The art of investigative journalism

The amount of work and effort put in by a reporter to reveal the true identiy of Dr Joseph Ong Chor Teck as the anonymous writer in Temasek Review deserves a lot of praise. Not only that it is newsworthy, it also set a new direction on what investigative journalism is all about and what it can do to tell more interesting stories about people and their backgrounds. We can expect that such important news and news trend would gain more acceptance and popularity both in the main media and in cyberspace. The other new media like TOC and TR and some others with the resources may also feel encouraged to do their own investigative journalism and tell their versions of interesting and newsworthy stories. It will add a lot of zest and jest in cyberspace and the media reporting as a whole. Great development!


Wally Buffet said...

Expect the likes of Bob Woodward and Carl Berstein on the local journalistic scene?

Dream on..........


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Wally,

Don't underestimate the talent and skills of our local talent journalists. Most of them are straight As students and probably first class honours from some of the best ivy league universities.

They can do wonders if given the green light, and the right confluence of factors. At the moment many are having nighmares writing about food and chefs. What a waste of talents.

Matilah_Singapura said...

As usual, the MSM's bum journalists/ reporters have nothing better to do than to "out" a blogger, and have the audacity to call tis feat "investigative journalism" -- a term which used to have more meaning when used in the contexts of busting corrupt politicians, brutal authorities, organised criminal activity, conspiracies, who's-fucking-who celebrities, murder, rape and so on.

But "busting" a blogger? C'mon... that cocksucker reporter ain't worth any praise -- he/ she was just making work to justify their pay packet. Idle bastards.

Anonymous said...

Some of them should be sent to schools to find out what's happenning in our institutes for education. Teachers had sex with students, principal having sexual design on staff and now female students having same-sex sexual activities in school toilet. They should also find out why vice activities were never detected till only when the public complained, just liked why only drug runners were caught and not the suppliers. Sin is ominously afflicted by vice problems. Journalists can now play saint to right the societal woes.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1124:

Are you serious? Where's all this "sex action"? Please provide links so I can satisfy my piqued curiosity.

It seem like living away has made me miss all the "juicy" stuff.

> female students having same-sex sexual activities in school toilet. <

Wow! Real-life hentai gurl=gurl action! They should rig up a webcam and invite those desperado soiled-panty-sniffing burusera Jap men to their site.

Lighten up lah. Same sex experimentation is common amongst teenagers just discovering their sexuality.

Teacher-student sex is out because of the asymmetrical power/ authority relationship -- i.e. students trust the authority of their teachers and this can be abused to exploit the kids.

However when kids "experiment" among themselves, there is usually no cause for alarm.

Anonymous said...

They may be talented and skillful, straight 'A' students and whatever accolades you want to bestow, but the important thing is, will they do their job as journalist, to investigate real news, unbiased, unrestrained and without fear.

I guess not. Who buttered their bread still have the last say. These people just follow.