All Japanese must not forget Unit 731

What is Unit 731? Just google for it and a detailed description will be available in Wikipedia. For those who intend to, please be warned that it is not good for weak stomach. It describes the monstrous Japanese and their barbaric crimes in World War 2 in China. For ignoramous Japanese like Seiji Maehara, Shintaro Abe, Junichiro Koizumi and the likes, either they refuse to know their history or Japanese school left out this part altogether. If Japan continues to ignore their historical crimes, they can never dream of a peaceful co existence with China and Korea in the long term. Unless they recognized their evil deeds, repent, and return all the loots they robbed from the two countries, including territories and islands, you just would not know when someone in the future will take these issues up and start a war with Japan. While there is time, it is only honourable and decent, and rightful for Japan to return what they had taken. It would put them in a better light than to pretend the past did not happen, they did not commit any crimes to their neighbours and the land or islands seized were inheritance from their forbears. They were robbed from their neighbours at gun point. If they don’t return today, one day they will be taken back at gun point, for sure. The Japanese leaders and people better have the wisdom to do the necessary and clean up this bad patch of their history with their neighbours, once and for all.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Sure the Nips were brutal.

But don't forget they were pushed into WW2 by the white motherfuckers who wouldn't cut the panty-sniffers in the economic action the MatSallehs were enjoying in the Far East.

You had the Brits, the Dutch, the French...all enjoying the trappings and conquered wealth of wonderful Christian colonialism -- and nasty fuckers like Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson and FD Roosevelt bullying the genitally-challenged Jap male-ego can only take so much, so the Jap Emperor, his PM and generals thought it would be a good idea to show the world the truth about Japanese man-hood.

Since Japs consider themselves to be a more superior version of white people, who can blame them for wanting to give the colonial devils, China and Korea an unforgeable BUKKAKE (sorry no link) EXPERIENCE.

The spirit of unit 731 lives on in modern Jap culture. They like the bodily fluids. They're fascinated with semen, and effusions -- natural and otherwise from women's orifices.

Human sexual kink is nothing new. However Japanese sexual kink is in a class of its own. Add to that the fact of the national male hangup that their dicks are small -- and everyone knows it.

That's enough to drive anyone crazy with ruthless brutality.

So please, cut the Japs a little bit of slack -- or we won't see any of the slutty-fuckable women naked anymore!

Anonymous said...

The Japanese are hoping Asians will forget what they did during WW2. That is why they are rewriting their history books.

Talking about needing wisdom, just listen to the Japanese PM criticizing the protest in China regarding territorial claims, and conveniently ignoring similar protest against China at home.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China is giving Japan a lot of time and room to make good the damages they have done. But this is proving to be futile.

One day, the Japanese will be buried alive by the Chinese and Koreans. Some claimed that they could be a nuclear power overnight. That I agree.

They can drop 100 nuclear bombs in China and there will still be Chinese running around. If China were to drop 100 of similar bombs into Japan, there would be any Japs around anymore, except those who have migrated.

Anonymous said...

What to do past happened and learned from it right!, no we cannot seem to forget to move on even for a minor personal issues, revenge and recompensate must be exacted out, and the cycle continue.

looking forward to ethnic cleasing.

Are chinese becomming arrogant because of wealth and new found know how to flex it small willy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The nice people like the Japanese have already forgotten everything. They even forgot how they seized Diaoyutai from China. Now they are claiming that they inherited from their forefathers.

The European Americans too have forgotten about the genocide of the Red Indians and the African slaves. They are really nice people.

The Europeans too have forgotten about the loots they took from their colonies and the oppression of the conquered.

The Obelisk standing in front of the White House belonged to Egypt. But the Americans have forgotten. The diamonds and rubies on the British crown belonged to India. The British Royalties have forgotten that too.

They have all forgotten where the treasures in the museums of Paris, London and New York came from. Very nice people.

Only the bad people, the victims of rape, looting and plunders will want to remember all these things. Very bad and unforgiving people. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

malu likes to make a less biased(more neutral?) statement here. Not all Japanese(in the past-W Wars) and not all Chinese were/are loyal and nationalistic. There are hardly any record of Japanese ladyfolks involved in war and killing.

The Chinese on the other hand had shown themselves very capable of selling out their very own people Many had turned traitors and betrayed their Motherland as well as their very own Race. Dare I say there are still many turn-coat Chinese around, Singaporean Chinese included.

The very fact that these traitors are still around also goes to show that the Chinese are also a forgiving lot. Traitors have flourished in commerce as well as in politics, they are crafty and their survival tactics are, well, simply fantastic, not honourable though.


Anonymous said...

Not all Japanese(in the past W Wars) were atrocious.
'were atrocious' to be added to my above post.

Sincere apology !

From: malu