And we thought George Bush Jr was crazy

The woman was invited to the East Asia summit In Hanoi. Before she even warmed her seat she declared that she was the leader of the summit and she was taking over. And she lectured the Asian leaders on how their territorial disputes should be resolved, in her ways of course. Then she strapped a magnum .457 in between her tights, tugged another behind the back of the Japanese PM and turned to tell the Chinese that she had appointed herself as the mediator for the China Japan island dispute. She did not think the Asian leaders were capable of handling their own affairs and only she has the wisdom and leadership to lead them and solve their problems. The Empire strikes back with a joker. In an era when war between the two superpowers is obsolete, both nuclear and conventional, the Empire can no longer threaten China with the use of force. The silly war games of beach landing belong to the 20th century. Today, any hostile ships within a 200 miles radius of China will be sunk, the bigger the easier. This applies to aircraft as well. The immense fire and destructive power, the sophistication and accuracy of modern weaponry have made war a no option. War is only possible when there is a disproportionate balance of military strength between the two protagonists. Iraq is a good example. China should stand firm and not allow the evil Empire to dictate terms and think that it still controls the world. China should make it know that its territories taken by foreign forces through unequal treaties must be returned, that it will not honoured any treaties signed under coercion during the days of gunboat diplomacy. It is too polite to use such a term. It was a time of gangsterism in international relations when big powers plundered the weaker nations by threats of wars or wars. The injustice should be made right by the light of justice.


Wally Buffet said...

This woman could be the next president of the Crazy Empire.

God help us All.

Georgie is now enjoying life on his ranch talking to his horses about how smart he was to come up with the WMD caper and stole a country! A whole fucking country!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks Georgie boy and his senior spend their times looking out from their bullet proof mansion. Other times, they probably have to think of how to armour their carriages and which routes to travel.

They may even have to assess and review their bodyguards from time to time as some may not give comfort and good sense of trustworthiness.

As for the woman, sorry pal aka Wally, it is universal; when a woman enters menopause, she loses all her attractiveness even politically. Her wrinkles will be there for all to see by the next presidential election(in the US) and her spine will not be as straight and the back will be much saggy. Only god(non existent to me) can help her.

May they enjoy their funs of acting bigger than they are.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually the behaviour of the US and its willing cum-swallowing cocksucker Asian states constantly annoying China is (unwittingly) setting the stage and pushing China to itelf behave "badly" just so it can defend sovereign Chinese interests.

No one trusts China: not the other Asians, nor the EU, nor NAFTA, nor ASEAN. Even in the WTO there's uncomfortable amiability and forced cordiality regarding China as a member.

Modern political China is a large-scale Lee Kuan Yew-style Singapore: strict authoritarian social control, free and open economy which is supported by reasonable taxation and more-or-less self-imposed private "regulation", where the govt steps in slowly if the industry or sector proves itself to be incapable of effective self-regulation.

The fundamental reason Singapore is so economically successful is because of its open and 2nd best in the world: free-market-"ish" private enterprise with little or no regulation on capital transfers, open borders, ease of doing business.

...and the western (progressive, liberal, socialist) democracies and the more "democratic" Asian states hate this. Seretly they habour a HATRED for the Singaporean model for "success".

Just get an opinion from a Thai academic -- from a social science or Asian studies department at any of Thailand's universities. Pay attention to his/ her opinion on Lee Kuan Yew-style Singapore.

The Chinese picked the Lee Kuan Yew Singapore as a model because of its apparent success. I say "apparent" because of the high probability of making a Type 1 error, aka false positive.

I will disagree with the predictions of China "winning" any conflict with the US. The US -- even if it "loses" will inflict heavy, violent and catastrophic destruction on China due to its air and weapon superiority.

The worst decision for China is to engage the US -- very bad choice. The US are saber rattling because it does not fear, in fact it is pushing for armed conflict with China.

Wars are not about "who wins" in the end. The key to "winning" is to destroy most of your enemies "stuff" whilst keeping yours intact. The US is GREAT at keeping its homeland intact while TOTALLY DESTROYING the homelands of their "enemies".

US-China War: Bad for US, very fucking bad for China.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Billary Clintons are a formidable political team -- one of the best and most ruthless in all of history.

If the anti-govt tea party don't lose their lunacy and start acting rationally, and get voted in, Billary Clintons will be in the White House, again.

Wah, Bill will be overjoyed: he can have his cocksucked again by more fat Jewish chicks :-) ... while his wife pursues her dream of planetary conquest and global domination.

Wally Buffet said...

"The US is GREAT at keeping its homeland intact while TOTALLY DESTROYING the homelands of their "enemies"."

Mr. Laden proved this wrong unless as some cynics say, the whole shebanguous (you won't find this word in the dictionary, it's a new expression I just made up) mischief was some kind of a conspiratorial act to defraud the american public to support the Iraqi war.

The Chinese will not go to war with the US unless the latter fires the first shot across the bow. There are too much at stake. Besides, the technology transfer is not yet complete although it now has the world's fastest computer.

Economic subjugation is as effective as military might.

Wally Buffet said...

The Clittons sure are a formidable pair. An ex president and a president in waiting in the family!

I can see more wrinkles on the madam that wasn't that apparent only a year or two ago.

Just don't understand why people would want so much power and glory.

Plenty of stress with affairs of state and keeping track of Big Billy's whereabouts.


Anonymous said...

Me likes Clinton much more than the cowboy. Even now, the world can see that he is a much liked fellow. Both he, Carter and Al Gore enjoy moving around freely.

Amongst the ex-presidents, Clinton was much loved by his staff, even to the extend of gratifying his needs, he must be a lovely sexy lad. His spouse does not seem to have the magnetic power. See, the old guys here do not speak fondly and positively about her.

Allow me to be a little personal here; though Condeleeza Rice isn't an attractive woman to me, she somehow leave me an impression that there's substance in her. No such feeling for Mrs Clinton, just feel that she's light-weight all along. Wonder why Obama gave her a man's job. Woman only good at toying manfolks feeling, inciting jealousy and meddling with domestic affairs, not for International Diplomatic Affairs.

Wonder if President Obama puts her(Mrs Clinton) there for the Americans to compare her with Condeleeza, for them to gauge their abilities? And if the Americans have the same feeling as me, then the chances of Mrs Clinton as the next president is as good as gone. Not only due to aging but incompetency as well.

Okay, please take the above as conjecture of a moron and if it displeases anyone, do pardon me. Am aroused by some imaginations.


Matilah_Singapura said...


Just to qualify the context:

2 attacks by "external" threats on US soil:

1. Pearl Habour
2. WTC 9/11 (assuming you think it was "external" and not by a Bush & Co conspiracy)

That's it. Meanwhile since the 18th century, America has been involved in 200 or so "armed conflicts" all of them overseas -- in "OPC" - Other Peoples' Cuntries.

9/11 happened. Within a short time: Business as usual -- with some changes like the "Patriot Act" and "Guantanamo Bay"...but other than that, back to chasing that Dollah.

No one gets close to US soil.

After WW2 they got very rich very quickly because they were THE ONLY cuntry in the war who didn't suffer a scratch on home soil. Every other place was bombed or razed to the ground -- all of Europe, Japan, Asia.

Anonymous said...

Rising from the grave again and again show the reincarnations of a nation.
History has shown the falls of the empires of Rome, Alexander, Genghis Khan. None has got better than what they are today.
Eversince 9/11, Americans should know where they stand, they are vulnerable even in their own homes. Right now, poor Yemeni men and women are able to give them a run for their latest weapons. The American people will taste their own medicine as well.
Even if they wants to live in peace, there is no guarantee others are agreeable.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The best part about Hilary is that she thinks all the Asean leaders are idiots. And rightly so.

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell us that you are a right-wing extremist?
I say we just remove warning labels off everything, like someone suggested. This is a good idea.
I don't have a website yet, but I'm planning on starting a blog like yours, any tips?
I just saw my comments being removed from some sites. I mean no harm, I'm just… sporadic.

I tried switching to gum but I couldn't keep it lit.