the mid 1900's the US had its "Asiatic Fleet" patrolling the waters of Asia -- like China's river systems and engaging in gunboat diplomacy under the guise of "protecting the peace" in the region -- code for "protecting the white-man colonialists and their annexed colonies of Asia". And of course they were there - along with other foreign navies - to hammer the Chinese in 1927 Nanking Incident, when the Chinese communists decided to "reclaim" the properties owned by foreigners.

Then of course there were WW2, the Korean War and Vietnam.

ASEAN leaders are simply tied to American "protection". Not many will admit to it. By S'pore's very own Lee Kuan Yew has said many times that US involvement in the area brings "stability".

The first nuclear weapon ever used on humans occurred in Asia ok not SE Asia, but Asia. And the owner of the weapon: the USA.

Many idiotic foreign (and a few local) correspondents out there add to the the collective blow-job of ASEAN leaders on the erect penis of America: they allude to the idea that Asians/ SE Asians are mad, murderous barbarians who will rampage if not for the presence of the Global Policeman carrying his big night stick -- ready to club and bludgeon ay miscreant that has ideas of pillage and mayhem in the region.

WTF? Although SE Asia has had conflicts -- mostly due to the forced spread of communism, the peoples are far more peaceful than the people in the Balkans, India/ Pakistan (3 wars in the the last 50 years), Middle East (of course), fractured former Soviet "republics".

I mean, look for yourselves at the SE Asian countries' histories: what wars were fought?!? Never with each other. Thailand for e.g. hasn't been to war for over 300 years!! S'pore/ Malaysia's war: Japan, and of course the internal purging of "communists" in the 60's.

The 2 threats that seem to "warrant" US involvement in SE Asia, according to the media whores and amoral "advisors" :

1. China's rise in power and influence

2. Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism (Wahabi Islam -- identified by Lee Kuan Yew in the 60's before anyone else gave a damn)

Anonymous said...

The price to pay for inviting the wolves for dinner. Asean will become dinner itself.

Anonymous said...

Too much ado about nothing, empire rises and empire expires.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1209:

Are you sure it is "nothing"?

When empires expand -- lots of shit happens to alot of "innocent" people.

When empires collapse -- lots of shit happens again to those people.

Just think when the invaders come for you and they force you outside and anally rape you -- just before they slit your throat, I'm sure at that moment you'll not think that it is "nothing".

Anonymous said...

Asean is inviting the devil into its own house.

And the saying goes that inviting the devil in is easy but chasing it out is difficult.

Anonymous said...

Even if every inhabitant on this earth is a god, there can be no peace. There is no infinite supply of food. Not all land are fertile and not everywhere is 26 degrees in temperature. The tiger will not kill if it does not have to eat. The tiger will be safe if man does not goes for its' skin and penis. Man will be at peace with one another if there is no girl. Any man with the slightest commonsense will not gloat over wars and the ensuing damages. The world needs a balance by neccessity through natural disaster and man make war. The least is to have you live no longer than average 80 years. Even allowing you to live a little longer must be balanced by the neccessity of war to prevent mankind from further wars.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of South Park) movie "Team America - World Police" (2004) comes highly recommended by yours truly.

If you want to have a laugh at the violence and mayhem caused by "American Foreign Policy" i.e. the role of the US as "Global Cop", then buy some beer and kacang and enjoy yourself... sing along with the catchy songs too.

Matilah_Singapura said...


The film connotes many sub-themes -- and parodies the great myths of so-called "American values" like freedom, sexual liberation, love,stupid white liberal guilt, and insane white conservative "morality".

The makers whack Hollywood idiots, the UN, Kim Jong Ill and Islamic terrorists, and stereotypes perpetrated by the western media.

I was plesently surprised to learn that the Imperial Censors of Singapore actually passed the film which was shown in Feb 2005. Whether or no they censored portions of the film is unclear, as a fair amount of the content could be considered "offensive" to some uptight assholes with no sense of humour.

To appreciate the film in its entire context, I recommend the original version -- i.e. with nothing cut out from it. (especially the elaborate and expressive sex scene which contains many funny "surprises")