Who’s out in the next GE?

This must be something everyone is guessing and wanting to know. Allow me to pick my list, not in order of merit or demerit of course. The following are likely to miss the next GE. 1. Lee Kuan Yew 2. Goh Chok Tong 3. S Jayakumar 4. Lim Boon Heng 5. Khaw Boon Wan 6. Mah Bow Tan 7. Abdullah Tarmugi 8. S Balaji 9. Chan Soo Sen 10. Yeo Cheow Tong 11. Foo Yee Shoon 12. Ang Mong Seng 13. Charles Chong 14. Lee Bee Wah 15. Seng Han Thong 16. Ong Ah Heng 17. Irene Ng 18. Wee Siew Kim The above 18 will make up about 15% of the current 82 PAP MPs. The percentage seems about right if past election numbers were used for self renewal. Some of the names I throw out here may be a bit startling but given the way things are developing, I think it is a good guess. Or at least this is what the little bird thinks so. OK, I will let you people in on the methodology used for this prediction. I bought two packs of cards and pasted the photos of the MPs onto them. Then I lifted the door of the bird cage and whistled at the birdie. And these were the cards picked. Now if this birdie is as good as the octopus, I will put her up for sale. Should fetch quite a handsome price. I must apologise for thinking of making money all the time.


Wally Buffet said...

If your little birdie had picked another shorty to put on the list of the exalted, that would really make my day.

I also think your little birdie missed another fella who couldn't turn the tide and thus made us not so happy this "once in fifty years" rainy season.

This birdie of yours really is bird brained.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Heheh, must leave some grounds for controversies: )

By the way, who are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that there are three that You have to delist. They are MM Lee Kuan Yew, SM Goh Chok Tong and Minister Mah Boh Tan. These people will be in contest as long as they are alive. Haaaaha.....


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Same thought initially. Then little bird said one is biologically dysfunctional, one is a dead serious liability and another Hsien Loong can do without.

Anonymous said...

Most of them seems to be Goh's gang all right. Before the mental one throws in the towel, he has to make sure his son's position is unshakeable.

On that note I think Mah will still be there, because he will still be one to stand on the side of the crown prince. If I am not mistaken, he is related to the familee.

Jetreroy said...

Definitely not chosen by bird... Most of them have some "misgivings" since the last election. Here's a few that I can recall:

1. Lee Kuan Yew
2. Goh Chok Tong
3. S Jayakumar
4. Lim Boon Heng
5. Khaw Boon Wan - Are your parents in JB yet?
6. Mah Bow Tan - We have enough. Always.
7. Abdullah Tarmugi
8. S Balaji
9. Chan Soo Sen
10. Yeo Cheow Tong
11. Foo Yee Shoon
12. Ang Mong Seng - The RP Challenge
13. Charles Chong - Mr "Lesser Mortals"
14. Lee Bee Wah - Table Tennis spoils sport.
15. Seng Han Thong - "Hot" Favourite
16. Ong Ah Heng - Sack the locals, we can get plenty of replacements from foreign workers
17. Irene Ng - Congrats PRs, welcome to the extended family~
18. Wee Siew Kim - No thanks to her "elite, uncaring face" daughter, Wee Shu Min

Personally I might add Vivian Balakrishnan to the list, given the amount of negativity he generates. YOG, ComCare, the list goes on. Most probably treat him three meals at a hawker center, food court or restaurant of his choice and say bye bye.

Anonymous said...

In Sin, biologically dysfunctional does not mean politically dysfunctional, the clout attached to this One is still overwhelming. The other Two not only can take the blows, they blow back with thick stinky smokes, very useful arsenal for the Regime.