YOG priceless - I am lost for words!

Intangible benefits of the YOG are priceless! This is the title of an article by Shalini Samuel in mypaper today. I could not describe it better. The $387m the govt spent on the game is a steal. Imagine all the great experiences that our organisers and volunteers gained from just participating as host of this event, the opportunity to serve the future leaders of the world, to shower them with food and food, courtesy and hospitality, to make them remember what a great place Singapore is! Wow, wow, how come I never think of that in the first place. Hold the next Olympic game, even the Olympic for the veterans. Put it on man. For all the intangible benefits coming out of the games, we should be willing to pay more and hold more of such events. Another $500m should be good money spent for the betterment of Singapore. The masses are just too low thinking to be able to see how great the benefits are for Singapore and our volunteers and organisers. I can see one. They can include that in their resumes when applying for jobs related to international sporting events. I think, and I hope, this will put a stop to all the criticisms and accusations on how the YOG budget blown. The crux of the matter is actually how the organisers could even put up a number of $104m in the first place. Would it make a difference if it was known before bidding for the game that it was going to cost a walloping $387m? Would the govt then withdraw from the bid as it was too costly? Hindsight said they will go ahead even if it is $387m. And if they all agrees with Shalini's view, then $500m would still be cheap for the priceless intangible benefits. Would the criticism ends now? Or would god be invited to tell Singaporeans to move on, and assure the Singaporeans that every cent spent is worth it? PS. My heirloom of a labourer's hook used for dragging rice bags is also priceless.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha..perhaps a "NS priceless" post is coming next, dedicated to lau pengs

Anonymous said...

"There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard.

Anonymous said...

i almost fell off my MRT seat reading that...

Wally Buffet said...

The kiddies had a good time at a tropical disney land but our jaws dropped as hundreds of millions of our money went down the tube.

Yeah, right.Priceless.

I am also lost for words but I've long since lived with the fact that here, we have no natural mountains but mountains of cash and somehow we have this urge to spend it on hare brain ego trips.

Imagine what that kind of money would do to ease the hardship of the less fortunate citizenry and the unemployed Sinkaputras from too much foreign trash if we had not feted the foreign little boys and girls to a wondrous outing at our own version of disney land led by Mickey Mouse, with some dwarfs borrowed from Snow White.

Accepting to play hosts to the next kiddy outing at Guangzhou, the Chinese is just recycling some props mothballed after the Beijing Olympics. When the comical farce is over, I think the IOC should just canned the idea and stick with the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Cut out all the cynicism Folks.

One oldy was telling his few friends at Peoples Park Food Court that he spent quite a fortune on one meimei. He boasted that the pleasures he got was worth every cent.

So, if there are Sinkaputras elated and esctatic over YOG, why not?

Wally Buffet said...


Only the stoopid oldies spends a fortune on the "pleasures" forked out by the two legged sex toys.

The smart oldies, gets the same if not more joy by spending "peanuts" and "promises".

Getting a hard on with YOG is the same as with the sex toys.

Now, you know the difference between the Men and the Boys in the game.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the fake orgasm of staging the YOG was priceless.

Folks, before the YOG nobody obviously knew where or what sort of country Singapore is, according to our propagandist. Now, ahem, it is so famous all over the world. Pardon the lump in my throat.

But, on the other hand, when so little of the YOG activities was shown by overseas TV, reported in their MSM and attended by overseas spectators, how is it possible that the rest of the world can come to know more of Singapore is beyond my imagination.

But as always, justification comes after the event, even in Parliament, so anything goes.